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Good MATLAB Project Topics for Engineering Students


From quick calculations to complex engineering graphics, MATLAB has found its implementation everywhere. It is a software that is widely used across various domains for performing various reliable functions. MATLAB is often covered in engineering across different subjects like Calculus or Image Processing. Students often find the tool pretty intimidating and hence, they prefer not to pursue it. However, this software has a huge scope in the present world. Be it in the area of research, or different industries, it is used everywhere. So, it is extremely beneficial for an engineering student if he is good at it.

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What is MATLAB Software?

What is MATLAB Software?

MATLAB is a high-level language used to perform technical computations. It is used for various purposes like computation, visualization, etc. It provides a vast variety of tools to perform different functions. The scripting of the language is similar to that of C++, however, it uses mathematical notations to express problems and their solutions. MATLAB provides an easy and interactive environment for its users with a variety of easy to use functions. Some of the most common uses of MATLAB are:

  • Mathematical Computations
  • Algorithm development
  • Data visualization and simulation
  • Modeling and prototyping
  • Application and GUI Development

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How is MATLAB used for Image Processing?

MATLAB provides a tool called Image Processing Toolbox. This tool provides a variety of functions and algorithm which are used for Image Processing, analyzing and visualization. Some of the basic steps which are involved in most of the Image Processing tasks are:

  • Image Representation- When an image is added as an input to MATLAB it can be represented in five ways- Grayscale, Truecolor RGB, Indexed, Binary, and unit8. The image is represented in one of these ways as per the needs of the project. 
  • Image Pre-processing- The raw image is usually not used directly because it has a lot of noise and unwanted flaws. The image is processed with various filters to remove such noises and then get the processed image for the next step.
  • Image Analysis- This is the last step where the image is actually analyzed. Here, the image is processed to extract data or to perform functions as needed. Various techniques like Edge Detection, Image Segmentation, etc are used in this step to get the desired result. 

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Good MATLAB project topics for engineering students

1. Digital Extraction of Brain tumor from MRI using MATLAB

Medical Image Processing is a very challenging field and this MATLAB project is a chance for you to get hands-on experience on one such problem. This project will give you a chance to create an image processing system using MATLAB which detects brain tumors from MRI reports. As a part of this exciting project, you will learn and implement basic image processing concepts like noise removal functions, segmentation, and morphological operations.

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2. Identifying Vehicle Number plates using MATLAB

This is a widely used application of MATLAB and it will be a great chance for you to create one such system from scratch. Mostly such systems are used for surveillance to track unparked vehicles, or to track vehicles that broke the signal, to check whether a vehicle is authorized or not, etc. These automated systems use Character segmentation and Optical Character Recognition techniques to extract the vehicle’s plate number from the image.

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3. High-SpeedRailways Automation using MATLAB

This MATLAB project will combine the implementation of PID feedback controllers with fuzzy logic to create an automated rail-road transportation system. This system will automatically control its speed based on the PID feedback, and further use fuzzy control simulation to detect the train speed and avoid parking error. It’s a solution for efficient accident-free high-speed automated trains.   

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4. Face Recognition System using MATLAB

Facial Recognition is wide across various platforms for security processes. It is one of the most important applications of image processing. Many different algorithms can be used for facial recognition. MATLAB uses the Eigen Faces recognition method to perform the operation. This project will allow you to design your own facial recognition system from scratch which will use the stored images and try to detect the new images based on the known images using MATLAB.  

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5. Car Model in Simulink MATLAB

With the increasing complexity and sophistication of vehicles, the need for accuracy of the models has also increased. This project will allow creating a car model using Simulink/MATLAB. It will further help you understand the concepts behind vehicle designing, simulation and testing and the way it takes place in real-world scenarios. The simulation of such models also simplifies the real-life implementation of mechanical and electrical systems in the car.  

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6. MATLAB Simulation on Hydro-energy System

Hydroelectric systems convert mechanical energy into electrical energy using turbines. In this project, you can create a simulation of one such system using MATLAB/ Simulink. It will help you learn about different factors taken into consideration while creating this system like Bernoulli’s equation, volume-related flow rate, and theoretical power estimations. The mathematical model of different components is created and connected to get the final simulation.

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Apart from these projects, there are a couple of different projects that you can refer to:

  1. MATLAB Simulation of Heavy-duty Diesel Engine
  2. MATLAB Simulation on Solar energy System
  3. MATLAB Simulation on Wind Energy System
  4. Tool Life Determination using MATLAB

Hope you got some good MATLAB project ideas from this article. Let us know in the comments section how many of these projects you enjoyed.

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Good MATLAB Project Topics for Engineering Students
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