Applied Automobile Engineering

India is one of the largest markets for automobiles in the world, and with a local production base that is estimated to exceed those of many other countries in the near future. The automobile Industry accounts for about 22% of the national manufacturing GDP. It is for this reason that a large workforce of skilled Engineers and technicians with practical knowledge of automotive systems is required, to cater for the growing market of the automobile industry not only in India but for the rest of the world.

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Ford Model
Amongst all inventions in 20th century, the automobile has been the most important one. It has surely transformed the way human society interacts and has introduced personal freedom to owners and designers alike. In early years, the Model T ford paved the way for mass production and ever since then, cars have become a daily part of society. Be it in remote villages or in bustling cities, cars are a sign of Human presence and simplify our lives a great deal. Over the years, the design of cars has improved dramatically from previous versions. Models have become more efficient whilst aiming to improve on safety and production cost. This is a result of continuous efforts from engineers and designers who are busy developing and testing new variations for automobile and related systems. Consequently, the average life cycle of a vehicle model is becoming much shorter than before.

Mahindra Reva
Another point to be noted is that all fossil fuel powered automobiles run on the same basic principles, although varying design-wise. On the other hand, eco-friendly cars attempt to consider environmental impact of exhaust fumes. They are thus gaining a large market in metropolitan cities such as Bangalore, which has seen a rise in Electric vehicles such as the Mahindra Reva amongst others. In fact, the demand for vehicles is ever increasing all around the World. Innovation in the field of automobile engineering is also keeping up with this rapid pace. Cars once seen only in sci-fi movies are slowly making their way into the market place and replacing older far less efficient versions.

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Automobile Engine
If you have ever wanted to join the automotive industry in its various stages, research and development, manufacturing or service sectors, then a practical insight into the workings of Vehicular systems can be very beneficial to your journey. Skyfi Labs, in its commitment to providing valuable practical workshops in the sphere of Engineering, has successfully introduced a course on automobile design and radio control car fabrication. This workshop comprises of the following two sessions:

The interactive lecture based presentation

Aero Dynamic Analysis Car
This will introduce participants to concepts in automobile design and Development. Here you will get insight and finally learn about the different components, their variations and uses in modern automobiles. This section will also give you an in depth understand of vehicle dynamics, structures and drivetrains and will be the starting point for the knowledge you will require to build your own prototype radio controlled car. In addition, various case studies will give you a real life perspective of automobile design.

Fabrication and Design

Rc Car
In this section of the workshop, participants will be given tools and equipment necessary to design and fabricate their own model automobiles with assistance from Skyfi Labs engineers. This section of the course gives a lot of freedom to participants to implement their own ideas in the fabrication of their specific drivetrains, power setups and other design parameters. All the equipment needed for the workshop will be provided and thus participants only need to bring with them a willingness to learn and transform their ideas into reality. Competitions and examinations will be conducted after the workshops to test whether students have applied the knowledge learned. Cars will be radio controlled and thus all aspects of their design will be tested at the end of the workshop to make sure such systems as suspension and steering systems are well implemented.

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Making of Glider
The workshop on RC cars will also shed some light on design criteria used in international student competitions such as SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) Baja. Baja is an international competition consisting of regional sub-competitions where college students have to design and build their own off-Road vehicles and race them against each other. It is held ever 3 Years and the Indian leg of the competition attracts more than 260 Colleges. The other competition popular in India is the Formula SAE, which tasks participants with design and fabrication of a racing type model. To help students interested in these competitions, the workshop includes case studies on automobile engineering that will come in handy for these competitions.

Furthermore, this Automobile Engineering course was designed taking into consideration standard best practices in the automobile manufacturing sector. As with all the offerings from Skyfi Labs, the radio controlled car workshop was developed in-house by experienced engineers and experts at the company’s R&D laboratory. All training aspects are rigorously tested and scrutinized to make sure that you as a student receive the most value and are able to stay up to track with emerging technologies in the field of automobile engineering.

You can do the RC Car project in AerotriX SummerTraining Program. Learn more at IC Engine and Automobile Prototyping

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Applied Automobile Engineering
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-07

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