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Handwritten document recognition system using machine learning


Neural networks are utilized as a strategy for deep learning, one of the many subfields of artificial knowledge. They have first proposed around 70 years back as a try at reproducing the manner in which the human brain works, yet in a more streamlined structure. Singular 'neurons' are connected in layers, with weights allocated to decide how the neuron reacts when signals are spread through the network.

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A local Python 3 development environment, including pip, a tool for installing Python packages, and venv, for creating virtual environments.

Basic structure of the project

Stage 1 — Configuring the Project 

Before you can build up the acknowledgement program, you'll have to introduce a couple of conditions and make a workspace to hold your records

We'll use a Python 3 virtual environment to deal with our venture's conditions. Make another catalogue for your extend and explore to the new index: 

Next, introduce the libraries you'll use right now. We'll use explicit variants of these libraries by making a requirements.txt record in the venture catalogue which indicates the prerequisite and the version we need.

Stage 2 — Importing the MNIST Dataset 

The dataset we will use right now called the MNIST dataset, and it is exemplary in the Machine learning community. This dataset is comprised of pictures of written by hand digits, 28x28 pixels in size. Here are a few instances of the digits remembered for the dataset:

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Stage 3 — Defining the Neural Network Architecture 

The engineering of the neural network alludes to components, for example, the number of layers in the net. The centre idea of Tensor Flow is the tensor. n information structure like an exhibit or rundown. networks are approximately inspired by the operations of the human mind, here the term unit is utilized to speak to what we would consider as a neuron. Like neurons passing signals around the mind. Units take a few qualities from past units as information, play out a calculation, and afterwards give the new incentive as output to different units. These units are layered to shape the network, beginning at the very least with one layer for inputting qualities, and one layer to output esteems

Stage 4 — Building the TensorFlow Graph 

To construct our network, we will set up the network as a computational diagram for TensorFlow to execute. The centre idea of Tensor Flow is the tensor. n information structure like an exhibitor rundown. 

Stage 5 — Training and Testing 

The preparation procedure includes taking care of the preparation dataset through the diagram and advancing the misfortune work. Each time the network repeats through a bunch of additionally preparing pictures. It refreshes the parameters to lessen the misfortune so on all the more foresee the digits appeared. The testing procedure includes running our testing dataset. 

Here are some advantages of Artificial Neural Networks ( ANN)

  • Storing information on the entire network: Information such as in traditional programming is stored on the entire network, not on a database. The disappearance of a few pieces of information in one place does not restrict the network from functioning. 
  • The ability to work with inadequate knowledge: After ANN training, the data may produce output even with incomplete information. The lack of performance here depends on the importance of the missing information. 


Right now, prepared a neural network to characterize the MNIST dataset with around 92% precision and tried it on your very own picture. Momentum best in class research into accomplishing around 99% on this equal issue. Utilizing complex network architectures including convolutional layers.

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Handwritten document recognition system using machine learning
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