Top 7 Mechatronics Projects for Beginners (Videos Included)

Mechatronics is a branch which is a blend of mechanical, electronics and computer science engineering. If you are building a project on mechatronics then you are going to gain experience on all of these 3 disciplines. It becomes somewhat difficult for freshers of this branch as they will be confused in choosing a domain to do a project. In this blog, we have done good research and selected some best projects and project ideas for the beginners in mechatronics. This will help you in developing your practical skills in all the three disciplines.

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Note about Mechatronics Note:

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1. Animatronic Hand

2. Mechatronics (Career Building Course)

3. Robotic Arm

4. Biped Walking Robot

5. Hexapod

6. 2 Mechatronics Projects

7. Mechatronics Training & Internship

8. Automation using PLC

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What is mechatronics?

Mechatronics is not a study of the interactions of electrical and mechanical engineering, rather it is a study of electro-mechanical interactions with other technical systems like electronics, robotics, telecommunication engineering, control engineering, systems engineering and computer engineering.

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Scope of Mechatronics Engineering:

Some of the beginners have questions like what is the scope of the mechatronics and how to be an outstanding student of this herd. For this question, the only answer is to develop more number of projects. Students who want to excel in their career not only in mechatronics it may be any stream they need to have good theoretical skills and practical skills that can only be developed by performing projects. There is a great scope for mechatronics engineers in industrial applications. The main advantage for students of this stream is after their graduation they will have equal opportunities in the other areas like electrical, computer science and systems engineering. As I said earlier, companies will always need experienced students for the job and this experience is gained once you perform practical exposure workshops, performing projects or internships.

Below are the projects and project ideas which will help you in gaining practical knowledge in mechatronics engineering. These projects are selected by keeping the beginners in mind, but even experienced people and seniors can also perform this project to widen their practical skills. As promised, here is the list of mechatronics projects:

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1. Animatronic Hand


Did you wonder how the robot mimics the actions done by the humans in movies? It is also a part of mechatronics engineering. This mechatronics project will help you in developing a hand which will mimic the actions that are done by you. You will also learn how to establish the connections between the sensors and microcontroller.

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2. Robotic Arm


Have you ever had a visit to a car manufacturing factory, packing segment of food industries or have you watched the discovery channel? If you have done at least one of the above-listed activities you will see a big robotic arm that picks the objects and sorting it based on the colour or just to pick and place an object on a moving conveyor belt. As part of this mechatronics project, you will build a robotic arm which can be controlled in 3 – 6 axes. This project will allow you to build a mini 3 axis robotic arm and you can control it using a Bluetooth module through your mobile phone.

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3. Biped walking robot


Ever wondered how a humanoid robot works. If you are building a humanoid robot it will help you in developing more skills as you need to focus more on every movement that is performed by the robot. This will add more value to your resume. In this mechatronics project, you will build a robot that walks like a human, it is a semi-humanoid robot and a very good project for the beginners.

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4. Hexapod


Hexapod is a robot which is made to walk with ease in the uneven surfaces like mountains, and even in the outer space. All the robot we make here are designed to walk and move on the flat surface present on the earth and this robot will have an advantage above all those robots it will be having six legs by which it will be able to walk on uneven surface and making a perfect one for discovering place which cannot be explored by human beings. In this mechatronics project, you will build a hexapod and control it using a mobile phone over Bluetooth.   

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5. Swarm robotics


Swarm technology is an upcoming technology. It is inspired by the bees which will always work and move in a swam and there it makes the work easier and more productive. This will also make them stronger when they are been attacked by a bigger animal. In this mechatronics project, you will be building two robots in which one is master and the other will be the slave and the slave will follow the orders of the master robot.

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6. Firefighting robot


There are several fire accidents that are been occurred in the world every day and the temperature of the fire is also hazardous to the fireman who will be putting the fire off. To overcome this, we can use this mechatronics project. As part of this project, you will be building a real-time project i.e. a robot which will sense the fire with the help of an IR sensor and extinguishes it using a fan.

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7. Surveillance robot


Surveillance robot is an autonomous robot the main aim of the surveillance robot is to live telecast the video that is been recorded by it. The main aim of making this robot is to explore places that cannot be explored by a normal human being. You will control this robot movement with your laptop and the live video is shown on the laptop screen.

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The above projects are very much suitable for a beginner to build and learn. The more projects you perform the more practical skills you will be experienced with. This will not only help you in the academics but also helps you to make yourself shine better than others during job interviews. 

I hope I have said all the required information about the mechatronics and projects for the beginners. Also, you can do the above ideas as part of your mini-projects or major projects also. All the best!!!   

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Top 7 Mechatronics Projects for Beginners (Videos Included)
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2022-05-18

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