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Top 7 Mobile App Development Projects

Android is everywhere! Since it is induction Android is widely accepted by most of the people around the world because of its simple user interface and easy integration with devices.

Also, Android is an open-source platform which supports everyone to develop an application and upload to Google Play Store. Because of its wide range of applications developing an android app as a final year project or mini-project during your academics will help you to gain knowledge on android app development.

In this post, to help the engineering students we came up with some innovative android projects and app development projects which will be very useful and interesting.

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1. Android App development using Android Studio

2. Mobile App development using Flutter

What is required for Android App development?

To develop an android application various tools are used. Android App can be developed on a Linux system, Windows PC or using a MAC computer. You will also need an emulator to test the developed android application but it is necessary to perform a test on a real device as well. Following are some of the required tools and programming languages for android app development:

JAVA - The first thing you need to learn is java because JAVA is the building block of Android development. It is also one of the popular programming languages among mobile app developers. Also, it is the official language for android development.

Kotlin - It is a cross-platform programming language which can be used as an alternative to JAVA. Including JAVA, Kotlin is also the official android development language. Kotlin is mostly used by beginners who are stepping into mobile app development this is because of its simplicity over JAVA. Kotlin powers a wide range of applications that run on OS like iOS, Android and JAVA.

Android Studio - It is the official IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for Android app development. With the help of Android studio, developers write code and assemble apps using different libraries and packages. It also has features like an inbuilt emulator, real-time analyser, intelligent code editor, flexible build system, etc.

Eclipse - Eclipse IDE has been there for a long time before Android Studio. Most of the App developers prefer Eclipse over android studio because of its unique features like easy navigation and can be extended to other languages with the help of plugins.

Android SDK - Google releases SDK with every new version of Android which helps developers to develop applications smoothly for that particular Android version. To develop applications SDK is installed on IDE like NetBeans, Eclipse, IntelliJ, etc. But you can also write programs only with SDK using command prompt without the help of IDE.

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Advantages of Android app development

Android is free - From the SDK to IDE everything is available for free which makes the developers create and release the app without any licensing cost.

Open-source - This attracts most of the gadget makers towards android that is why from fitness bands to televisions runs on android. Also android has a separate community where you can get the source code and the developers interact with each other to create solutions for the various available problems.

Faster deployment - Android IDE paves the way for faster deployment of an app with the help of various tools. This helps the companies to quickly launch the application into the market.

Customization - Android opens its gate for the developers to show their creativity by providing all the customizations.

Multiple platforms - Since android is built on the Linux platform it can be easily ported to other operating systems like Symbian, Ubuntu, windows, etc.

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Latest Android App development projects for engineering students

I hope now you got a basic understanding of android app development. Let’s look into some android app development projects.

Nowadays students also start showing interest in building android projects during their academics because of its wide utilization in smartphones and other gadgets.

Below is the list of latest android app development projects that are easy to learn and build.

1. Android App development using Android Studio: In future, the usage of android is going to increase as more advanced smartphones are launched into the market. This app development project will help to learn various concepts of android and let you build 3 different projects using the Android studio. As part of this project, you will learn JAVA basics, how to launch an app on play store, integration of firebase with android app, etc.

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2. Mobile App Development using Flutter: If you look into the world of mobile app development there are two giants iOS and Android. iOS uses swift and Android uses Kotlin. What if I say you can develop various applications for different platforms using a single programming language. Nowadays there are three solutions (flutter, Xamarin, react-native) for cross-platform mobile app development that supports both iOS and Android. This App development project helps you to develop various android projects with the help of Dart programming language from basics.

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3. Smart home controller Android application: In homes, electricity is wasted due to the forgetfulness of the people. The advancement in IoT and embedded technologies paved a way to save electricity in a smarter way. In this App development project, you will develop an android application which you can use to control the home appliances like fan, light, television, AC, etc. to turn on/off remotely. You will develop an API which can be installed on an android device to control the home appliances by communicating with the server.

4. Simple Calendar android application: Calendars are used in our day to day life to create a schedule or to make a plan for various events. This android app development project lets you build an easy-to-use calendar android app using Kotlin programming language. As part of this android project, you will learn a new programming language that is used to develop android apps and also to create a custom desktop widget for android.

5. Multiple Alarm clock android project: Alarm helps you to wake up in the morning on time which makes you complete the tasks of the day. This android app development project helps you to build a simple alarm clock application using Android studio.

6. Prescription viewer android application for doctors: Only the pharmacist can able to understand the doctor’s prescription. Because of the consumption of wrong medicines leads to dangerous health issues. To overcome these confusions in this android app development project, you will learn to develop an android application where the doctors can enter the patient details about the treatment, drugs to consume and dosage of drugs. Then, the pharmacist can retrieve the details using the same app to provide the appropriate medicines.

7. Song recognition android app development project: Ever wondered how the apps like Shazam, SoundHound works. In this app development project, you will develop an android application similar to Shazam. First, the android app will record the song and creates a spectrogram out of it, then compares with the song database and gives you the result.

Explore more android app projects

Check out the following list for more android app development projects:

  • Hospital management system
  • E-commerce shopping app development project
  • Student management system using android
  • Smart parking android app project
  • Women safety app android project
  • Restaurant management system using Android
  • Phone book using Android
  • Railway ticketing system android app project
  • Personalized mobile search engine
  • Coronavirus tracker android application
  • OCR android application
  • Trip planner android app project
  • Simple Quiz app using android
  • Assignment sharing app development project
  • Expense tracker android project
  • Simple calculator android app
  • Vehicle tracking android application
  • Bicycle rental application
  • Android book store project
  • Android application to control toy cars
  • Diet planning android application
  • Movie recommending android app project
  • Grocery planner android application

Explore more android app projects

Initially, some students might face difficulties in learning android programming languages and android concepts. They can actually sign up for some android online courses to learn the basics before developing the actual project.

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Hope you got some good android projects from this post. Also, help us to expand this blog by sharing your ideas in the comment section.

Top 7 Mobile App Development Projects
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