The pledge that every engineering student should take this New Year!

With the New Year comes new opportunities and challenges, especially for an engineer as the recent advancement in technologies have opened up an entirely new dimension of possibilities. As the generation is fast forwarding itself towards automation, IOT, smart systems and devices, driverless cars etc. the dependence of humans on machines is decreasing and it is going to happen so fast that you need to make the leap of faith right now. Can you believe that the smartphone on which you are (most probably) reading this didn’t exist few years back and you can’t live a day without it today! That is the pace at which Engineers change the world.

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Long gone are the days where engineers are respected and valued for their grades. In this new era it is all about the ability of engineers to solve real-life problems and build new solutions to existing problems. This is not something that you learn by writing exams but it is all about the experience that you gain by building projects that actually work.

And while this opens up a lot of new opportunities for Engineers, students planning to follow the old career paths are going to face challenges.

"Technology and automation have been significantly minimizing the human intervention across industries and this would mean a reduction in fresher hiring in the country," said Saurabh Govil, senior vice president of human resources, at Wipro.

With the IT companies reducing their intake and top-ranked universities looking for more practical engineers, the race is going to be tough and only those engineers who have equipped themselves with practical knowledge can become successful. Practical Knowledge is not something that you can learn or prepare overnight. It comes with the practice of building projects from scratch and by making lots of mistakes while building them.

While it is common for a student to take a New Year pledge to study hard, that is no longer enough. In these times, the pledge of an Engineering Student should be the following:

  • Pledge yourself to not only prepare for marks but also to learn the concepts and apply them practically.
  • If you are a final year student, Pledge yourself to not to buy readymade projects from grey markets but to build projects from scratch and learn while building them.
  • Pledge yourself to not only build projects for grades but also to build projects that have an impact on your career.
  • Pledge yourself to become a real, productive and an effective engineer who can build things that work!

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If this is going to be your pledge for this new year, we at Skyfi Labs would love to be a part of it and help you become a true engineer. Our resolution is to help students achieve the objectives mentioned above. For this, we are continuously working to develop a number of project-based courses which emphasize on the learning outcome rather than just marks or grades. These courses come with a unique Learn-Do-Review methodology that ensures learning while building the project. Our certification with unique system generated number helps you showcase your learning to your prospective employers.

You can attend these courses online or at one of our classroom centers.

For an engineering student, what matters is his/her ability to ‘ENGINEEER’ things!

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The entire Skyfi labs team wishes you all the best this New Year and we hope you will exit this as a better engineer than now!

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The pledge that every engineering student should take this New Year!
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-17

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