Top Online VLSI certification courses for engineering students

Students from Electrical Engineering or Computer Science Engineering must have encountered a small chip while doing experiments in the lab. This small chip containing so many transistors is able to perform a lot of functions with much ease. But what exactly does this chip do? Can studying in-depth about a small chip like this be any way useful? These are some questions that this article aims at answering. A process that revolves around designing of this very chip, around the functioning of this chip which is extremely popular among students to take up as a career, VLSI technology is what is going to be discussed in this article. Keeping in mind VLSI’s exponential growth, it is now one of the most recommended studies to take up. 

Let’s now explore more about this amazing technology and learn some useful information on how we can take it up as our future career. In the later section of this article, a list of online courses on VLSI is also discussed. Do not forget to take a look at them!

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What is VLSI? 

VLSI stands for Very Large Scale Integration. It is the process of combining thousands of transistors onto a small chip to form an integrated circuit (IC). This is mainly used to create a microprocessor, IC, or component designing. Its development in the 1970s started along with that of semiconductors and communication technologies. Its development enabled IC’s to expand their usage much more efficiently than before where their use was restricted to only some functions. Prior to the existence of VLSI technology, LSI (Large Scale Integration), MSI (Medium Scale Integration), SSI (Small Scale Integration) technologies prevailed. Use of VLSI is not just restricted to electronic items but to various fields around us. 

Fabrication of the chip consists of two main parts. First, the front end part focussing on the design specification using simulators like Verilog HDL and other similar languages. Second, back end development that focuses on CMOS library designing. The entire designing process follows a systematic procedure.

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Is taking VLSI as a career a good option?

To answer this question, let us look at some of the phenomenal applications of VLSI to be able to decide whether taking up VLSI as a career is a good idea or not. 

As discussed above VLSI is used to create microprocessors that are the core technology behind computers. Chips for other portable devices including a digital camera, a cell phone, or another computing device essentially make use of this technology. Other processors that are embedded in an automobile also are VLSI based. Complex devices used in huge industries and medical areas are also one great example to demonstrate the use of VLSI. As is known, the world today is becoming more and more digital-oriented and thus is the need to pace up with the latest technology. VLSI is one such domain of technology that is in a very high demand today and being an expert in this field can fetch you a really good career in the near future. Therefore, it can be undoubtedly concluded that VLSI for sure is one of the best career options.

Now since we have gotten a brief idea as to what VLSI is about, we can now shift our attention to some most trending VLSI online courses. The following section is the most interesting section where you get to know about the courses on VLSI that you can take up.

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Top VLSI online courses

Why not utilize this time and invest it in learning something fruitful? Mastering a skill can add value to your resume and your chances therefore of getting recruited increase as well. Apart from learning a course, you also get a wonderful opportunity to be a part of some mind-blowing VLSI based projects. Below are some VLSI online courses that help you to learn the VLSI concepts from basics: 

1. VLSI Starter: By being a part of this VLSI online course, you get to learn the basics of VLSI by working with tools like Xilinx. Learning how to build combinational circuits and programming in Verilog shall also be covered as a part of this course. As part of this course, you get a great chance to build digital circuits and understand the concepts of multiplexers and encoders by building it.

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2. VLSI Explorer: By enrolling into this VLSI online course you will learn what VLSI is i.e. introduction at a basic level. This course will also introduce you to Verilog Programming. Working with Logic Gates, Target and optimization of Xilinx FPGAs using Verilog, Building Combinational and Sequential Circuits are also taught during this program.

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3. VLSI Champion: In this VLSI online course, you will learn to program and simulate designs in Verilog, which is a hardware description language used to model electronic systems. Learning to create and manage designs for Xilinx Design Suite is also included in this course. At the end of the course you will build a static RAM Design and Traffic Light Control.

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4. VLSI (Career Building Course): By enrolling into this VLSI online course you will learn about introduction to VLSI, Verilog Programming, Target and optimization of Xilinx FPGAs using Verilog. Building Combinational Circuits, Sequential Circuits, Static RAM Design are covered at the end.

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Beginner VLSI projects

Below are some VLSI projects that you can build to learn more about VLSI and its concepts.

  • FPGA Based Robotic ARM Controller 
  • Bluetooth Based Wireless Home Automation System 
  • Approximate Hybrid High Radix Encoding for Energy-Efficient Inexact Multipliers
  • Implementation of Medical Image Fusion using Spartan 3 FPGA
  • Cloud-based temperature Monitoring system using IoT 
  • Multi-Channel UART using FPGA 
  • Linear and Morphological Image Filtering using FPGA Image Processing Kit
  • FPGA Implementation of AES Algorithm using Spartan6 FPGA Project Kit
  • Generating PWM Signals with Variable Duty Cycle using FPGA
Top Online VLSI certification courses for engineering students
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