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Detecting Parkinson's Disease using Machine Learning

It is a disease which is a disorder in the nervous system. Parkinson’s disease affects the movement of the human body. In today’s world, around 1 million people are suffering from this disease. This is a disorder which produces neurodegenerative dopamine-producing neurons in the brain. The following system will detect Parkinson’s symptoms in the human body. The project will be made by a new machine learning algorithm called the XGBoost.

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Project Implementation

The project will be made with the help of python language. In this python libraries will be used such as scikit-learn, numpy, pandas, and XGBoost. XGB Classifier model is built to work on the aim. A dataset of UCI ML Parkinson’s can be downloaded for free from the internet. The dataset is only 40 kb and it consists of 24 columns and 195 records.

  • First, we will import all the necessary datasets such as Jupyter Lab.
  • We will read the data frame from the internet.
  • The values in the status are 0 and 1.
  • Then fit_transform () function is used to fit and transforms data.
  • The dataset has to be trained for the application.

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Gradient boosting algorithms is used to classify the datasets. The accuracy of the project is calculated and hence the result is determined. The project will study the data of the symptoms of the patients and then predict the stroke. The project will read various sets of data. The disease produces a neuron which can be traced by the system. The system will give the output on a scale of 10 and then the result can be produced.

The python libraries can be downloaded for free from the internet and it can be easily imported. The project at the end will give the output to almost 95% accuracy and it can be used very frequently. As the disease has no cure yet, it has to be detected earlier only. It creates a disorder in the human body and it has to be monitored. XG Boost is an open-source software library which is an environment where supports various programming languages such as C++, Java, Python, R, and Julia.

The MinMax Scaler will scale the features to between -1 to 1 and it transforms the signals into readings. The value of the readings thus will determine the Parkinson’s symptoms. Data flair dataset is used to feed the data to the system and it is done very accurately. The project thus will work on the datasets which can be manipulated easily.


The project will help in building a good project which will help a lot. This project will need a good knowledge over python programming language. This project can be also used by the patients also and the students can make it as their project. The datasets are downloaded easily from the internet and there are many websites which also provides many libraries. The python libraries such as scikit-learn, pandas, numpy, etc. make the project more easily implementing.

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Detecting Parkinson’s Disease using Machine Learning
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