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Best Capstone Project Topics on Machine Learning (ML)

In today’s world, change is a radical element to survive in this generation of modernization. Change most certainly prevails in every nook and corner of this world because of which we have to deal with a mighty task at hand and that is, to cope with change. So if you cannot cope or nearly touch the borderline of adaption, you might as well have to take a step back in this race or simply come up with a better alternative to escape the chaos. Nobody wants to do the latter, because you will need a whole new strategy, buy time and resources, and so forth.

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Machine learning is an innovative technology which teaches the machine(computer) on particular tasks using certain algorithms to make the process faster with minimal human intervention. In this article, we will also discuss some good capstone projects on machine learning.

As of today, every institution strives to sculpture young minds and activate their brainchild to achieve better results in context to development, research and strategy thinking. It might seem easy as pie to come up with ideas, but how and where we put in place these ideas are what will make a difference. It takes a lot, but if you’re wondering where and how to begin as scholars, building Capstone projects would be an ideal choice to make.

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What is a Capstone Project?

Usually, we see students exhibiting Capstone Projects during their final year of study. Also known as capstone assignments or capstone courses, it is that period of time where the student must devote 1 or 2 semesters in their final year where he/she spends time doing researches, gathering information and structuring into a research paper (can be involved) or a project idea by choosing one particular field of interest. These kind of assignments are the skills and knowledge gained throughout their years of study. We as humans are more of problems creators than solvers. And capstone courses will help you pave the way into a budding problem solver out of your own interests.

In this article, we will focus on capstone projects to one particular field that has been blooming and constantly on the run to expand, and that is Machine Learning.

Machine Learning is what we call as a relative to AI (Artificial Intelligence) and as the name suggests, it is a process of in-depth learning of computer systems and how they can work independently without much of human assistance or interventions, such as identifying patterns, completing tasks and so on. Now hold on to that as we get going with capstone project ideas on this domain.

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Good capstone project topics on Machine Learning

1. Fraud detection using Machine Learning

Credit card frauds are still on the rise day by day. Although there have been systems developed to detect such fraud transactions, the count doesn’t number down. If you think this is a project you’d like to work on, then maybe your skills and knowledge would finally bring about an optimal solution to this issue, never know.

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2. Recognition of Handwritten digits

How blown away would you be to find a non-humanoid structure who is able to figure out the numbers that are handwritten by you? Sounds pretty simple and amazing, but this capstone project requires a lot of data, intellect and time to devote. And about 2 semesters can surely give you all the ample time to spend on working on this project. Once you understand how you’ve been able to implement Machine Learning into this capstone project, you will know how systems or cameras can identify numbers on a number plate, numbers on a bank check etc., since these systems use the same concept.

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3. Recognizing duplicate images

Most of the time, people end up finding pictures from Google, because there’s a ton of variety. But in that variety, there might be several other tons of pictures that are duplicates- could be because they were cropped, resized, or watermarked etc. One such solution to recognizing such images would be to train a system to identify duplicates, keeping the originals untouched. This way, your system can save up on space and also keep the originals intact so you can have your own additions to them.

4. Damaged Photo restoration

We all know how well we’ve been protecting our planet to an extent where there has been tremendous climate changes and an increase in temperatures that obviously seem impossible to revert. Photographs are one of the victims to these changes and they eventually lose their vibrancy and colour. For instance, even if water comes in contact with pictures, they can easily get inked off and you cannot really cherish dull old memories. One thing you could possibly do is to have a system that you can train to perform network mapping tasks to retrieve original pictures by restoring their colour channels. Guess you can finally cherish those old memories!

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5. Music recommendation

Now, this is an interesting topic you can work on. I mean, who doesn’t love music? Presuming you love music as much as I do, I think you will love working on this capstone project because you will learn so much on how your system will recommend you songs based on your taste and playlists that are on repeat. This kind of concept is applied for movie recommendations as well, so sit back and pick a direction.

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6. Social Sentiments Analysis

This capstone project is a huge deal in the social media market. Right from platforms like Instagram, that is currently gushing with every human’s opinions and emotions, sentiment analysis plays a very significant role to dealers, marketers, influencers of brands and other marketing ways. With the help of Natural Language Processing (NLP), you will learn how a system helps brand reputations and keeps the business running on these social platforms. This machine learning project is more inclined towards data mining and analyzes consumer opinions to generate accurate results.

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Also, check out the below list for more capstone projects:

The ocean is vast, and so is Machine Learning. There is still a lot of blooming in this field of tech that is hard to wipe out anytime soon. If you’re looking for similar projects to work on, SkyFi knows how to surprise you. Also, if you run out of ideas for any project of any field of tech, we are always here to help you out.

Good Luck!

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Best Capstone Project Topics on Machine Learning (ML)
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2022-05-18

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