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DIY mobile app development projects for beginners

Thousands of your works get done with a simple use of applications present in your mobile/ PC/ tablet or any electronic device. It’s amazing to even just visualize how these work. Well, an application can just be simple or it can be even dynamic, involving user’s inputs and other complexities. But the basic aim of every application remains the same; to ease peoples’ burden and to provide them with facilities anywhere and anytime. Several apps have been developed that just prove how useful it is to get your task done at the blink of an eye. 

For people who are interested in and are beginners in coding, web development or so to say mobile app development would have surely wondered at least once about what actually goes into the making of a mobile app. What language is the most popular? What is the basic structure to build any application and many others? For all of such questions, we have a compact, concise answer bundled here that will surely satisfy your curiosity. Now that you would have got an idea of what this article focuses on, let us also dive a bit deeper and explore some of the astounding DIY mobile app development projects that lie in our way.

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1. Android App development using Android Studio

2. Mobile App development using Flutter

What is meant by mobile app development?

For those who are complete beginners in this field, you need not worry as we will in this article, go step by step to make you thorough about what mobile app development revolves around.

Starting by understanding what the above question means, let me take an example. You might surely have used various applications for things like, education, health and fitness, sports, news, booking hotels, taxis, finding restaurants or way to your aunt’s house or any that you can think of right now. Now that you’ve used and known about such apps, the idea of how these work must have struck your mind. Just as using HTML we can create dynamic pages on our websites, making use of other mind-blowing languages lets us develop these apps as well.

To summarize in simple words, this process of developing a software application (like the ones stated above) for your mobiles to provide you with any sort of assistance is known as mobile app development. With each application comes to a unique feature that intends at giving you the best of benefits with minimal use of hardware and inputs. With the growing rise of mobile phones and related devices, the demand for applications and consequently app development has been increasing rapidly. Some applications where on one hand solely provide you with the best of advantage that it was designed for, on the other hand, some of them also let you communicate with other devices and hence people.

Having now known a basic idea of what it means, let’s go to the next section where we will get to know some of the software required in making them.

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Software used to develop mobile apps

Have a look at some amazing software that can be employed for mobile app development. For those who love coding, do check out some of them.

  1. Apple pie
  2. Flutter
  3. iBuild App
  4. Zoho Creator
  5. Mendix
  7. Mobile Roadie
  8. GoodBarber
  9. Bizness App
  10. Meteor
  11. Shoutem

These are some widely used Software that you can check out to build your own app with much ease.

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What are the steps to be followed?

We must have a brief overview of the steps that go into the making of any app. These steps are discussed below to provide you with a correct and systematic approach towards creating an app. Take a look:

Step 1: Setting a motive: Now, this is one of the obvious starting points but it is extremely crucial. A proper goal must be set before just starting up with the process. Apps are built to provide ease to a customer and they find it good if it succeeds in meeting their requirements. The objective behind building an app should be clear and definite and of course, aim at targeting a particular section of customers or in general at all. Unique ideas do not come immediately. It is also advisable that repeated ideas are not promoted so as to decrease the possibilities of people using it, because the competition is already huge out there.

Step 2: Laying out features and functions: After having set a goal, decide what the various functions are that your app is going to include. You can take inspiration from real-life incidences and as well take help from the internet. They not necessarily have to complex. Remember, simplicity is the best policy.

Step 3: Prepare Wireframes: Having your thoughts laid down in a structured format is what refers to “wireframing”. This step basically gives a rough idea as to how your app will look like and how it will function. Having a layout of your app whether visually or on a sheet is a must before you go the next step.

Step 4: Test your wireframes: After your layout is designed, do not forget to test it. Testing your wireframe gives you chances to fill the loopholes that might be interfering with the performance of the app.

Step 5: Select a language and go coding: As the name suggests, you need to pick up the right software and the corresponding language that is well suited to the chosen platform. For instance, for android app development, you will require Android Studio. For this, the languages needed are XML, Java, C++ etc.

Step 6: Build your own app: It is finally time to create your own desired app that you’ve been longing for. While selecting the right database plays an important role, other factors like speed, accuracy, efficiency, size and scalability are significant too.

Step 7: Testing and Launching: Testing the final app gives you an outlook on how customers are going to perceive it. Multiple testing ensures that you have no fallacy present. Now that you’re done after such hard work, sit and relax as it is now time for you to launch your amazing app.

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DIY mobile app development projects for beginners

Below mentioned are some extremely cool DIY mobile app development projects presented by Sky-fi Labs that you should definitely look up to be a part of in order to get a thorough knowledge of the field.

  1. Simple calculator
  2. Women safety mobile application
  3. Song detector android application
  4. Snake game android app
  5. E-learning android application
  6. Automatic brightness control mobile application
  7. Development of an application to control home appliances
  8. Vehicle speed tracking android application
  9. Tourist guide mobile application
  10. Android voting system
  11. Android-based attendance system for students

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How to learn mobile app development?

As a beginner to mobile app development, it will be difficult to understand some app development concepts initially. To overcome this you can enrol for an online course and learn the mobile app development directly from experts. 

1. Android App Development using Android Studio: In this online course, you will understand the concepts of app development with Android Studio. You will learn how to integrate firebase services in the android app, learn to work with the authentication process using firebase like signup, login, password and OTP login. You will also learn how to work with a firebase real-time database to read, write, update and delete operations. Based on all these you will build 3 different projects using Android Studio.

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2. Mobile App Development using Flutter: In this app development online course, you will understand the concepts of app development with Flutter. Learning how to build various apps from scratch and how to work with Flutter for authentication activities will be a part too. Dart programming language is used in the course.

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3. Augmented Reality for Beginners: This online course teaches you the basics of Augmented Reality (AR) by making you work with industry-wide used tools like Unity and Vuforia. You will learn the difference between AR, VR, MR and their applications. You will also learn the concepts of Game Development and AR to build various projects like Smart Business Card, Vuforia Cloud Recognition app and in the end, you will also build a simple game as part of this course.

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4. Game Development using Augmented Reality: Much similar to the above project but in addition, you will also learn some advanced concepts like Dynamic Mapping, Pose Estimation and creating Smart Terrain for your AR Game.

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DIY mobile app development projects for beginners
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