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Well, what comes to your mind when you hear names like Dhirubhai Ambani, Ratan Tata, Rahul Bajaj and many more people in their category. Money, power, Stardom, Winners and so on.

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1. Data Analytics using R

But above all, if you think as a young entrepreneur, you see them as business tycoons and take them as an inspiration. So, what exactly do you think that brought them success and maintain that consistency in success to date? Is it just because they have studied well (although not everyone)? Or is it because they do their regular prayers to god?

The answer is obviously no! they obviously must be having their own set of worked out plans and strategies. So, one such strategy is when they make use of the data of their productivity, classify it and analyzing it which is known as data analytics.

This has been an upcoming trend in this world of commercial entrepreneurs, and it is important for all of you’ll interest in the business field to learn this. So, if you are in need of guidance to know more about Data analytics and in a need to learn more about this, cheer up! You are in the right place at the right time, keep reading this to find out all the answers to your questions. Also, to know more about the top online courses to learn data analytics.

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How can I become a data analyst?

So, first things first, who is a data analyst?

A data analyst is the one who takes data and uses it to help companies to make better decisions for the need of gaining more profits. So, they make use of market data, analyze it and help companies to gain better business decisions.

Given below are some things you need to keep in mind to become a data analyst

  • Getting a bachelor’s degree in statistics, computer science or IT, however even if you have a degree in some other field and interested in this field, it’s fine.
  • Gaining experience in the field of data analytics. Taking online courses is a great idea to do so. Gaining experience is an important thing as experience is a must to get a good job as a data analyst.
  • You would be needing analytic skills as you would be dealing with a large amount of data including facts, figures, and numerical analysis.
  • You need to have good communication skills along with good IQ levels and critical thinking as a data analyst because you are the one who needs to present your idea and solutions in a very easily understood manner.
  • You need to be very precise in your calculations with need good math skills as the companies are dependent on you to make decisions.
  • You need to have very good technical skills and need to know programming languages like SQL, XML, Javascript, R, Python, SAS, Hadoop, and other machine learning programs.

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Should I learn Python or R?

In order to get your answer to this question, you need to know a little bit about the backgrounds of the 2 programming languages.

Python has been developed by Guido Van Rossum in 1991. It has influential libraries for maths, statistics and Artificial intelligence. However, python is not suitable for econometrics and communication background. It is considered as the best tool for machine learning integration and deployment but not preferred for business analytics.

On the other hand, R has been developed by academics and scientists and is designed to answer statistical problems, machine learning and, data science. R is equipped with many packages to perform time series analysis, panel data and data mining. So undoubtedly R is by far the better choice for data analysis. Although for beginners, learning python and then shifting to R is not a bad option either, but generally, the former is preferred to the latter.

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What education is needed to become a data analyst?

As we have discussed above, a bachelor’s degree in any of the streams like computer science, mathematics, economics, marketing or statistics is enough. And then based on your further interest, you can opt for a master’s degree or doctoral degree which is generally in demand for a higher level of data analytics job which obviously has higher pay.

Is data analytics a good career?

So, after getting a bachelor’s degree and learning languages and other technical stuff, you might be wondering that, is this effort worth it? Is it a good option in the long run?

Well, the answer is hell yeah! If you’ve got the interest and the ability to work hard, then data analytics is a golden path for you to settle in life!

Skilled data analysts are the most sought-after professionals in the world because the demand for the job is so strong and the people with the right ability and talent are so limited and hence data analysts end up getting huge salaries and good perks right from the beginning of their career. Well, after all, any company that uses data needs data analysts to analyze the data based on which they make crucial decisions and so the doubt of job opportunities and the question of the scope of this profession for future is pointless.

Top online courses to learn data analytics

So, as discussed above, online courses are the go-to option for data analytics and there are many courses and facilities available online which you can avail and trust me, it is worth the money you spend.

One such course is:

Data analytics using R: In this data analytics online course, you will get experience in data analysis by working on 2 real-time projects!  And trust me, projects are the best ways where you can learn how to apply the theoretical knowledge you have and find the link between theory and practice.

In this online course, you will be learning the basics of data analytics and perform real-time analysis on world happiness and diamond quality datasets.

You will also learn the usage of various packages like ggplot2 and dplyr in R.


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And I wish you happy learning!

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Top online courses to learn Data Analytics
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