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Speech Emotion Recognition

The speech emotion recognition is one of the major python mini projects which will sort the people’s speech of emotions. The use of the project is can be viewed in call centers where companies record the speech pattern of the customers. The employees of the different companies cater to the needs of their customers and improve accordingly. The project requires knowledge over basic python language.

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Project Implementation

This system is also known as the SER system and it uses the fact of the difference between the voice patterns. The voice patterns are recorded by the project but it is tough to predict the exact emotion. The emotions are subjective and annotating audio is quite difficult. For the following project, we will be using “librosa” which is a python library. This library function consists of various layouts, interfaces, functions, codes, etc.

It is for the benefit of the developer and it can download for free from the internet. The dataset which is used for the project is the RAVDESS dataset; it will help in including all the emotional song data, speeches, etc. The dataset is very huge and it consists of voice recordings from around 24 actors and the file is around 24 GB. After downloading all the required functions, we will begin to implement it in the project.

  • First, we will include all the library functions such as librosa, sound files, etc.
  • Then we will declare the mfcc (), chroma (), and Mel () functions to extract the emotions from the sound file.
  • The huge data is loaded through load_data () function in the project.
  • The pathname should also be defined to extract the voice of each actor subsequently.
  • The emotions dictionary will help in comparing the emotions with the predefined values.

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Time to split the training and testing sets. The set is true for 25% of the entries, as it is hard to predict the exact emotions. A classifier will be defined which is the MLP (Multi-Layer Perceptron). The model is trained for many entries and it does require a lot of training. The model undergoes various entries and the huge data is stored in the load_data function.

The accuracy of the project is determined through the accuracy_score () which determines the results of the project. After rigorous entries, the model will deliver 75% accuracy for the speech values. The project will filter the data and decide the polarity of the emotions. The MLP classifier will classify the purpose of the speech.


The project will require basic knowledge about python language. The library functions are available on the internet and it can be downloaded easily. The implementation is easy and it can be used by anyone. The project also teaches the technique of data extraction from various speech patterns. The system will read the subsequent pattern and will give the result on the scale of bad or good. The functions included in the project are used to import all the data from the internet.

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Speech Emotion Recognition
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