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DIY Machine Learning projects with Python


“I hear, I know. I see I remember. I do, I understand” this famous quote was said by the great Chinese philosopher and politician, Confucian. Don’t you think this saying is very apt for learning things these days! In order to learn about technology and master any application of the field of technology like machine learning, one should be able to do things by himself. Just merely seeing things from YouTube or hearing news doesn’t help much. Doing things by yourself is the most important aspect of learning and that’s exactly what DIY projects are. DIY stands for ‘DO IT YOURSELF’, which is the go-to moto we are talking about for everybody to achieve some great things in life.

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3. Machine Learning using Python

4. Movie Recommendation using ML

5. Handwritten Digits Recognition using ML

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7. Brain Tumor Detection using Deep Learning

So, in this article, we will be dealing with some DIY machine learning projects with python. Before that we start our article by knowing few important things like, what is machine learning, what are its applications and why can python be used as the programming language in machine learning and stuff and a lot more!

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What is machine learning?

Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence which is a scientific study of algorithms and statistical models that can be used by a computer to perform a specific task with the help of patterns and inferences without using a large number of complicated instructions.

It provides the systems with the ability to learn and improvise all by itself without the heavy usage of programming. It focusses much on the fact that computers can collect data and analyse it and use it to learn everything by itself.

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Is Python good for machine learning?

So, since we got to know what exactly machine learning is, we go to the next important aspect of it. Programming! Programming is an important component of any project because the entire output depends on the way we write and execute our program and it is by the help of these programs by which they can help systems complete their task.

There are many programming languages like C, C++, PYTHON, JAVA, etc…. But among all, python is the most recommended one because of the following reasons:

  • Due to its learning ease and support availability
  • Due to its high speed & productivity, although slower than languages like C & C++.
  • User-friendly for studies in data structures and some aspects of data science.
  • Popular use in machine learning
  • Presence of third-party modules
  • Extensive support libraries
  • Open source and community development of other software like ROS (robot operating systems).

It is one of the most popular languages and it is perfectly suitable for machine learning because it is easy to learn, due to its very good data handling capacity, due to its ability to connect to various third-party apps and it being an open-source language is one of the most influential parts of its selection as a preferred programming language in machine learning.

Finally, machine learning with python certificate provides the learners with the best combinations and theory and practical based applications with relevant case studies, making it an excellent choice for many tech lovers.

Is machine learning hard?

Well then, having known about machine learning, one might wonder,

how hard is machine learning? Where to start and most importantly how should I start it?

The answer is, by doing projects! It is the best way to gain knowledge in the field of machine learning, as discussed above, doing things helps you understand stuff.

So, if anyone asks us how hard is it to learn machine learning on the scale of 1 to 10, then what would you say?

Well, there is no definite answer to such a question, because what may be easy for one might be difficult for another person, not everyone has the same skill level and interests and priorities vary from one individual to another. So, it purely depends on the passion and interest of the person. Also, if there is no pain, then there is no gain! Don’t you’ll agree with it?

For machine learning, you need to have certain skills in your arsenal like

  • The knowledge of programming languages like C, JAVA, PYTHON etc.
  • You’ve needed to be thorough in data science courses like Data structures, database systems, statistics and, probability so that it makes life easier for you later on while learning ML.
  • You need to have a decent knowledge of mathematical concepts like multivariable calculus and linear algebra as well.
  • In-depth knowledge of the computer science syllabus which you’ve been coming across in your entire duration of B-TECH or any other course-related to computers.
  • Also, joining machine learning classes for beginners and getting trained would be a wise choice.
  • Taking part in machine learning competitions would also be very useful as it helps you to think out of the box and implement your theoretical knowledge and gain hands-on experience which also makes you more proficient.

Finally, with such a skillset combined with your passion and desire, machine learning shouldn’t be tough!

DIY Machine Learning projects with python

So, after knowing all the details, its showtime! The time for you to get out there and practice some projects! Excited right?!!

So, Skyfi Labs has been providing some brilliant projects on this aspect of machine learning with Python.  So, let us have a look at some projects!

1. Movie recommendation using Machine learning: In this machine learning project, as the name suggests, you will be giving the computer the ability to decide a title of any movie or series based on the user’s viewing history. You will be learning about concepts like clustering in ML, update functions, Knearest neighbours etc.


Learn more about this Machine Learning project

2. Fraud detection using machine learning: In this ML project, you will be developing a model which can detect online credit card frauds and spam calls with the help of python language. This type of project would definitely be useful for you’ll these days! Don’t you think so?


Click here to get more details

3. Wine quality Predictor: This machine learning project may surely grab an eye of many people (if you know what I mean, XD). In this project, you will be predicting the quality of wine with the help of regression models, data visualisations and a lot more!

Learn more about this project

4. Machine Learning using python

5. Handwritten digits recognition using machine learning

6. Bigmart sales prediction using Machine learning

7. Stock price prediction using machine learning

8. Iris flower classification using machine learning

9. Social Media sentiment analysis using twitter dataset

10. Walmart sales forecasting DIY project

11. MNIST handwritten digit classification

12. Human activity recognition model

I hope you got some useful information by reading this article. If you have any suggestion or queries let us know in the comments our expert will get back to you shortly.

Lastly, you can also get a few more machine learning projects here.

DIY Machine Learning projects with Python
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-08

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