10 Simple Data Mining Projects for Beginners

In this modern world, with every passing second billion of data keeps getting generated. Top companies are trying to utilise these generated data in a more useful way to understand customers, run new offers, predict market risks, etc. 

Developing a project on data mining during your academics will help you to develop a successful career as a Data Scientist. If you are a beginner and want to understand more about data science and data mining concepts this article explains you all the details from basics and some simple data mining projects for beginners to get started with this innovative technology.

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1. Data Analytics using R

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Before digging deeper let us try to understand what data mining is and some examples.

What is data mining?

Data mining is the process of extracting data from unstructured raw data to make it useful to grow business. Data mining is considered as the subcategory of data science and data mining techniques are used to develop machine learning models that powers search engine algorithms, AI and recommendation systems. 

Knowledge extraction, knowledge discovery, information harvesting, pattern analysis, etc. are other names for data mining. 

Here is a simple example that explains how data mining is used to plan business strategies:

Imagine a scenario where an e-learning company wants to launch a new course. The company already have years of customers data like most searched courses, age group of customers, courses that customers requested, etc. Based on their new idea, a model is created to predict the impact of the new course. 

The results would be if a course launched on python you will get 300 signups per day, 200 signups for a course on IoT, etc. 

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Data mining applications

Data mining is widely used by customer-focused companies like - retail, marketing organizations, financial services, etc. to obtain a useful version of data from numerous resources to promote their products and services to specific target audiences. Below are the other areas where data mining is used widely:

E-Commerce - Recommendations systems are used widely by media-service providers, Social applications and online retailers like Amazon, Netflix, Facebook, Instagram, etc. to predict the customer behaviour and offers the best service to improve the customer experience at its best. 

Banking - Huge amounts of data are being generated with computerised banking. Data mining helps financial institutions to identify probable defaulters to decide whether to issue loans, credit cards etc. 

Retail - Retail shops like supermarkets, grocery stores, Laptops and mobile shops make use of data mining to identify the customer behaviour and helps shop owners to come up with decorative offers to increase the customer’s spendings. 

Education - Data mining helps teachers to analyse student’s data to identify the low performers so that they can show extra attention over them. 

Healthcare - Data mining is used to increase efficiencies by decreasing costs in healthcare industries. Past patient’s treatment data is used to predict which treatment plan works best. In healthcare, data mining is also used to detect medical frauds and abuses by analysing the patters of medical claims. 

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Tools used in Data mining 

Following are some of the best data mining tools widely used by big data industries:

  1. Rapid miner
  2. Oracle data mining
  3. Kaggle
  4. Python
  5. Rattle
  6. Teradata
  7. R language
  8. SAS data mining
  9. BOARD
  10. Solver

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10 simple data mining projects for beginners

This part of the article suggests some simple data mining projects that you can make use of to develop your skills in data mining as a beginner.

1. House price prediction- Data mining project

In this data mining project, you will use data science techniques like machine learning to predict the house price of a particular area. This project finds application in real estate industries to predict the house prices based on the previously available data like the location and size of the house and facilities near the house. 

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2. Credit card fraud detection

With the increase in computerised transactions, the frauds related to credit cards have also increased. Banks are trying to tackle this problem with the help of data mining techniques. In this data mining project, you will use python to predict the credit card fraud by analysing the previously available data. 

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3. Fake news detection data mining project

With easy access to the internet nowadays fake news can be easily spread by anyone. In this beginner data mining project, you will use python to classify news into Real or Fake. You will use PassiveAggressiveClassifier to perform the above function. 

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4. Movie recommendations system using python

Ever wondered how Netflix suggests your favourite movie and makes you spend more time. This data mining project helps you to understand the concept behind the movie recommendation algorithm. You will use python to predict the movie titles based on viewing history. 

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5. Detecting Parkinson’s disease

Data mining techniques are used in healthcare industries to provide quality treatment by analysing the patient’s medical records. In this data mining project, you will learn to predict Parkinson’s disease using python. As part of this project, you will work with UCI ML Parkinsons dataset. 

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6. Detecting Phishing website using data mining techniques

The technological advancement paved the way for the development of e-commerce sites and even most of the people started shopping online where they give their sensitive information like bank details, username, password, etc. Fraudsters used this opportunity and created fake sites that look similar to the original to collect sensitive user data. In this data mining project, you will develop an algorithm to detect the phishing sites based on the characteristics like security and encryption criteria, URL, domain identity, etc. 

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7. Sentiment analysis - data mining project

In this data mining project, you will learn to develop a sentiment analysis model that will analyse and categorize the words based on their sentiments like positive, negative or neutral. You will use the R programming language to develop this project. You will work with libraries like stringr, janeaustenr, tidytext, etc. 

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8. Handwritten digit recognition

You will use MNIST dataset to develop this project, which is one of the widespread datasets among the data scientists. In this data mining project, you will develop a machine learning model to identify the handwritten digits using MNIST data. As part of this project, you will also understand the neural network and deep learning concepts. 

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9. Diabetes prediction using data mining

Diabetes is one of the deadliest diseases on the planet. It requires a lot of visits to the doctor to get diagnosed. In this data mining project, you will learn to develop a system to detect whether the patient has diabetes or not. As part of this project, you will learn about the Decision tree, Naive Bayes, SVM calculations, etc. 

10. Intelligent Transportation System

Through this data mining project, you will learn to develop a model to predict the required number of buses for a particular route based on the passenger movement. This data mining project helps you to optimize the route by forecasting the passenger’s data. 

You can also check out the following list for more data mining projects

  • Bigmart sales prediction
  • Sales forecasting using Walmart dataset
  • Enron investigation
  • Speech emotion recognition
  • Music recommendation system
  • Detecting suicidal tendency 
  • Website evaluation using opinion mining
  • Weather forecasting using data mining
  • Opinion mining for comment sentiment analysis
  • Customer behaviour prediction using web usage mining
  • Opinion mining for restaurant reviews
  • Gender age detection
  • Uber data analysis
  • Driver drowsiness detection
  • Topic detection using keyword clustering

If you are very much interested in data science and want to develop a career in this field, you can check out the next section where it suggests you the best online data science courses. 

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Best online courses to learn data science

Below are some online courses that you can consider to learn more about data mining:

1. Data analytics using R: In this data mining online course, you will work with one of the industrial-grade data mining tool R programming and perform data analysis. You will learn about packages like ggplot2 and dplyr in R. As par to this online course, you will learn the basics of data analysis and perform real-time analysis on diamond quality and world happiness datasets.

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2. Python for data science: Python is one of the widely used programming languages for machine learning, data science, data visualization, etc. This data science online courses teach you the basics of python and how to interpret the data and work with various libraries used in data science. As part of this course, you will also understand data mining process like data cleaning, data transformation, data modelling, etc. 

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As all these courses are conducted in live online sessions you can clear all your doubts in realtime directly from experts.

10 Simple Data Mining Projects for Beginners
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2022-05-07

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