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Flutter Tutorial for Beginners to Build an App


The digital world is subjected to changes. As we speak now, there would be multiple innovations and ideas are germinated. Technology makes our lives easy and comfortable. We automatically seek the easiest way possible in doing everything. One of the toughest and most time-consuming jobs is mobile application development. Since there are different platforms in mobiles, it is even more difficult to develop and release an application on several platforms. Flutter is the most useful and the only go-to option when it comes to developing an application which can be used in both Android and iOS. Let us hop right into the article to know about Flutter, its benefits and limitations, the popular applications that are built using Flutter and online Flutter tutorial to develop an app. 

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What is Flutter?

Flutter is an open-source software developing kit to develop mobile applications. The applications that are built using Flutter are supported in both Android and iOS platforms. This allows you to use minimal codebase to develop an application for both the platforms. It allows us to build native apps using the Dart language. The Dart language is easy to learn and this creates a lot of versatility to the Flutter platform. 

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Is Flutter good for App Development?

To decide whether something is good or not, it is always wise to analyze its usages and compare the advantages and disadvantages. Let us dive in further to know how Flutter is useful and its advantages.

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  • Saves your Time & Dime: Flutter is cross-platform development. As it is already mentioned, it allows the same code base to develop an application which can be used in both Android and iOS platforms. It saves a lot of time, energy, money and resources in the process of developing an app.
  • Swift Development: One of the attractive things about Flutter is hot reload. It allows viewing any changes in the code immediately on hardware, simulators, and emulators. It also allows you to fix any bugs easily and the app can be started as if there were no errors before. This is a huge benefit for the developers and need not waste time in restarting the app. 
  • Dart: The other huge advantage is, Flutter uses the Dart language. It has a huge widgets library when you need a widget or two. It is also useful in extending the capabilities of the app with a repository of software packages. 
  • Stellar Performance: The reasons behind its exquisite performance is having the Dart, and the other reason is it has its own widgets. This creates no reason to seek OEM access. This, in turn, lessens the communication between the app and the platform. 
  • Compatibility: The other advantage of having its own widgets is that the developer need not worry about testing the app on older versions of any Operating Systems. Also, it is a relief that it is trusted to use in the future OS versions. 
  • Official Support: As Flutter is an initiative from one of the large firms, Google, you can always seek the required resources and help from the huge team of developers in the field. Nevertheless, both the Dart and Flutter are free sources to use. 

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As this type of framework is new and still in the developing process, it does have a few flaws. 

  • Limited Libraries: As Flutter is relatively new to the field, there are not many libraries to explain each and every function. On the other hand, the native apps have all the library selections. With Flutter, being the newbie, developers need to create libraries on their own. 
  • Limited to Mobiles: Flutter is exclusive for mobile applications. It is not supported in any web browsers. It may not be your preference if you seek for the device flexibility. 
  • No TV Support: Even though Flutter is used in both Android and iOS platforms, it is not supported in Android TV or Apple TV. 

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What apps are built with Flutter?

Since its release in 2018 by Google, several apps are built using Flutter. Here are a few apps made with Flutter:


  • Google Ads - app for managing advertisements
  • App Tree - enterprise app client


  • Xianyu - an Alibaba product for carrying out e-commerce
  • HuYu - app for paid surveys and rewards

Health & Fitness

  • Watermaniac - app to track the drinking water
  • Reflectly - mindfulness app

Social Networking

  • KlasterMe - app for content creation and discovery
  • in10 - RSVP & ETA tracking app
  • n8 - app for finding events

Photo & Video

  • PostMuse - app for editing photos and Instagram stories

Flutter Tutorial for Beginners to Build an App

This online tutorial will enable you to learn how to develop an app using Flutter technology. As Flutter is a cross-platform kit, it would be the right choice of learning it. You will also learn to build applications from very basics and the knowledge to work with Flutter for authentication activities. Also, you will get to learn the Dart programming language which is mainly used in the Flutter tool to develop applications which are supported in both Android and iOS platforms. Thus you will practically learn about Dart programming language, Authentication processes using Flutter, building apps with state, Flutter navigation, Networking with Flutter, State management, and eventually, launching the app on Playstore. 

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As Flutter has become a versatile software development kit in the app development industry, it is necessary to keep updated and acquainted with emerging and new technologies. Skyfi Labs provides the platform to learn new technologies and software development kits like Flutter through the online tutorial. The online tutorials are created by experts in the respective field. You can get to clarify all the doubts in 1-1 sessions with the trainers. Learn new technologies to earn and build your career. Please do leave your queries as a comment below. 

Flutter Tutorial for Beginners to Build an App
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-08

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