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Engineering is one of the important educational fields which is the sole reason for the transformed world that we are living in. Mostly, the positive and benefitted transformation! Whenever there is a dire need for a change in the world, the change happens with the advent of technology and education. This technology has taken us to this long way of an easier lifestyle. Still, the modern-day problems need modern-day solutions. One of the stakes that we put up for ourselves is the overgrown population. This increased population needs a smart solution to cope up for future development. Also, rapid urbanization requires a smart solution to accomplish the needs of the people in a much easier way possible. This is where the need for the making of 'smart city' comes in. Smart Cities should be equipped with the recent technologies that should make the life of the people easier. Engineers play one of the important roles in building up a perfect smart city. Smart city-based projects are developed by the engineers to meet the urban livelihood of the urban people. Let's dive in to know more about the smart city and the smart city projects for engineering students.

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1. Home Automation using IoT

2. Smart Irrigation System

3. Smart Building using IoT

4. Smart Energy Meter using GSM

5. Solar & Smart Energy Systems

6. Automatic Solar Tracker

7. IoT using Arduino

8. GPS & GSM based Tracker

9. Smart Water Monitoring

10. Automated Street Lighting

11. Automated Railway Crossing

12. Smart Traffic Lighting System

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How to select a project topic?

Selecting a final year project would be like straying in a dense forest finding a way out. The final year project would be the gear for an engineering student to boost up his/her career even if they have below-average marks. Choosing the right project would provide them hands-on experience in a particular field which would gain them not only numerous job opportunities but also develop work field skills that are much wanted for an escalating career. So, let me provide a few tips on how to select a project topic. [Thank me later :-)]

  1. Area of Interest: You may have studied many subjects and learnt more technologies. But you may have an interest in a particular area of a subject. Choose your desired area and go on with your research. Do not pick an area which may look like an easy one (otherwise, it will sing TS's lyrics to you "coz, darling I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream";-p) or an area which is more common in developing.
  2. Solution: When you fix an area to take up on, research the problems that are prevailing which need to be rectified. Addressing the issues in your project will lead to good credibility that increases your reputation among the interviewers in a job fair.
  3. Scope: Select a topic that has a better future scope. The selected area must have an engagement with advanced sources and technologies. This may be helpful for your higher studies to broaden your research or it may even make your employer invest in your research for their research and development department.
  4. Guidance: You may get stuck on a particular process in your project at any time without knowing what to do next or how to proceed further. When you get the right guidance from the right resource person, you may even gather up loads of ideas for the project and your ideas diverge to take in many other ideas. You may get clarity in the research you are going to dive into.
  5. Useful Resources: Finding a good and a novel topic alone does not get you to an easy completion of the project. Your topic may need a wide variety of resources to carry out several tests and diagnosis. Seek for some resources like the college laboratories. You can even search for good and reliable online sources and tutorials. Skyfi Labs provides you with good project-based courses which are developed with the guidance of IIT technicians and experts from relevant areas.

Carefully follow the above-mentioned steps to select a valid topic that adds on to your future career purposes.

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What is a Smart City?

Everybody has their own perceptions of what the smart city is. The connotation of a smart city may differ from city to city and even country to country. It may depend upon the resources, development and lives of the residents. However, a smart city is developed with the latest technologies and data. These developments lead to the urban people's quality of life with various indicators such as health, transportation, safety, so on and so forth.

A smart city is an area which is developed through Information and Communication technology. These developments lead to the growth of urban services such as transportation, connectivity, utilities, energy and so on. As every expert defines a smart city with different definitions, the analyst of Gartner, Bettina Tratz-Ryan said, "Our definition of smart cities is around how you become efficient at optimizing certain technologies or operations or infrastructures. How you can start to share outcome or best practices with each other and generate not just best practices but generate citizen outcome or context. The contextual services where you don't only look at a citizen but you look at a person with individual needs or business groups with very specific needs. That constitutes a smart city."

The word 'smart' has become a trend now. But on a serious note, it has become more than a trend; this has become the means of our future. More smart city based projects are in dire need to develop the cities we are living in. Here are the list of smart city based projects from Skyfi Labs:

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Free Smart City-Based Project Ideas for Engineering Students:

1. Home Automation using IoT:


Automation is going to be everywhere in the near future. Controlling the electronics and everything through your smartphone is the trend. The Internet of Things makes it possible for us. Moreover, home automation is an important element in IoT. Every electronic product right from a bulb to the doors is automatically controlled by computers. This smart city project will help you understand this domain and a fair experience in IoT. This course will enable you to learn how to control all the home appliances using Bluetooth technology. Adding on to the list, you will also get to learn about the concepts and applications of IoT, Bluetooth communication and Arduino architecture and Programming.

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2. Smart Irrigation System:


IoT is the future. It is used to not only control our urban life but also used to change the flora and water systems that we use for our livelihood. Agriculture and Irrigation are important to survive and the right amount of care should be nurtured upon. Here comes the use of IoT to deliver the right amount of water at the right time. This smart city project lets you learn to build a perfect and smart irrigation system. You will get to learn to work with ESP-8266 Wi-fi module, Arduino board and soil moisture sensor.

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3. Smart Energy Meter using GSM:


If you are into energy efficiency systems, then this smart city project would be the right choice for you. This project enables you to develop a monitoring system for energy usage. It tracks the energy usage and sends status through SMS in customized time. Arduino development board is used as a processing unit.

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There are more other useful smart city-based projects available at Skyfi Labs. Other projects are:

Build the right smart city based final year project to boost up your career to another level. To get more ideas for smart city based engineering projects, click here. We, Skyfi Labs offer you the best Smart city based IoT projects with the advent expertise and knowledge of IIT technicians. To get to know more about the smart city based projects or any other queries regarding the projects or even if you find this article useful, please leave it as a comment below.

Free smart city based project ideas for engineering students
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