Good drone workshops for engineering students in India

Implementation of Drone Technology has created a ground-shaking impact into various fields in our industry. When Amazon used drones to deliver packages right at your doorstep and several other needs, this type of technology has doubled its folds in growth and development making drones even popular worldwide. According to reports, there are more than a million drone users in the USA alone. Due to its massive contribution to the industry, this field has been ever blooming and fascinating. So, it is very useful to learn about this technology. The best way to learn about this technology is by attending workshops and gaining hands-on experience. In this, article we will discuss good drone workshops that are conducted in India.

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Scope of Drone Technology

In India, the drone technology is of great help in public health, construction, delivery and so on. In previous years, India has made history by operating drones that cover up to two districts. So vast is this field in terms of contributing to the betterment of our communities, that there needs to be an urge of spark to be ignited in the young minds of today so that this technology can be developed further.

Several workshops were conducted around the country that will provide insights into innovating drone systems and expand its usage. It may not seem like everyone’s cup of tea into building and flying drones, but it sure will be everybody’s helping hand shortly when implemented to the ultimate.

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Drones are also known as UAVs. They come in various designs and purposes. Here are a few types of drones that you can look into:

  1. Multi-Rotor drones such as Tricopters and Quadcopters
  2. Single-Rotor such as helicopters
  3. Fixed-Wing and
  4. Fixed-Wing hybrid VTOL

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Good drone workshops for engineering students in India

Skyfi Labs provides different types of drone workshops across the country. Every workshop being conducted will make sure you cover up the basics so that it only gets better for you to dig deeper into coming up with mind-blowing ideas. Also, these workshops are conducted by the experts so you will gain most of the knowledge about drones out of the workshop. Here are a few drone workshops that can widen your range of selection in this field:

1. Sphere Drone Workshop

In this workshop, you will design and develop a sphere drone. Sphere drone can able to fly indoors without getting damaged. A spherical design seems quite typical yet fascinating because you will learn how this kind of structure gives you an amazing flying experience. You will also learn about the aerodynamics behind this structure and look for its applications in the industry. By applying basic principles of flying, control and stability, you will understand how various designs provide various results. By the end of this workshop, you will be able to design and fabricate your very own drone and give yourself practical insights.

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2. Quadrotor Workshop

Quadrotors, as the name plainly suggests, it makes use of 4 rotors in its design which is used to provide immense stability and speed. This kind of drone finds its application tremendously in the field of research, agriculture, surveys, etc. This is a design that is simple to look at, but outstanding in performance. This drone workshop will provide all that you need to build this UAV on your own.

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3. Drone with autopilot system

Drone with autopilot system

This drone workshop trains to learn how to build and fly autonomously and follow programmed routes. On developing your drone, you will have a live transmission system to the ground, a GPS, and an autopilot system which will get your drone working. Drones that work on autopilot system are very essential in various applications such as aerial photography, surveying, 3D mapping and imaging, etc. This workshop is pretty unique since it introduces you to Unmanned Aerial Vehicle technology and the components and sensors used to perform different maneuvers by implementing programs.

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There are quite some more useful workshops which you can consider attending to attain deeper insights on drone technology. Although this field is growing vastly on the run, there are obviously a few drawbacks and issues that are to be faced since some systems do not completely meet the requirements for one’s particular need. That is why the field of drone technology keeps growing and expanding, specifically in terms of innovation. Sooner or later, India will grow tremendously in the drone industry with the help of the fantastic minds of the youth of today. 

Also, you can have a look over the following drone projects

VTOL Drone

This drone is a combination of a multi-rotor and fixed-wing. By working on this drone project, you will understand the concepts behind VTOL (Vertical Take-off and Landing). Insights on the usage of two drone types implemented as a combination might as well double the information you take in. It has the advantage of both the fixed-wing and multi-copter i.e., flexibility and stability of a multi-copter and the speed and fuel efficiency of an airplane.

Hybrid Drone

In MIT, students built a specialized drone called the ‘hybrid drone’. This sounds about just the perfect combination to come up with a highly efficient drone system. In this drone setup, we make use of a DC generator which comprises of an IC engine which discharges and charges on its very own while the drone is in takeoff, mid-air or landing. Whenever the drone runs out of fuel, it is very convivial to have a refill made. Hybrid drones have been portrayed to be a blooming scope for the next-gen since this innovative system provides much efficiency.

Voice Controlled Drone

No matter how complex it may seem, if one is able to master the basics of a particular concept, it will be much simpler to come up with ideas and work on them. Similarly, as complex as the name suggests, a voice-controlled drone is simply a drone which response to user input i.e. voice commands. By just asking your drone to maneuver as per your command, one wouldn’t even require to master the skill of flying a drone because it is no doubt, a tough job to control your drone.

In this very interesting drone project, you will understand how a drone can respond to user input by giving voice commands and how the system works using microcontrollers and Bluetooth modules that are inter-connected during the buildup. We also make use of ground telemetry that connects to your cellphone (any smartphone) which is used to transfer signals to the air module that is attached to the drone.

I hope you got some idea about drone workshops from this article. If you have any queries or suggestions, let us know in the comment section our experts will get back to you shortly.

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Good drone workshops for engineering students in India
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-09

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