Top 10 Data Science Mini Projects with Python

Hey there everybody! Hope you’ll be doing good and staying fit in. Once a great person said that “Time is not the most important thing in the world, but it is the only important thing”, said none other than the famous American Jazz Trumpeter Miles Davis. And in my opinion, I cannot agree more with what he has said, given the time we have to explore new things and discover our interests in this pandemic situation. So, this article deals with one such technological aspect which has made life easier for people dealing with a large amount of data on a daily basis. Yes! Data science is what I am talking about, and in specific, I am talking about Data Science with the help of python.

As we know that, there are many engineering students who are interested in the field of Data Science and in the same flow, pursue many mini projects based on Data Science with R and Data Science using Python. You can find such python data science projects, elsewhere but on the internet. 

So, we start off our article by first knowing a little bit about the python language and why it is preferred over the other languages. We will then take a look at what exactly is data science and then we will get to know about some of its real-time applications. Finally, we will take a look at some of the data science projects with python and give you some reliable sources from where you’ll get them.

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1. Data Analytics using R

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What is Python and Why Python?

As many of you’ll know, Python is a general-purpose programming language created by Van Rossum in 1991. It is a high-level open-source language that finds its use in various fields of technology like basic computer programming, Robotics, In some software like MATLAB, Data science, Computer vision, Machine learning, and Artificial Intelligence. It is known for its significant whitespace and code reliability. Here are some of the reasons why Python is preferred over other programming languages:

  • It is very easy to learn
  • Due to its easy support availability 
  • Due to its high speed & productivity, as you know, in programming, getting things done fast is more important than anything else! And hence python is the most preferred language, although slower than languages like C & C++.
  • It is User-friendly for studies in data structures and some aspects of data science and also very useful in practical based applications with relevant case studies, about which we will be discussing shortly.
  • It finds its Popular use in machine learning, in-fact, machine learning with python certificate provides the learners with the best combinations and theory which is very much helpful in this field!
  • Due to its Presence of third-party modules
  • Finally, another factor is, it is an open software that can be used in the community development of various software like ROS, etc.

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What is data science?

In simple terms, Data science is a field that helps us to extract knowledge and information on various types of structured or unstructured data. It does so by collaborating various fields together and working with it like, with the help of scientific methods, Algorithms, Processes, Software and systems. It is hence called a Multi-disciplinary field, as it involves the combination of many fields. Data science is closely related to some other fields like Data Science, Data Mining and Big data analysis.

It uses theories and techniques drawn from various other fields like statistics, mathematics, machine learning, domain language, etc. in order to analyse and understand the actual phenomenon of data.

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Real-time applications of data science

Moving forward in our quest to learn more about Data Science, let us get to know some real-time applications about data science!

  • Identifying and Predicting disease: Off late, data science in collaboration with machine learning is used to give personalized recommendations to cancer patients based on the data from the past ones. Similarly, it can be used for predicting other diseases as well.
  • Optimizing Package Routing: These days, online deliveries are very common and so it is very important for the company to ship the products carefully to their customers with a minimum of fuss, and that is where data science with the help of machine learning comes into the picture. They search the best and efficient routes for delivering and avoid routes with bad weather and bad road conditions.
  • They are also used in finding tax frauds.
  • They are used in sports like football wherein big football clubs can discover new talents around the world by preparing a software with the help of data science wherein they can calculate the statistics of the players and find out how those statistics influence the result of the team!
  • It is also used in robotics with the combinations of AI and ML.
  • They are also used for automating digital AD placement 
  • Off late, they have been used for predicting Incarceration Rates.

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Top 10 Python Data science mini-projects for beginners

So, having been familiarised with Python and data science, let us take a look at some exciting projects with the combination of these two fields.

1. Human Emotions Analyser: In this python data science project, you will be using a sentiment analyser with the help of data science on various statements put up in various websites, social media accounts, documents and articles, etc. and can analyse the nature of opinion with which that statement was said! It is also used by intelligence agencies!

2. Banking fraud detections: In this python data science project, you will be able to detect frauds in credit cards with the help of data science by using concepts like decision trees, neural networks and logistic regression!

3. Business Advisor software using data science: This is one of the most interesting data science projects wherein you use exploratory data analysis wherein the software automatically analyses the data, raises up some questions and also presents some facts and solutions in the form of visual graphs and other charts! This type of method is used by IBM. So, I hope you understood the worth of this project! 

4. Interactive data visualisations: In this project, you will be taking the help of modern data analysis software to directly manipulate, update and explore graphical representations of data. 

5. Data sorting: In this data science mini-project you will develop a beginner level project using python, you will sort data based on various categories as per your requirement by using data science techniques which includes statistics, programming, data intuition, data wrangling etc.

6. Data cleaner: This is one of the most important skills of a data scientist, as the majority of the time, a data scientist is involved in cleaning and refining the data. So, you will be given messy data in this project and learn techniques to clean it! 

7. Real-time image animation: In this data science project, you will learn to deal with the expression of the images based on the position of the camera. And you will be doing so with the help of PyTorch & OpenCV! This involves the use of data science with a combination of computer vision.

8. Real-time audio analysis: In this python data science mini-project, which would catch the interest of music lovers, you will be able to perform real-time audio analysis using the Fast Fourier Transform(FFS) tool, which is an important skill set for a data scientist! 

9. Text extractor: In this project, you will be extracting text from platforms where it is not possible to cut, copy or paste text with the help of data science, AI, and computer vision.

10. Colour Detector: In this data science project, you will be able to determine all shades of colours from a given image or video be it a black and white image/video or a colour. This can be of great use for investigating officials and industry purposes!

Some other good projects on data science are:

  • Speech emotion recognition
  • Auto messaging Chatbot 
  • Fake news detection
  • Detecting Parkinson’s disease
  • Speech emotion recognition 
  • Gender age detection
  • Driver drowsiness detection
  • Handwritten digit recognition
  • Movie recommendation system using python
  • Credit card fraud detection data science project

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Top 10 Data Science Mini Projects with Python
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2022-05-16

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