Face Recognition System

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Face Recognition System
The security system currently become a very important issues and this is why lot of security have been used. One of the security system Face recognition example process that improves the security application. Face Recognition Using Advantage instead of other identification process such as fingerprint, password enter, fid reader and tag these efficient but misuse can be more applicable.

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Face Recognition starts by creating a new template based on the user interface, these template is compared with stored template on the database face stored information. Now the existing template and the stored template compares matches means it set a tolerance it gives the access to controller to open the door system.

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Many methods can be used for face recognition system one of the method is Eigen faces. The method applied when the images are projected onto a face space which defines as the variation of the known test images. Then the person identification is obtained from the known images and the new images compares on the screen it try get the matches of both images.

The Graphical User Interface algorithms, Eigen faces recognition method is built by using MATLAB Software.

The Microcontroller is used in this concept to control the operation of the external devices to control such the door Lock or Unlock. The Eigen face recognition is done on the software part the signal is sent through the MAX232 via RS232 cable to the PIC16F877A microcontroller then it access the Lock to Unlock the doors.

These Face Recognition System can be implemented BANKS, Personal LOCKERS in residual Home, Highly CONFIDENTIAL AREAS, the security is highly secured and the misuse can be totally avoided.

Project Description:

  1. PIC16F877A: The PIC16F877A features 256 bytes of EEPROM data memory,an lcd display port,2 comparator,8 channels of 10-bit Analog-to-Digital(A/D) converter,2 capture/compare/PWM functions,the synchronous serial port can be configured as either 3-wire Serial peripheral Interface or the 2-wire inter-integrated circuit(I2C) bus and a Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter(USART).These features make it advanced level A/D applications.
  2. MATLAB:MATLAB is a high performance language for technical computing, it integrates computation,visualization, programming in an easy to use environment where problrms solutions are expressed in mathematical notation.
  3. MATLAB is short form of MATRIX Laboratory. It is the fourth generation programming language and multi-paradigm numerical computing environment, it allows matrix manipulations, functions and date plotting, algorithms implementation, user interface creation, interfacing with programs written in other languages including C, C++, Java, FORTRAN, etc.

    MATLAB is widely used in image processing, signal processing, academic and research institution as well a industrial enterprises. Another important point is that most of the MATLAB users came from various background like Science, Engineering... So the software come with more user friendly to interface and gives a very neat architecture to work on.

Project Implementation:

  1. By using the MATLAB Software the save the face on the database
  2. Project the new mage on the screen and it compares the faces .
  3. Faces Matches signal transmit to controller, Controller receives signal program, in that condition the door is UNLOCK, Can be added buzzer to the circuit to indicate While UNLOCK door

Software requirements:

  1. MPLAB X IDE: The MPLAB X IDE is the new graphical,integrated debugging tool set for all of Microchps's more than 8 bit,16 bit and 32 bit MCUs and digital signal controller,and memory devices.
  2. Programming language: Embedded C Language
  3. Proteus Design Software: The Proteus Design Suite is a software tool suite used for eletronic design automation even only sotware itself the output can be checked by the software and also electronic prints for manufactureing printed circuit boards.
  4. MATLAB Software
Kit required to develop Face Recognition System:
Technologies you will learn by working on Face Recognition System:

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