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Good major project topics on Machine Learning


Many students have been involving themselves in the field of data science. Many universities have also started to introduce their students to the new-found technology. The most interesting thing about these concepts is that they are inspired by our daily life problems. The problems like establishing differences between a set of data and calculating the probabilities of an event to occur.

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2. Fraud Detection using Machine Learning

3. Machine Learning using Python

4. Movie Recommendation using ML

5. Handwritten Digits Recognition using ML

6. Machine Learning Training & Internship

7. Brain Tumor Detection using Deep Learning

There are various projects that could be taken over as a practice for the course or even to increase the probability of your selection in various industries. The conceptual knowledge and the hands-on experience of the two of the most upcoming technologies, help to furnish your skill sets.

All of the programs use what we have to be called the database. A lot of data is fed into the program and just like a child, it learns from it. Then the user gives some commands to tell the program what it is supposed to do. The program does that and all we have to do is to sit and wait for the results. Many projects have been discussed ahead including movie and music recommendations and recognising emotions from the messages received on social media.

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How do I choose a machine learning project?

Before starting with any project, one needs to keep something in mind. The concept of machine learning is very simple but it takes time to develop the required prerequisite skill sets to take up any project no matter how simple it may seem. The learning of the concept can be done through any online sources. Once you learn the very basic theory, it will be very easy for you to learn the rest of the things. The following steps can be followed to pick up a good project:

  1. The most important prerequisite is a programming language, Python. There is only one way you can start with the project. Python is the sole of machine learning. All the programs are written in this language and one can not get away with it.
  2. Along with this, many other sources provide courses that introduce you to the basics of machine learning. Many universities offer courses and also help them to provide hands-on experience.
  3. Choose the topic. Now you have two choices, you may choose any topic for the project online and help yourself with those sources. Otherwise, you can build your own problem and write a solution for it on your own.

With these simple steps, you are good to go.

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Latest projects on Machine Learning

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What is Machine Learning with example?

One of the most interesting examples of machine learning is image recognition.  When you scan a QR code, the program runs where your system recognises the information stored as an encrypted code in the QR image. The digital image processing techniques tell what image is stored. This is done when the program runs through all the pixels and mark the intensities of the colour and judge which part of the spectrum it falls in.

The other example considered can be Speech Recognition. This is the most trending technology. From your mobile devices to your computers this feature recognises your voice and acknowledges that it is you who is speaking.

Every machine learning application requires a large database to be stored in the system before the system could start running the program. The program first feds itself with the data and learns from it. It then recognises the pattern and develops the output just like a magic trick.

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Is Python really that important?

Of course, you can’t start machine learning projects without knowing python. The various programs in machine learning are only written in one programming language, Python. Previously, many programming languages have sought their way out in the world of programming. But lately, many programmers prefer Python as a programming language that they might want to work in. Having said this, Python is the stepping stone towards learning Machine Learning.

Good major project topics on Machine Learning

There are so many sources available over the internet that teaches the students about the concepts of machine learning and at the same time gives them a hands-on experience. The students should not restrict themselves to these topics available online, but they should push themselves to figure out a way to solve their daily life problems. Some of the projects the students can take up are:

1. Fraud detection using machine learning: Fraud detection is one of the most important concepts which tries to improve the efficiency of the programs. The credit card frauds have been increasing a lot and this is how your knowledge can help to support the security systems. In this machine learning project, the students will get hands-on experience and will be learning new algorithms like Mean Squared Error Function, Linear Regression & its types, Gaussian Naive Bayes Algorithm and Confusion Matrix.

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2. Movie recommendation using machine learning: We all use online streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hotstar that recommend us the movie and help us the time wondering what to watch. Now, ML is aggressively used to judge for the movie or tv series recommendations. The program feds itself with the data of the people which tells what the person usually prefers to watch. In this major machine learning project, you will get to know the concept behind this technology.

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3. Handwritten digits recognition using machine learning: This machine learning project learns through a lot of data and recognises the data that the user puts in the program as inputs. The system differentiates the huge set of data into groups and then recognises the numbers in just a few seconds.

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4. Music recommendation using machine learning: Music recommendations are very similar to the movie recommendations including very basic concepts like Data Segmentation and Neural Networks. The students will love the course as they will literally see how the basic theoretical concepts take shape as a new service in front of your eyes.

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5. Social Media Sentiment Analysis: The social media floods your timeline with hundreds of emotions. This major machine learning project will tell you what emotion you must infer from the message. This social media project too learns from the twitter messages and records the emotions behind the messages.

To get more major projects related to machine learning check out the following list:

The age of technology has come so far that everything you imagine, can be put in fronts of you like a product or a service. The fields of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the subparts of one cloud Data Science. Data Science is the field of science where the data is studied, interpreted and represented in order to develop the areas that we work in. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence have been the prime targets of so many aspirants who want to start their career in software and computing.

These are the new courses that have recently been developed but are taking over the fields of technology at such a pace that no one could have ever imagine. The things which are very basic to the things which have been most crucial to economy and sciences. Today almost every work is maintained by these prime movers.

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Good major project topics on Machine Learning
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