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Seed sowing machine makes the formers work easier by reducing time consumption time for sowing the seed. Sowing seed is the most important process. This seed sowing machine makes the work easier for the formers where they don't need to spend more money for employing the workers. For making this machine we are using DC motors which can be easily controlled regulator. Machine has the funnel on the top side where you can load the seeds. From the funnel seeds goes to the lower container. To pour the seeds from the container we use rotating gear which is operated by the DC motor. Machine is moving with help of another two DC motor.

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Project Description:

  1. 12V DC MOTOR:DC motor is used for moving the machine by rotating the wheels through chain drive. For this project three DC motor is used for rotating the wheels and rotating the seed sowing gears.
  2. FUNNEL:The container what we are using for this project is made up of plastic material where you can reduce the weight of the machine. Seeds will be filled to the container. From the funnel seeds will move to the small container where the small rotating gear is fixed with the D motor.
  3. SUPPORTING FRAMES:The metal supporting frames are used for making the machine. Basically this is the main body of the machine where you need to fix all the components such as motors,shafts and wheels and funnel for storing the seed.
  4. WHEELS:For this project two bigger wheel and one smaller wheel is required. Wheels are made up of metal frame.The bigger two wheels are connected with the two solid shaft using the bearings

Project Implementation:

  1. You need to make two wheels by bending the metal pieces into arc shape and join them in order to make a wheel.Then make the frame in square shape joining the frames with help of bolt and nuts.Mount the funnel on top of the frame.Fix the container bottom of the funnel.Fix the wheels to the frame with help of the solid shaft.Mount the DC motor to the frame with help of clamp and bolt,nuts.Connect the chain between the motor and wheel.Mount the small gear attached with the shaft to the container.Then place the battery and connect to the motors.

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