Getting started with image processing MATLAB


Image processing is a technique by which we can manipulate the image taken by some camera. For example, the camera on your phone is able to tell your age and gender. This is all due to image processing applications. MATLAB gives an environment which helps us to create such projects. In this project, we will learn how to implement this technique. Google lens is one such example where the camera is able to give the name of the object which you are pointing at.

Image processing consists of a lot of applications such as Face recognition, object detection, code scanners, and many more. Image processing using the MATLAB can be done using two ways such as Editor Window or GUI. The code is entered in the MATLAB window editor and that code can be downloaded from the internet easily. The GUI gives a whole interface to work on the project.

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Project Implementation

There are a lot of operations which needs to be performed on the image such as:

  • Convert RGB to grayscale: - This means to convert all the color pixels of the picture into signals to let the computer read it.
  • Convert to Binary number: -This step consists of converting the image pixels into binary and comparing them with the whole set of data. The data compared will be then displayed on the screen on what type of object is it?
  • Reset to original image: -This step is required to revert back to the original image from any point of the process. The image is then can be used for further manipulation.
  • Plot image histogram: In this step, we will dram the histogram if the picture by representing where the density of the colors is most.
  • Edge detection: - This step is like the crop part where you set the boundary of the image to do the manipulation. The part can be then used for further processing.
  • Rotating image: This step is very necessary because the image needs to rotate well to the right data from the image.

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These are some of the basic operations of the image one can easily perform using MATLAB. Once you learn the basics you can also go advance processing such as geometric operations, block operations, transforms, binary image operations, etc. The image will be uploaded to the GUI or Editor and then processing will be done. You should also download datasets regarding the values of the objects.

The binary number converted will be compared to that dataset and then the result will be displayed. The dataset plays an important role as it gives a brain to the project. The project will then use it to manipulate the image.


You should know some basics of MATLAB on both its applications such as GUI or Editor. You can download the code for every operation from the internet and you can build it very easily. Image processing is improving day by day and you can learn many concepts from this basic project.  

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Getting started with image processing MATLAB
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