Car Model in Simulink MATLAB

This project will give good insights based on the car modeling part based on Simulink/ MATLAB and after designing this model we will be able to understand how vehicle design, simulation, and testing takes place in real-world scenario.

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With the rapid growth of the automotive industry, vehicles are becoming more complex and sophisticated. Today, Vehicle development involves the integration of both electrical and mechanical systems. Their design and production are typically time and cost critical. Simplify the process of vehicle development and design, the majority of the automotive industry use modeling and simulation for testing the Car models.

Accurate modeling of the kinematic and/or dynamics behaviors of a vehicle, are required to achieve reasonable simulation results. Heavy trucks and passenger cars have different engine characteristics. Thus, different vehicles react differently to the input signals, which could be from the human driver or automated functions. Besides, electric vehicles might have different characteristics. The goal is to have accurate modeling of different types of vehicles, which could be executed in real-time in existing tools such as Simulation in MATLAB/Simulink.

Project Requirements:

A good understanding of working of Simulink in MATLAB and basic parts of a vehicle system like steering, Wheels, Suspension, chassis, and brakes. The model overview is very simple there are 4 wheels in the system which are steered individually and each wheel is connected to suspension and a tire model. The suspension model is fairly simple, where one part of the vehicle’s mass is connected to a spring and damper. All these parts should work together to give an output as a working model of a car/vehicle

Project Description

  1. The mathematical model of the car in Simulink can be divided into various segments like forces and torques.
  2. The force and torque model will consist tire model and suspension model which are in turn connected to dynamics and position to give output as position or movement. The input will be fed to forces and torques as input signals.
  3. Tire modeling is based on the magic formula where coefficient’s like stiffness shape peak and curvature affect the properties of tyre. The best way is to neglect the influence of horizontal and vertical shift in tires and we can’t change camber angle in Simulink so set it zero.
  4. Suspension Model have equations which are not realistic for the Simulink model instead uses a simple one-dimensional suspension model is used which neglects the stiffness in tires.
  5. Linear Simulink model provides linmod and dlinmod which will extract linear models in form of state space matrices, but the model we designed is in the continuous time domain the command linmod will be used and if we were using the discrete model we will use command dlinmod.
  6. Once all these steps are done we have completed our design of Vehicle model in Simulink which is ready for different tests like yaw control, rolling motions etc.

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Software requirements:

  1. MATLAB: Works well in only Linux and Windows OS

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Car Model in Simulink MATLAB
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