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Best Wireless Communication based IEEE projects


We indeed are lucky to be living in this generation of advancements and luxury. With constant changes in growth and development, technology has provided major benefactions. Right from Graham Bell's telephone to sleek and smartphones that can slide right into your pockets, we've come a long way. And now, most of today's gadgets and appliances come with wireless tech, something that has brought a major revolution in the industry. Thanks to man's strategic thinking, we are now able to Skype our loved ones or watch the entire world on our satellite TV's. And most of all, bringing a sense of ease and luxury to our lifestyle has made quite an impact. And that is why we have mind-boggling project ideas, exclusively from IEEE. IEEE has been one of the best platforms where one can choose wireless communication projects to help and enhance their skills. This article also provides information about the latest trends in wireless technology for students.

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What is wireless communication?

Wireless communication is a revolutionary technique where long-distance waves are being in use for transmission or reception of information. It does not make use of an external or physical transmission channel. In short, it does not make use of wires, cables, or conductors to transfer or receive information. Keeping this in mind, we can take a step closer to learn what wireless communications can do.

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History of Wireless Communication

It all started with Alexander Graham Bell's Photophone. It was a telephone which transmits audio from light beams. But it had a few drawbacks, one of them mainly being the availability of light. And then, of course, there had to be up-gradations to this invention.

So back in the year 1894, Guglielmo Marconi decided to invent a telegraph system using radio waves, which was discovery made by Heinrich Hertz. After giving in years of time and effort, Marconi finally came up with his telegraph system. He made his first transmission across the Atlantic. This hence opened the doors to a social revolution in communications. Later in the ‘90s, the wireless revolution was impactful in the industry. In the later years, wireless technology became huge chaos in the market, thanks to our old folks and their strategic thinking.

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Latest projects on Wireless Communication

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Types of Wireless Communication

With the help of wireless communication, we can do so much with our smartphones. Even with our televisions and radios, we can operate various other systems with this tech. There are quite a few services this type of communication has to offer, so it is important to know its types:

  • Bluetooth
  • Paging
  • Cordless phones and speakers
  • Global Positioning Systems (GPS)
  • WLAN (Wi-Fi)
  • Television and Radio Broadcasting
  • Radar
  • Satellite communication
  • Cellular communication
  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
  • Infrared communication

With all these types and their respective purposes, we can plan our project to work based on interest.

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Applications of wireless communication

To take a simple example, consider your vehicle you travel in. Our vehicles or cars are nothing but masterpieces of AI and wireless communication. You can listen to podcasts on your radio, or even update yourself with world news. If you choose to listen to music, you can connect your phone to your car system via Bluetooth. You can even take urgent calls on the run while you drive, or set a schedule for a meeting. If you've lost your way, GPS would help you navigate the best and shortest route possible to help you reach your destination on time. This vehicle seems to be a perfect example of applications of wireless communication. Other than just cars, there are a ton of appliances that make use of wireless technology. Our remote controls, home automated lighting, and so on. Knowing the application of a concept is of utmost importance if we need to build a project.

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Best IEEE based wireless communication projects

So, here are a few project ideas that you can work on based on wireless communication.

1. GPS and GSM based tracking project

When it comes to location tracking and cellular technology, GPS and GSM's play an important role. While a GPS service provides information about a particular location, our GSM sends information to cellphones or computers. These services work hand in hand which is very useful in tracking and locating on google maps. Alongside these, we have Arduino which programs and gives an update on the information received. These 3 basic elements are what you need to acquaint yourself with if you're building this IEEE wireless communication project. Over the more, you will also learn their basic applications which will help you with skill enhancement.

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2. Voice Controlled Robot

As cool as it sounds, you will get an amazing opportunity to build your very own voice-controlled bot. Siri, Cortana, and Alexa have been our best tech buddies who make our work much simpler.

This type of technology is purely based on Voice or Speech recognition wherein our system understands the words of a particular language. Once the system can able to decode what the user wants to be done, it processes the information. Accompanied by an Android App which you will develop to control the bot to perform various tasks via Bluetooth. This IEEE wireless communication project might seem pretty tough to crack and build, but it is definitely something worth learning.

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3. Swarm Robotics Project

As the name suggests, Swarm robots are a group of autonomous robots that coordinate with one another to complete tasks. These bots work on a Master-Slave concept, wherein a master bot performs its own task while controlling another bot. The slave bot, as you may call it, will perform those tasks assigned by the master bot. Thus, with this type of wireless communication between a swarm of bots, tasks are completed much faster and efficient. By the end of this IEEE wireless project, you will learn how swarms communicate along with their locomotion working. You will also learn how an Arduino program has been implemented in this project and also how DC motors work.

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Apart from these projects, you can also check the following:

  1. IoT using Raspberry Pi
  2. Home Automation using IoT
  3. Smart Irrigation System
  4. Smart Building using IoT
  5. Mobile Robotics
  6. Smart Energy Meter using GSM
  7. IoT using Arduino
  8. Bluetooth Robotics

Wireless technology has changed lives and has changed the industry. With the rise in advancement over tech, it is mandatory, especially for engineering students to keep themselves updated. And that is why IEEE is the best platform for curious and vibrant minds of today to help you with technology.

Best Wireless Communication based IEEE projects
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-07

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