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From quick calculations to complex engineering graphics, MATLAB has found its implementation everywhere. It is software that is widely used across various domains for performing various reliable functions. MATLAB is often covered in engineering across different subjects like Calculus or Image Processing. Students often find the tool pretty intimidating and hence, they prefer not to pursue it. However, this software has a huge scope in the present world. Be it in the area of research, or different industries, it is used everywhere. So, it is extremely beneficial for an engineering student if he is good at it.

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What is MATLAB Software?

What is MATLAB Software?

MATLAB is a high-level language used to perform technical computations. It is used for various purposes like computation, visualization, etc. It provides a vast variety of tools to perform different functions. The scripting of the language is similar to that of C++, however, it uses mathematical notations to express problems and their solutions. MATLAB provides an easy and interactive environment for its users with a variety of easy to use functions. Some of the most common uses of MATLAB are:

  • Mathematical Computations
  • Algorithm development
  • Data visualization and simulation
  • Modeling and prototyping
  • Application and GUI Development

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Latest projects on MATLAB

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MATLAB is good for which engineering branch?

As we enter college, we come to know that engineering degree is not only about studying the syllabus of the college, but its more about learning and developing skills like C, C++, Java, MATLAB and you name it!

This is a never-ending list!

But, As you finally decide to pursue a course you are stuck at another very important questions-Is this course important and beneficial for my Engineering Branch?

Oh! Did you felt relatable?

Well! Just because this is something every person thinks at least once before enrolling in any online course.

Talking about MATLAB, then my dear, it is a skill that is required in almost all branches of engineering like an electrical engineer takes the reading of instruments or motor speed, like a civil engineer needs to take the recording of measurement of the architectural creations, like the mechanical engineers go for jotting down the value of vibrations, etc. likewise MATLAB is highly and regularly used for data collection and acquisition. So, Irrespective of your branch is always a plus point to have command of this language.

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Advantages of learning MATLAB

1. Platform independence: Just like java, MATLAB is also a platform-independent language, which means it is supported by different computer platforms like Linux/XP/Windows 2000, etc. that means we can make its program on any platform and can run on some other.

2. Pre-defined functions: How good it is when you get things done in "pre", it makes your "post" works faster!

Well, MATLAB comes with a large library, carrying a large number of pre-defined classes, that are tested and said to be solutions to many primary technical tasks.

3. Device independent plotting with the graphical user interface: Loaded with many imaging and plotting commands, MATLAB contains tools that allow a programmer to design the Graphical User Interface and the best thing is that the pictures and plots can be displayed on any graphical output.

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Latest Good MATLAB mini projects for engineering students

Now, let us come to the main topic!

Yes, the discussion of some latest MATLAB Mini Projects or say Mechanical MATLAB mini projects!

1. MATLAB for engineers:

Starting with the first project in this category, MATLAB for engineers is the project that contains everything you should know about MATLAB from scratch.

This course will upgrade your knowledge about model-based design, scripting, and simulating physical systems using Simscape.

Along with this, you will also learn about working on model-based designs and simulating physical models with the Simulink and Simscape.


Organizations like ISRO and NASA use MATLAB for technical computing.

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2. System dynamics using MATLAB

An approach to learn and understand the behaviour of complex systems' nonlinear behavior.

Over time using flows, internal feedback loops, time delays, and table functions are called System Dynamics and this is a course that will introduce you to MATLAB in the best possible way!

From what is MATLAB to creating mathematical models using MATLAB. This mini project gives you a wide range of opportunities which consists of working with hydraulic suspension, thermal system, dynamics, and control of the robotic arm.

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3. Transmission models using MATLAB

When something is transferred from one place to another its called Transmission. Yes! Absolutely like COVID-19 is getting transmitted from person to person! Keeping this aside.

Transmission models make this transmission possible by the use of a particular code, like in this mini project we will deal with MATLAB.

In this mini project, you will work on the various setups of power transmission and helicopter transmission. Not only this but you will also get to work on various transmission models for power transmission present in an internal combustion engine.

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4. Image processing using MATLAB

The process of making and processing digital images through a computer with the help of algorithms. The main uses and applications involve adjusting the contrast, brightness, resolution, sharpening, contouring, blurring, embossing, edge detection, etc.

The outputs of image processing are either an image or a set of parameters or characteristics related to the image. This is basically of two different types of analog image processing and digital image processing and no chemicals are used here for processing of the image. The main advantage of image processing is that it is very cost-effective and fast. This is the reason its beneficial to learn Image Processing.

In this MATLAB mini-project you will learn about Vehicle Detection, working with Image Processing Toolbox, Working with filters to make the image quality better, Car number plate detection with the working and Introduction of MATLAB.

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There is a total of 4 million users of MATLAB worldwide

5. Vehicle design using MATLAB

Vehicle Dynamics is basically about studying the reaction of the vehicle of various user inputs, this is based mainly on classical mechanics.

In this MATLAB mini-project, you will learn about the various features of MATLAB like model-based designs, like vehicle designing including a vehicle with a dual-clutch transmission, with four-wheel drive and introduction to Simulink.

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6. Digital Extraction of Brain tumor from MRI using MATLAB

Medical Image Processing is a very challenging field and this MATLAB project is a chance for you to get hands-on experience on one such problem. This project will give you a chance to create an image processing system using MATLAB which detects brain tumors from MRI reports. As a part of this exciting project, you will learn and implement basic image processing concepts like noise removal functions, segmentation, and morphological operations.

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7. Identifying Vehicle Number plates using MATLAB

This is a widely used application of MATLAB and it will be a great chance for you to create one such system from scratch. Mostly such systems are used for surveillance to track unparked vehicles, or to track vehicles that broke the signal, to check whether a vehicle is authorized or not, etc. These automated systems use Character segmentation and Optical Character Recognition techniques to extract the vehicle’s plate number from the image.

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8. High-SpeedRailways Automation using MATLAB

This MATLAB project will combine the implementation of PID feedback controllers with fuzzy logic to create an automated rail-road transportation system. This system will automatically control its speed based on the PID feedback, and further use fuzzy control simulation to detect the train speed and avoid parking error. It’s a solution for efficient accident-free high-speed automated trains.   

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9. Face Recognition System using MATLAB

Facial Recognition is wide across various platforms for security processes. It is one of the most important applications of image processing. Many different algorithms can be used for facial recognition. MATLAB uses the Eigen Faces recognition method to perform the operation. This project will allow you to design your own facial recognition system from scratch which will use the stored images and try to detect the new images based on the known images using MATLAB.  

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10. Car Model in Simulink MATLAB

With the increasing complexity and sophistication of vehicles, the need for accuracy of the models has also increased. This project will allow creating a car model using Simulink/MATLAB. It will further help you understand the concepts behind vehicle designing, simulation and testing and the way it takes place in real-world scenarios. The simulation of such models also simplifies the real-life implementation of mechanical and electrical systems in the car.  

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11. MATLAB Simulation on Hydro-energy System

Hydroelectric systems convert mechanical energy into electrical energy using turbines. In this project, you can create a simulation of one such system using MATLAB/ Simulink. It will help you learn about different factors taken into consideration while creating this system like Bernoulli’s equation, volume-related flow rate, and theoretical power estimations. The mathematical model of different components is created and connected to get the final simulation.

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Apart from these projects, there are more different projects that you can refer to:

  1. MATLAB Simulation of Heavy-duty Diesel Engine
  2. MATLAB Simulation on Solar energy System
  3. MATLAB Simulation on Wind Energy System
  4. Tool Life Determination using MATLAB
  5. Car Model in ADAMS
  6. Vehicle counting for traffic management
  7. Buckling Load Analysis of Sigmoid Functionally Graded Timoshenko Beam on Pasternak Elastic Foundation
  8. Number Plate Scanner using MATLAB
  9. Signature detection using image processing and MATLAB
  10. Plotting real-time temperature using MATLAB
  11. Hybrid Vehicle design using MATLAB

How is MATLAB used for Image Processing?

MATLAB provides a tool called Image Processing Toolbox. This tool provides a variety of functions and algorithm which are used for Image Processing, analyzing and visualization. Some of the basic steps which are involved in most of the Image Processing tasks are:

  • Image Representation- When an image is added as an input to MATLAB it can be represented in five ways- Grayscale, Truecolor RGB, Indexed, Binary, and unit8. The image is represented in one of these ways as per the needs of the project. 
  • Image Pre-processing- The raw image is usually not used directly because it has a lot of noise and unwanted flaws. The image is processed with various filters to remove such noises and then get the processed image for the next step.
  • Image Analysis- This is the last step where the image is actually analyzed. Here, the image is processed to extract data or to perform functions as needed. Various techniques like Edge Detection, Image Segmentation, etc are used in this step to get the desired result. 

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Hope you got some good MATLAB project ideas from this article. Let us know in the comments section how many of these projects you enjoyed.

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Top 6 MATLAB Project Ideas
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