Simple Mechanical engineering projects

It’s the 21st century and here we are, live in a digitized environment. Where ferries turned into motorboats, manual door to door delivery has been compromised by drones, and our simple desktops have turned into supercomputers, and thereby, we’ve indeed come a long way. A combination of various fields of engineering has made this world a better place. Advances have kept us awestruck to watch how things actually work. That’s when we have the mechanic’s domain coming into the picture. Admiring the beauty and brains behind the finest products in the market is much appealing to anyone who is looking forward to purchasing them. Unlike fields like Information Technology and Electronics, the Mechanical domain merrily establishes within itself a platform comprising of all fields of engineering so as to work on projects based on the ideas placed by a mechanical engineer.

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It is of utmost importance for students pursuing mechanical engineering to come up with definite and brilliant projects to help you delve deeper into this field. But there comes a concern about finances to be dealt with to build your project, and this would eventually lead you into thinking that the quality of your project will be compromised. But there’s no need to worry because you have come to the right place and are still reading this article.

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Here at SkyFi, we help shape the minds and pave the way for the budding youth of today. As you keep reading this blog post, you will come across project ideas you can choose from a very wide range. You won’t have to worry about compromising over the quality of your project because we will help you budget your finances as well as build solid projects by the time you reach graduation. It just takes a little brain to be fueled with simplistic and realistic ideas to bring them to reality.

This article will help you decide what topics you can choose depending on your interest. We suggest the best of ideas and have clustered them in this blog post so you will know that only are these project strategies simple and interesting, but they also help fit within your budget, so it becomes pocket-friendly.

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1. Automobile prototyping mechanical project


Building prototypes pushes you to step closer to bringing your project ideas into reality. Prototypes are nothing but the outcome from the knowledge of application you were able to seep in. They help test your abilities, expand your perspectives, and power you with more ideas which you can further implement. One such prototype you can build is that of an automobile. The automobile industry has immensely beautified concepts. With drastic changes being made every now and then, it is necessary to understand mechanisms to strengthen your basics and concepts. Building prototypes is the best way to do this. In this mechanical project, you will be creating your very own automobile prototype which you can control using a remote. Equipped with steering and suspension mechanisms, your prototype is as real as a real-time car or vehicle that is fully functioning.

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2. Automatic Solar Tracker


I’m sure we are all familiar with solar energy as a means of renewable source for energy. In this modern era, we find quite a lot of buildings, complexes as well as homes that make use of solar energy via solar panels on rooftops to power their systems and appliances for a certain amount of time. However, these panels are only aligned at fixed angles, thereby not providing a constant source of the sun’s energy. That is why automatic solar tracker sounds like a good solution to resolve this problem. In this mechanical project, you will be building a solar tracking system which aligns itself to the direction receiving maximum light intensity from the sun. With the help of LDR’s (Light Detecting Resistors) and microcontrollers which control the DC motors in the system, the device can automatically align itself towards the maximum intensity region of sunlight. This mechanical project is said to be 40% more efficient when compared to conventional methods of harnessing solar power.

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3. Voice-controlled robot


It’s fascinating how our smartphones and gadgets have assistants to help you out with anything, literally. Feeling bored? Alexa can ping you up. Forgot your wallet at the market? Why even worry when you have PayPal. It is advances like these that keep tech enthusiasts constantly keen and ever wondering as to what’s coming up next. An Alexa or a Siri seems to be the perfect example to prove that technology copes with the fast pacing advances. And that is why we think this mechanical project will widen your deal with respect to this. In this project, you will learn how to implement a concept known as speech recognition technology, which will help your robot understand human voice commands to perform a task. Your bot will be able to perform several sets of actions or tasks based on the kind of input is given. This project will also give you more insight into how robotics blooms in industries because of this very concept.

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4. CNC Machine using Arduino


Almost every component manufacturing industry makes use of CNC machines to fabricate error-free components. CNC, an abbreviate for Computer Numerical Control, takes in digitized input which processes information so that the machine can perform the desired set of instructions given to it. This mechanical project helps you exactly deal with this concept. In this project, using Arduino programming will help control your machine to perform actions such as milling, drilling, tooling, shaping and so on. You will also understand the concept of CNCs in a simpler and efficient manner.

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5. Animatronic Hand


This animatronic hand project will intrigue almost anyone looking forward to building a mechanical project. An animatronic hand is basically a robot that performs the same hand gestures like that of the user’s hand gestures. This type of concept finds its application in executing industrial tasks which a normal man cannot. There will be flux sensors in the glove of the user who wears it and based on the hand motions, the data is collected and processed via microcontrollers and the information that has been processed will be seen by the movement of the animatronic hand. This mechanical project offers great insights on robotics to students of not only the mechanical domain but also any other domain. 

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You can also refer to the following project topics:

There are a lot more topics that you can take a look at on our website. We not only offer you project ideas but also cater to providing project kits to help reduce the need to look out for resources. We hope you enjoyed reading this article just as much as I’ve written this, just for you.

Good luck!

Simple Mechanical engineering projects
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