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How to make a project on wireless communication?


Communication can be of two types guided or unguided, Wired communication is guided communication whereas wireless communication falls under unguided communication. Wireless Communication is a type of communication in which the connection is established wirelessly. This wireless communication is set up using various technologies and devices. It is basically a broad term comprising connections between devices through wireless signals. It involves the transfer of data without using wires, cables or any other hardware devices. The information is transmitted through the air using Electro-magnetic waves like IR, RF or satellite. Lately, wireless communication is used in most of the technologies such as mobile phones, computers, tabs, laptops, Bluetooth, etc.

In this article, you will learn how to make projects on wireless communication. These wireless communication projects will be extremely helpful for electrical and electronics engineering students to build a successful career. Everything about wireless communication is explained in detail here. You will also learn how its subtypes can be used to make amazing projects.

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Types of Wireless communication

In order to develop wireless projects, one must have the basic idea of its type. So that you can use the required type of technology as per the project needs. The various types of wireless communications are as follows:

  • Satellite Communication: This type of wireless communication helps users to stay connected all over the earth by means of satellite. Its working is simple. The signals to be transmitted are done by the transmitter end. The satellite then gets the information amplifies and acts as a part of the channel. The information is then transmitted to the receiver end. The receiver decodes the received data and interprets the information. The satellite communication is further divided as ground and space. Space consists of satellite and ground consists of receiving and transmitting antennas.
  • Microwave transmission: This is another type of wireless communication involving the use of electromagnetic transmissions. It uses the frequency ranges from 300MHz to 300GHz. It is also further divided as terrestrial and satellite. In the satellite method, data is transferred using a satellite. Terrestrial uses two microwave towers to perform communication. The biggest disadvantage of this type of communication is poor signal during bad weather.
  • Infrared Communication: This type of wireless communication involves IR waves for the transmission of data. This type of wireless communication finds its heavy use in security control and short-range communications. Hardware requirements for IR communication are an LED transmitter and a Diode receptor.
  • Broadcast radio: Everyone must be familiar with the FM radio this is the broadcast communication. In this, the radio waves are transmitted and received and then the data is interpreted.
  • Wi-Fi: This type of wireless communication involves a router setup. The router allows connection within a limited range. Wi-Fi networks require passwords for protection. Addon benefits are low cost, low power, easy access, and portable.
  • Bluetooth: This type of wireless communication enables the connection between various electronic devices. Widely used to establish a connection between mobile and earphones, wireless mouse, computer and many other devices.
  • GPS (Global Positioning System): It is basically a type of wireless communication providing wireless services like location, speed, navigation, etc.

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Advantages of Wireless communication

Advantages of Wireless communication

Wireless Communication with its Capabilities has made a remarkable change in many streams. Some of the features of Wireless Communication that has made this possible are as follows:

  1. Wire-free Networking: In Wireless Communication, there is no need for cables. All the communication takes place through air and satellite. Only a receiving end and transmitting end is required.
  2. Convenience: Other devices and communication technologies require port or jack for connection. This type of communication can be established easily using Bluetooth or IR or Radio Waves.
  3. Cost: This type of communication is easy and less expensive to install. Even the maintenance cost is affordable. Whereas in wired communication one has to pay for per foot of wire used.
  4. Speed: Though not connected directly with the device wireless communication offers faster speeds. This network connectivity has improved accuracy and speed.
  5. Instant and Constant Connectivity: One can respond quickly to any emergency with this constant connection. For example- one can carry one's phone whenever and wherever he wants.

Latest projects on Wireless Communication

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How to make a project on wireless communication

Here I am suggesting you some of the wireless projects through which you will learn how to make a project on wireless communication.

1. Smart Energy Meter using GSM: In this wireless communication project you will learn to develop the smart energy meter using wireless communication. While building this wireless communication project, you will learn the GSM technology- it’s working and applications. You can also design the system such that it sends an update after a certain time interval. As an add on you will also learn the Arduino programming and applications.

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2. GPS & GSM based Tracker: By building this wireless project, you will learn the working of GPS and GSM. As part of this project, you will develop a tracker that sends an SMS notification about the exact location of the vehicle. Hardware requirements of this system are GSM modules, GPS modules, antennas, and the Arduino board.

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3. Voice Controlled Robot: In this wireless communication project you will learn to build a voice-controlled robot. The robot can be controlled by Bluetooth communication using a mobile phone. As part of this project, you will also learn to build an android app to detect voice signals and instructions. In this wireless project, you will learn about how words transform into machine language and how it controls the robot.

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4. Wi-Fi Controlled Robot: In this wireless communication project you will learn to develop a Wi-Fi controlled robot. A robot that can be controlled by your Laptop/PC. Moreover, you will learn some of the networking concepts and how to work on DC motors and actuators. Hardware requirements of this project are ESP 8266 Wi-Fi Module, Arduino board, DC motors, etc.

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5. Smart building using IoT: In this wireless communication project you will learn to develop a device that controls the lighting of the room based on the occupancy. PIR sensor is used to detect the number of persons and the data is processed by the Arduino to control the lighting of the room.

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6. Automated street lighting: You can build this project to prevent the wastage of energy. This wireless project allows you to build a device that turns ON/OFF the street lights based on the intensity of sunlight. You will use Arduino, ESP8266 Wi-Fi module, LDR sensor, etc. to build this project.

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The above-discussed article on How to make a wireless communication project? Explained in a simple way and suggested some project topics also. Take a good decision in selecting the project and gain knowledge out of it. If you want to know more details about this project visit our site or let me know by commenting in the below section.

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How to make a project on wireless communication?
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