What are the productive things for first-year students to do during their free time in college?

College education holds a vital place in shaping the career of the students. It is the stage where one has to be quite active and pragmatic to have a bright future. During the college years, there is a greater need on the part of students to analyse their weaknesses and strengths for successful planning. They should start working on several important aspects right from their first year of college. By learning several skills and making themselves more able, they can compete in their fields more strongly.

For the engineering students, they have to engage themselves in productive activities right from the first year. 

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What are the productive things for first-year students to do during their free time in college?

Here are some useful things for first-year college students to do in their free time.

  1. Extracurricular activities

This is quite needed as it keeps the students vibrant and develops necessary skills like working with a team, tolerance, leadership quality, managing diverse things etc.

Extra-Curricular activities like sports, music, dance, quiz and debate break the monotonous routine and provide a freshness to the students.

  1. Reading diverse topics

By going through the books having fiction, non-fiction, scientific materials, research papers, sports, and others they can use their free time in the best manner. They learn various kinds of things and it grooms their personality by making it multifaceted.

  1. Have a loyal friend circle

In college, friends are like our family members and at every stage, they remain with us. So, whether the time is good or bad these friends are there either to be part of our joy or to help in the time of crisis.

  1. Interact with teachers

Teachers are our mentors and we can get necessary inputs from them. They can guide us in a better manner and prevent us from any kind of deviation. Interacting with teachers also helps us in getting their recommendations in any project, internship, or interview.

  1. Part-time work

Although it depends upon some factors if college students find some productive work in their free time, then it can make them self dependent too much. They can learn the importance of earning and saving which is beneficial for them. It also eases the burden in the family if there is any financial problem.

  1. Joining an NGO or a club

By working with an NGO, one can get the experience of social issues prevailing and also learn the ways to resolve them. This makes them sensitive and efficient and prepares them for a bigger role in the future.

  1. Do exercises and learn martial arts

Keep yourself fit and strong to resist any unwanted gestures. You can also help others and go for high-level competition. A strong body helps you in tackling ailments. 

How can engineering students be successful?

For an engineering student of the first year, several things are to be followed to have an edge in their careers and emerge with grand success in the future

These are as follows :

  1. Grades are vital

Engineering is a competitive field and a huge no. of aspirants try to get high positions in their career. Grades matter during an interview, getting recommendations, obtaining a scholarship, and also for going abroad. So, keep yourself alert and focused to fetch high marks.

  1. Take part in carnivals, seminars and tech-fest

By taking part in these activities one can gather the best ideas and updated information about diverse fields. An active role can reflect the leadership qualities and learning ability of the students. These events provide a major platform to showcase talent and skills and enhance interaction among teachers and students.

  1. Get involved actively in diverse activities.

To get out of the monotony of daily lifestyle, enjoy free time in sports, tour, cultural performances, and others. It energizes them and makes them learn team hood.

  1. Go for internship

Internship helps in building an effective resume so as to have a greater chance of getting a high paying job. Students right from their first year should try to go for internships even if unpaid to get the much needed practical experience. Internships also support the students in moving abroad for higher studies.

  1. Be tolerant and helpful

Engineering students should adopt a flexible approach. They should not be aggressive and intolerant as these can be harmful and put an adverse impact on their careers. Ups and downs are common, arguments may arise but being helpful and friendly in approach can tackle any crisis peacefully and in a productive way.

  1. Learn language and communication skills

Learning a foreign language and better communication skills can give a boost to the career as they can present themselves more effectively during an interview and upgrade their CVs.


So, after an analysis of what to do and how to be during college life mainly for the students during the first year, we can undoubtedly say that the above-noted points are vital and must be adopted to have a successful career path of bright prospects.

Students must be careful, positive, smart in their attitude and approach, pragmatic and efficient during their college years.

There is a role of seniors, parents and teachers also in giving the desired shape to the futures of the students.

What are the productive things for first-year students to do during their free time in college?
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-04-02

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