Certified VLSI Online training for Engineering students

Today, VLSI devices have made a name for themselves everywhere. Whether it is in cars, mobile phones or medical devices, they are everywhere around us. It is a revolutionary science that has been rapidly evolving in the last few decades. Most jobs that have a background in electronics and coding require VLSI knowledge to master. For instance, everything from electronic component and circuit design to verification require VLSI know-how. Also, due to recent advancements in product innovation, and process geometries, the field of VLSI is witnessing a revival. Therefore, this is a very exciting field that young engineers should analyse and study. To help you get started, here’s a look at some of the best Certified VLSI training courses out there. 

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What is VLSI training?

Very-large-scale integration, better known as VLSI, is the process by which we create integrated circuits. It consists of combining hundreds and thousands of transistors into a unique chip. Essentially, a VLSI chip is a complex component that has billions of transistors, and millions of logic gates to help with computation, analysis and control. As engineers, VLSI training helps students to design such chips, and use them for every-day applications. Certified VLSI training helps engineers design, create, manage and utilise these chips via CAD tools. The elements of designing a VLSI chip include;

  1. Logic synthesis
  2. Timing analysis
  3. Floorplanning
  4. Placement 
  5. Routing
  6. Verification
  7. Testing

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What does VLSI training do?

Everything from computer hardware to outer-space satellites makes use of these chips to process, manipulate and analyse data. If you want to build a career in VLSI, you will need to take online VLSI training and get certified. A good online VLSI training course will combine classroom learning with hands-on practical experience. Certified VLSI training programs also offer industry training and internships to give students exposure to the VLSI industry. Some of the elements of a VLSI training course are as follows;

  • ASIC
  • FPGA design flows
  • Design methodologies
  • CMOS
  • VHDL
  • Verilog and SystemVerilog

The most integral lessons in the course will be as follows;

  1. Overview of VLSI and FPGA design principles 
  2. Understanding CMOS circuit design and construction
  3. Gain experience designing ICs with CAD tools
  4. Analyse large-scale ICs
  5. Help design adders, ROMs, multipliers and RAMs

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VLSI Applications

  • Design of microelectronic systems
  • Building computer systems
  • Used in the automotive industry
  • Backbone of the consumer electronics industry
  • Systems Specifications
  • Design 
  • Partitioning
  • High-performance communication systems
  • Neutral Networks and systems
  • Wafer-scale Integration
  • Multi-module Design

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Is VLSI a good career?

As per Harish Mysore, who serves as the Director of the Global IEEE Institute for Engineers, India believes that the future of VLSI looks bright. In fact, the VLSI industry can have large-scale employment opportunities. In fact, at present, chip design employs approximately 20,000 to 30,000 engineers, whereas the semiconductor industry has over 200,000 engineers working on it. Some of the jobs that will be available on engineers focusing on VLSI are as follows;

  1. Design and Application Verification Engineer
  2. System Verification
  3. Application Specific Integrated Circuit design Verification 
  4. VLSI Verification
  5. Functional Verification

Certified VLSI training online for engineering students 

1. Certified VLSI Training Starter online course 

Everything from smartphones to complicated aircraft makes use of VLSI technology in some way or the other. This VLSI design course will serve as the best introductory course, as it opens you to the subject. Since the VLSI industry is worth 1.75 trillion dollars, this is a great opportunity for you to further your career. In this online course, students will learn how to work with industry-wide tools, such as Xilinx ISE and to program in Verilog. The students will also be working with Logic Gates, comparators, encoders and decoders.

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2. VLSI Training Explorer online course

This is the perfect VLSI training if you are a medium-level user of VLSI technology. This VLSI online course will help you understand more about how the technology works. It is perfect for understanding the widespread applications of technology. Furthermore, this online course on VLSI gives students an opportunity for hands-on experience. They get to work with the actual codes and simulations and get a solid introduction to VLSI. They also learn Verilog Programming, work with logic gates and build circuits with the help of this course.

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3. VLSI Online Training Champion course 

In case you already know about the basics of VLSI, this is the course to take to improve your knowledge. By the end of this certified VLSI training, students will gain experience with tools like Xilinx ISE. They will also gain exposure to the creation and development of combinational and sequential circuits. Students will model electronic systems, and design in the Xilinx Design Suite. They will gain an insight into Verilog Programming, optimization and learn how to build a Static RAM Design.

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VLSI projects for beginners

Below are some VLSI projects that you can develop to get hands-on experience.

1. Bluetooth Home Automation VLSI Project 

This cool VLSI project allows you to build a home automation system using a wireless Bluetooth interface. You will be able to control home appliances like fan, air conditioner, and fridge wirelessly using this device. It uses a wireless Bluetooth module, giving you control over your home, through a mobile application. 

2. FPGA Robotic Arm

In this VLSI project, students will get an opportunity to build a robotic arm using FPGA techniques. Robotic arms are mechanised devices that work the same way human arms do. It can even be used to pick and drop objects, raise things and shake hands, just the way a human arm does. All the electronic components that make up the arm are connected to joints that have the capacity to rotate. The entire system works through an FPGA-based system.

3. IoT Temperature Monitoring System

This cloud-based VLSI project will help you keep track of the temperature in an area using a cloud server. Since it makes use of cloud-space, the solution is a lot more cost-effective, space-efficient and productive. This IOT and VLSI project can do wonders for the food processing industry where temperature regulation is very important.

As you can clearly see, the VLSI industry is booming in India. Make the most of your time, and enrol in one of these Certified VLSI training courses to up-skill and better yourself.

Certified VLSI Online training for Engineering students
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-07

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