Top 11 Projects Based on VLSI


Have you seen the circuits designed in the 1990s? Circuits at that time used to be very bulky. Now with advancements in the Integrated circuits industry gave us the same and even better performance in a smaller space. The best example is the first computer in history which took a whole room space whereas now a computer is the size of your palm and is extremely faster too.

This technology implemented to design or create an integrated circuit which takes less space and is far more efficient by using more than a thousand transistors in combination is called as VLSI. The term VLSI is abbreviated as “Very large scale integration”. VLSI technology was started in the 1970s. To give you an idea of where VLSI technology we are giving you the example of the latest Intel chips which contains around a few billion transistors. If you know VLSI design process you can opt for well-paid jobs in the semiconductor industry with recruiters like Intel, AMD, Qualcomm, and Apple etc.

This article briefs you what is VLSI design and some latest VLSI projects for engineering students. 

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What is meant by VLSI design?

It is the process in which making or creating an integrated circuit is developed by the combinations of thousands of tiny microscopic transistors infused in a single chip. A VLSI chip designer is responsible for designing the functions of the system on a chip known as SOC as per the requirements specified to him.

Latest projects on VLSI

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What is VLSI?

VLSI is abbreviated as “very large scale integration”. It is a technology in which thousands of transistors are embedded on a single chip. The invention of the most important device in VLSI namely transistor was the major breakthrough in IC design.

Evolution of VLSI

The evolution of VLSI from circuits is mentioned below

  • Small scale integration: It consists of designing circuits with transistors ranging from 1-100. The examples include gates and Flip flops
  • Medium scale integration: It consists of designing circuits with transistors ranging from 100-1000. The examples include four-bit microprocessors.
  • Large scale integration: It consists of designing circuits with transistors ranging from 1000-10000. The examples include RAM, ROM and various other microprocessors
  • Very large scale Integration: It consists of designing circuits with transistors ranging from 10000-1000000. The examples include 16 bit and 32-bit microprocessors.
  • Ultra large scale integration and giant scale integration: It consists of designing circuits with transistors ranging from 1million-10 million for ultra large scale and more than 10 million for giant-scale integration. The examples are special registers and embedded systems respectively.

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Uses of VLSI

  • It is used in designing microchip processors.
  • It is used in the design of integrated circuits.
  • It is used in the component designing process.
  • It can be used to integrate billions of transistors in a very small chip.
  • It is used in digital signal processing, computers, electronics and automobiles.
  • It effectively reduced the size of the circuit, increased cost-effectiveness, increased speed and requires less power or operation.

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List of latest VLSI projects for electronics major students

An electronics engineering student can get an amazing career by getting into the VLSI industry. In order to prove yourself among the completion, you will need an upper hand. This can be achieved by improving your knowledge of VLSI by designing VLSI projects or VLSI mini-projects as per your choice. In this section, we will discuss the best VLSI projects you could start working on. It is recommended that you click on any project that interests you so that you can get complete information regarding the project.

Let us discuss Some VLSI courses to do before jumping into projects.

1. VLSI starter

This VLSI online course is designed to teach you the basics of VLSI with Xilinx ISE tool for complete information regarding the course please visit the below link.

Click here and learn about VLSI starter course

2. VLSI explorer

This course is designed to take your skills to the next level and make you more comfortable with VLSI atmosphere.

Click here and learn about VLSI explorer course

3. VLSI champion

This course takes your VLSI skills further to the next level. It also included VLSI based projects like designing Static RAM.

Click here and learn about VLSI champion course

As we discussed the prerequisites now let’s dive into the cool world of VLSI projects.

1. Design and implementation of Real-time traffic light Control

This VLSI mini project is based on FGPA based traffic light controller and is designed to reduce the wait time for drivers during peak hours.

Click me and discover about Design and implementation of Real-time Traffic light Control

2. Fuzzy PID controller made using VHDL for transport specific application

This VLSI project is used to avoid collision between vehicles by reducing their speed whenever they approach another vehicle and also alerts the driver.

Click me and discover more about Fuzzy based  controller made using VHDL for transport specific application

3. Designing and Implementation of a VLSI based robot that avoids collisions with RFID technology

As there is increased used in robots in the industrial application the chances of collision between them increases. Now to avoid the situation of a collision this VLSI project was made.

Click me and discover more about Design and Implementation of VLSI based anti-collision robot processor using RFID technology

4. 3d lifting based discrete Wavelet transform VLSI project

This VLSI mini project is capable of producing highly accurate images without compromising on any details. It is a great project to start image coding.

5. Design of high-speed hardware using 4 Bit SFQ multiplier

This VLSI project implements an improvised booth encoder by taking into use 4-bit SFQ multiplier which successfully improves the performance over conventional booth encoder.

6. A high-speed low power multiplier using Spurious power suppression technique

This VLSI project is designed to remove unwanted signals generated while working transmission of data.

7. Automating home appliances using the wireless Bluetooth system

This cool VLSI project lets you control your home appliances like fan, air conditioner, and fridge etc. wirelessly. It uses a wireless Bluetooth module for project implementation. After making this project you can control home appliances right from your mobile phone.

8. Controlling a robotic arm using FGPA (field-programmable gate array)

This project intends to convert a mechanical robotic arm to a user-programmable arm. This robotic arm is capable of picking up objects and dropping them to another place. Hence making it significant in industrial usage.

9. Temperature management system using IOT (Cloud-based working)

There are many situations where we are required to monitor temperature continuously. It would be great if we can access the data anywhere through the internet. This project is designed based on the above requirements. It can record temperature data of its surrounding and send it to the cloud for further assessment.

10. Distance measurement using the Ultrasonic sensor with FGPA device

This VLSI project can be used to assess the distance. The project specifically detects the obstacle before it and uses the ultrasonic sensor to determine the distance between an object and itself.

11. Game development using FGPA and image processing

This VLSI project requires the user to first design, wire and install the program on the FGPA to start playing the game. The game here is TIC-TAC-TOE and can be played by two players.

Some more cool VLSI mini-projects to look after are mentioned below.

  • Performance analysis of high-efficiency low-density parity check code decoder for low power applications
  • Pipelined radix-2k feedforward FFT architecture
  • An enhanced low-cost high-performance image scaling processor based on VLSI
  • Low power and high-speed conditional push-pull pulsed latches
  • Design of finite impulse response filter using distributed arithmetic of lookup table.
  • Medical image fusion technology implementation using FGPA device
  • Designing a bouncing ball interface using an FGPA device based on VGA
  • Median filter design using FGPA and image processing
  • Designing and implementing an Arithmetic logical unit of floating type
  • Designing data encryption with data encryption standard and protocols
  • Impulse noise removal based on VLSI which is cost-friendly.
  • Image compression using VLSI and wavelet procedure
  • Suppressing power usage in applications
  • Prototyping of digitalized camera using VLSI and FGPA device for security applications

Your search for the best VLSI projects ends here. Please let us any of your queries in the comments and our experts will be happy to assist you.

Top 11 Projects Based on VLSI
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2022-05-14

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