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How to develop a simple mobile app using flutter?

If we look around technology has always gifted us with its invention. One of those is mobile also. But the main functions are performed by the mobile apps present in the mobile. There are different apps for a different purpose which made our life easier. There are apps which can help you in purchasing goods just by sitting at home, also you can see your relatives at far away through video calls. But many of you want to know how does this apps had been made of, that it works so nicely.

So, let’s learn about mobile apps.

Usually, there are many platforms which use different programming languages to develop an app like Android Studio uses Java and Kotlin, Flutter uses Dart etc. Apps can be of two types one is iOS another one is of Android. Flutter is one of the advanced application using the programming language Day, which develops both types of app, Android as well as IOS.

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1. Android App development using Android Studio

2. Mobile App development using Flutter

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What is flutter used for?

Usually, developers want their app to be well designed and run smoothly and have fast performance, without compromising the quality. Flutter is a Google mobile UI framework which helps developers to build native apps on both IOS and Android. As its core, it combines a high-performance graphics engine with the Dart programming language. In the development field, this programming language Dart provides full-time safety and start full hard reload to build high graphics apps with lots of works. As the graphics would look beautiful in any device either on android or on IOS. Apps and interfaces built with flutter are single code base put on directly to native apps on code, which uses GPU for high performance and can access the platforms such as API and services. In flutter, we don’t need to write different codes for different sections as in android for android apps or in IOS for IOS apps.

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Is flutter good for app development?

We had already discussed the features of flutter. But you might doubt whether it is good for app development or not.

So, now here I will discuss the advantages of flutter to prove it as a good option for app development.

Code runs faster: Flutter is very faster for mobile app development. Whenever we make any changes in coding, we can see the change in the app in a fraction of seconds, which is called Hot reload. Hot reload is needed by developers to improve the app features and check the effect on the spot.

One code for 2 different platforms: Generally, when we use other applications, we can cover only one platform like Android Studio can make apps for Android. But with flutter, developers can create 2 apps both for Android and iOS platform with just one codebase i.e. we can have the same app on two different platforms.

Faster apps: The app developed by flutter works very smoothly and faster. It does not hang while working.

High performance: There are many factors which affect the performance of an app including CPU usage, frame number per second, average response time, etc. Flutter gives a constant 60 fps, which is the rate at which the contemporary screen display a smooth and clear picture.

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How to learn to develop a simple app using flutter?

To know how we can develop I would suggest you watch tutorials video on YouTube or do online courses. As they will teach you from basic and also step by step that will help you to learn app development clearly. Also, it will clear your concepts nicely.

There are many courses available in Skyfi Labs. Here we will discuss each course in details.

Android App development using Android studio: This mobile app development course helps you to develop different mobile applications like simple calculator, online store, fitness app, social networking app, etc. As part of this mobile app development course, you will learn to work with the authentication processes. You will also learn the basics of JAVA from this online course.

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Mobile App development using flutter: In this flutter online course, you will learn the basic concepts of dart programming and develop various applications. As part of this online flutter course, you will learn the following things: launching an app on Playstore, state management, flutter navigation, building apps with state, authentication processes using flutter, etc.

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Skyfi Labs provide live classes from experts which will help you to learn directly from them and you will be able to interact with them and clear your doubts. Classes will be scheduled either in evening or weekends. They will teach you from basics so it will be comfortable to learn easily. You will also be provided with smart certificates which will help you in future. Also, the batch size will be small may be of 10 or below it, so that they can teach every student perfectly.

In the era of app development, flutter is the best-recommended app development UI framework. To learn more details about flutter, feel free to visit this link.

How to develop a simple mobile app using flutter?
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-13

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