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Latest deep learning projects using Python


Hello, friends and dear co-enthusiasts of computer and technology, who are giving a read to this article! Today, we undoubtedly agree with the fact that this world is running on technology. And also, if there is anything that can run the world in the future and make man’s survival easy on the earth, it’s got to be technology! There is no other doubt or argument on that point.

So, one most of the important and exciting aspects in the field of technology we need to learn about is that of Deep Learning. It is one such aspect that helps you view technology from a different point of view. It seems like you are the architect behind any masterpiece, instead of being a meagre user of it! And we do it by using our very famous programming language, ‘Python’.

So, without any further delays, let’s discuss our topic today on what is deep learning and then go into other aspects like, “Is it possible to learn machine learning without Coding” and then finally, some exciting Deep learning projects using python!

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3. Machine Learning using Python

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7. Brain Tumor Detection using Deep Learning

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What is Deep Learning? What are some of its examples?

Basically, Deep learning is defined as a subset of Machine Learning (ML), in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), which has networks that are capable of learning unsupervised form of data that is unstructured or unlabelled. It basically functions like a human brain which is capable of processing data and making valid decisions. Also, learning is not only limited to supervised learning. Learning can also be semi-supervised or unsupervised.

If we come to the application point of view, deep learning teaches a  computer to function like a human brain and act naturally by learning from examples and experiences. So, here are some of its examples:

  • It is the key technology behind automated driverless cars by enabling them to recognize a stop sign or to distinguish between a pedestrian and a pole.
  • It is also the main reason behind voice control in devices like mobile phones, tablets, TV’s etc.
  • It helps in detecting fraud or money laundering
  • It also helps a computer model to perform various classification tasks from images, texts, sounds etc.

Above are only a few of the many important applications of deep learning! So, now do you understand, how important is deep learning?

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Latest projects on Machine Learning

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Why python?

Now, there may arise a doubt, as in, why are we choosing python as a programming language of all the available languages. So, given below are a few reasons!

  • Due to its learning ease and support availability
  • Due to its high speed & productivity, although slower than languages like C & C++.
  • It is a User-friendly for studies in data structures and some aspects of data science and also very useful in practical based applications with relevant case studies.
  • Popular use in machine learning, in-fact, machine learning with python certificate provides the learners with the best combinations and theory which is very much helpful in this field!
  • Due to its Presence of third-party modules
  • Another factor is due to its Extensive support libraries, and finally,
  • It is an Open source software and used in community to develop other software like ROS (robot operating systems)

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Can I learn machine learning without coding?

So here comes one of the most controversial questions, is learning Machine learning possible without coding?

Well, the answer is, it is not always necessary to learn to code for learning machine learning but, it is recommended. It is just like this example, if at all you are working as a military officer, it may not be important for you to focus much on knowing about the working of missile systems or weapon mechanisms, but there is no harm at all if you have knowledge about that, as it would help you to work in sync with the weapon you are using and in-case there is any problem with the weapon, who knows, you yourself can figure it out!

So, similarly, Machine learning is not entirely coding, not at all! Without coding, you can be able to do stuff like analysing data, get an inference on it, implement high-performance versions of commonly used algorithms & maintaining and developing ML frameworks and libraries! And frankly speaking, it involves more math skills thanks coding, but ultimately, a lack of coding knowledge would lead you to just stop until a certain level, like just choosing a particular model for a particular problem, but in order to get involved in the application part of it and for getting into the so-called spirit of learning, it is recommended to learn coding!

Well, coding isn’t that tough after all, is it?

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Latest deep learning projects using python

So, here we come to one of the most exciting aspects of the article, which is about projects! It is understood that theory alone doesn’t help you to know a lot about tech-based subjects like Deep learning, so here are a few projects by Skyfi Labs, which are useful to develop your skills:

1. Fraud detection using deep learning: As the name suggests, in this deep learning project you will be using aspects of deep learning to analyse the user’s past bank data and indicate if at all the user had any history of fraud credit card transactions! Sounds interesting right! You will also be learning about aspects like Gaussian Naive Bayes Algorithm Confusion Matrix.


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2. Brain Tumor detection using deep learning: In this deep learning project, you will be learning to create deep neural networks to predict brain tumours with the help of Machine learning, Deep learning principles & software like TensorFlow & KERAS.

Explore more about this deep learning project

3. Movie recommendation deep learning project: In this deep learning project, as the name suggests, you will be giving the system the ability to recommend what movies to watch and what titles to be named based on user’s previous browsing history! You will be using deep learning, mean squared error functions, update functions among other functions in order to achieve this.


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4. Machine Learning using python: In this machine learning project, you will use boston house price dataset to predict the house prices of the boston area based on the given input. You will train the model to predict the house prices.


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Check out the following link for more exciting deep learning projects:

For more exciting projects, refer to this link

So, just realising the fact that technology is something in demand in the present as well as in the future does not actually help us in any way. Would it?  So, the only way we can make the best use of technology is by learning as many aspects as possible from this domain and making use of that knowledge by applying it in real life situations to make a man’s life easy! And by doing so, you earn a lot of money as well, isn’t it?

Try all the above-mentioned projects and comment your thoughts below.

Latest deep learning projects using Python
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-17

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