Best online Data Mining tutorial for beginners

Data is almost everywhere. The complex digits, large numbers, huge datasets are a tough job to manually collect, process and then make use of them. This is where data mining steps in and makes the task a lot easy. 

Yes! You guessed it right. This article focuses on Data Mining, one of the most phenomenal technologies of all times that provide the ease of solving complex large datasets. It is the most talked-about technology and has gained huge momentum in the past years. Also in this article, we will learn about what data mining is, and not only this, its applications, the necessary programming languages required for data mining. We have also mentioned some really fantastic online data mining tutorials for beginners at the end of this article. 

Sky-fi labs provide many amazing tutorials for students who are willing to explore deep in data mining at a much minimal cost. 

So let us get started.

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1. Data Analytics using R

What is data mining?

Data mining refers to the process of analysing and exploring large and complex data sets to be able to predict future decisions through the use of a systematic and meaningful pattern. Data mining, also known as Data Analysis comes under a much bigger field called Data Science. Use of data mining is basically used in areas like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence that aim at modelling the real world. It, by and large, involves the use of Statistics and other computational mathematical methods for solving these datasets. For performing such calculations on these datasets, scientists use various programming languages, in the absence of which the task would have been too tedious.

Data mining follows a step by step approach. Firstly, raw data is collected from various sources. It is then cleaned and separated. The next step is to then process this cleaned data to make meaningful patterns and rules. The data obtained at this stage is then compared with historical data and through such comparisons predictions or decisions are made. For example, it was noted that a certain set of people liked Vanilla ice cream more than any other flavour in a particular area and thus, the vendors started keeping more of vanilla keeping in mind the no of sales they make in a day. 

We just looked at how data is important for everybody, be in sales, business, management or scientific areas. 

Now, let us have a look at different languages that can be employed for data mining.

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Top Programming Languages necessary to carry out the process of data mining

Every language comes with unique features and thus arises the need of using them. Take note of the following languages:

  • R Language: it is one of the most widely preferred choices of statisticians. It is one of the finest languages used for data modelling.
  • Python
  • Java
  • Julia
  • Hadoop 
  • Hive
  • Scala
  • SQL
  • Ruby
  • Storm
  • Kafka

Now having learnt about different types of languages, let us now shift our focus on a plethora of applications that data mining has to offer.

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Applications of Data mining

Data is quite useful and every field is incomplete without data. It’s the facts and figures that can enable a company to make the right future predictions and it is this data that is also capable of providing comparisons and the right strategy. You think of any field and it uses data. 

  • Detection of money laundering 
  • Loan payment prediction
  • Multidimensional analysis of telecommunication data
  • Stream data analysis
  • Mobile telecommunication and other services
  • Customer credit policy analysis
  • Semantic integration of heterogeneous, distributed genomic and proteomic databases
  • Graph-based mining
  • Discovery of structural patterns and analysis of genetic networks and protein pathways
  • Building of data mining algorithm for intrusion type detection.
  • Visualisation tools in genetic analysis
  • Design and construction of data warehouses
  • Distributed data mining

These were some applications from financial, biological, scientific, intrusion detection, telecommunication and other domain areas

Looking at so many applications of data analysis gives an impression of how crucial the data and its proper management is. Callousness at any stage of collecting, processing data can lead to malfunctioning and hence further to erroneous results. The better processed the data is, the finer results are obtained and easier does it be to make decisions.

The most interesting part still awaits. The next section will tell you about the latest trending courses or tutorials that you can take and utilise your summer vacations.

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Best Online tutorials on Data Mining for beginners 

If you don’t know what data mining is, you don’t have to worry because, at Skyfi Labs, you will get to learn from scratch. So why not upgrade your skills and learn something new. Below are some data mini online courses that you can be a part of at a minimal rate.

1. Data Analytics using R: In this data mining course, you will learn about the R programming language and use it to perform data analysis. Basics of data analysis are also covered. Besides this, you also get to perform real-time analysis on World happiness and Diamond quality datasets. Learning how to perform visualization and manipulation of data using R and usage of various packages like ggplot2 and dplyr in R is also a part of this course.

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2. Python for Data Science: In this data mining course, you will learn Introduction to Python Programming, various concepts of Data Science. You will also learn how to work with data and with various libraries used in data science, data manipulation, data cleaning, plotting graphs etc. Working with Numpy, Matplotlib, sci-kit-learn libraries are also covered in this course.

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These are some of the best data mining courses that you can be a part of. Apart from this, there are data mining based projects that students can take up according to their preferences.

The need for data mining is bound to grow exponentially in the coming time and hence is the need to learn more about it. With a decent amount of practice and right guidance, you can make yourself stand apart from others by being a successful data analyst, a data scientist and what not. So gear yourself up and be ready to upskill yourself.

Good luck!

Best online Data Mining tutorial for beginners
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-07

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