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Are you a student searching for a good project topic? Then this article is for you. Through this article, you will get information about wireless communication, types of wireless communication, advantages, and the latest technologies in wireless communication.

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What is wireless communication?

What is wireless communication?

Wireless Communication is basically the flow of information or energy or power from one point to another that is not physically connected with each other. They are not even connected by any conductor and still, the energy gets transferred. Wireless communication is a type of data communication which is done and transmitted wirelessly. It is actually a broad term used for all the procedures required within the system. These include connecting and communicating between various devices with the help of a wireless signal using technology and devices.

The basic mechanism of wireless communication works through electromagnetic signals which are spread by an embedded device through the air, any physical environment or the atmosphere. There can be three types of devices involved in the whole process that are: sender, receiver and intermediator. The sender sends the signals aiming to the receiver, the receiver captures the signals and performs as needed. The intermediator is a device which behaves as a bridge between the sender and the receiver. It is generally used to boost up the signals and making sure that the signals get transmitted to the desired end properly.

Latest projects on Wireless Communication

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Types of Wireless communication:

  1. Satellite Communication
  2. Mobile Communication
  3. Wireless network Communication
  4. Infrared Communication
  5. Bluetooth Communication
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Advantages of wireless communication:

Advantages of wireless communication

  1. Mobility: Wireless communication gives you a mode of mobility. This is because wireless communication mostly works on radio waves, which can travel freely through various mediums like air and vacuum. Hence if we consider daily life examples, like FM radio that we listen to homes. The technology has not become perfect therefore there is a lot of interference as well. For example, metal objects, tall buildings, and certain other objects do interfere in between making the waves weaker. But the biggest advantage that wireless communication has is that it does not require any wires to transfer signals.
  2. Lower cost: If we compare the wireless devices with the wired ones, the cost associated with the former is much lesser than the later. The logic is simple, you don’t have any hard wires to lay, no planning of the wiring is required. Installation cost is also quite low as only one device is used. Investment of time and labor is almost negligible. Also, if we look at the after-sales services, whenever you have any problem in the wiring, the whole cabling is to be removed to check for the problem that again calls for time and labor costs.
  3. Flexibility: Wireless communication systems allows us to connect to more than one device at the receiver end simultaneously. Taking AM radio, for instance, it does not matter if you connect 10 devices or 10000 devices the service would still remain the same and the signal would be of the same strength. Similarly, the WiFi network in our home or workplaces has the ability to perform in the same manner irrespective of the number of devices connected to it.

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  1. Security: Wireless devices connect to other devices only with particularly dedicated passwords and authentication system. Every device has to authenticate itself then only it can connect to that particular system. This makes it very safe and secured. Nobody can misuse the services. Also, one can limit the number of devices that can connect to these networks hence making it doubly secured. A good example of this could be your home WiFi wherein you can limit the number of devices to the number of members in your family.
  2. Convenience: Wireless communication system does not need any physical wall jack for connection. You can connect to it sitting anywhere. As wired connection has specific spots through which one has to connect their devices to get the network signals. On the other hand, for wireless systems, you just need a receiver and a proper signal strength and you are good to go.
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Latest technologies in wireless communication

  1. RFID: Radio Frequency Identification is a wireless system which can transfer data with the help of Radio Frequency. This works through a channel between the RFID Tags or smart label and the reader or scanner. The RFID tags are devices that store data in it and whenever the scanner scans the tag, all the data pertaining to the device gets detected and analyzed on the basis of a database maintained in the backend. This technology is majorly used for automating the basic operations on the ground. RFID is used in automatically detecting and tracking of inventory in the warehouse. This technology helps in tracking the material in bulk which makes the job even easier. Some examples of RFID are tags in the automobiles passing a highway toll booth, tags in the products sold in a supermarket to ensure proper billing and anti-theft.
  2. NFC: Near Field Communication is a wireless system which enables short-range communication between particular devices. As other wireless systems consist of a transmitter and a receiver which has to be in range to receive the signals emitted by the transmitter. The difference between these devices is they are convertible. Both the device can be a receiver or transmitter. So, it is two-way communication. Some common example of NFC would be payments through smartphone or devices, ticketing, identification, etc.
  3. Bluetooth: It is a short-range wireless device that enables the electronic device such as mobile phones, laptops, and peripherals to connect and transfer multimedia. The main purpose of Bluetooth is to eliminate cables and wires but still be connected in order to communicate. It was one of the first technologies based on the wireless system.
  4. WiFi direct: We all know what WiFi is, this tremendous use of WiFi made it possible to think of an idea to connect two devices together without a wireless router to transfer multimedia files. This made file transfer a lot faster and easier. This technology is basically an advanced version of the Bluetooth. It is seen that the speed of transfer in case of Bluetooth is not that great. This also works on the same technique of connecting with an authentication making it safe, secure and fast.
  5. WiGig and WiFi Miracast: These are wireless technologies that are used in even shorter distances. It has a range of about 10 meters to transfer data. WiGig is basically used to interconnect your home entertainment devices like smart TV, computers, Mobile phones, etc. which are used inside the house only. WiGig is relatively fast and uncluttered. It can give you speed up to 7Gbps
  6. Zigbee: It is the latest technology in the field of wireless communication. This was specially made for wireless personal area networks (WPANs). It can handle multiple devices at a very low data rate. It works on low power and mostly deployed in controlling and monitoring applications. The range of such devices generally is from 10 to 100 meters.
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Best Wireless Communication Projects for Engineering Student

Now that you know what wireless communication is all about, you would be excited to build your own project on wireless communication. Hence, let’s see what is the best option to get started with.

Once you gain enough knowledge about wireless communication system, you can focus on individual components of the system which are usually used in building the system. Some of the majorly used components in wireless communication are Antenna, WiFi module, Zigbee module, Bluetooth module, GSM module, etc.

Some of the best projects to start with are:

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1. GPS and GSM based tracker: Like Bluetooth and WiFi. GPS and GSM also have vital importance in the field of wireless communication. Through this wireless communication project, you can connect your mobile phone or any other devices to get constant updates about location and be informed about it through SMS. The GPS component takes care of the location based on the gridline and the GSM part enables the device to send SMS with the help of Arduino.

Key learnings:

  • GPS module - working & application
  • GSM module - working & application
  • Arduino Architecture and its Programming
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2. Swarm Robotics: In this wireless communication project you will learn about swarm robotics which is basically the intelligence between multiple robots, how they communicate and coordinate in order to achieve a certain target. You will also learn about master-slave communication.

Key learnings:

  • Robot's Locomotion
  • Swarm Communication
  • Arduino Architecture and its programming
  • Working of DC motors - which acts as actuators
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3. Voice-controlled robot: This wireless communication project is based on voice or speech recognition ability of a device from spoken language. Through this project, you will build a voice-controlled robot that works on voice command. As part of this project, you will also make an Android app which will basically identify and understand your voice and give instructions accordingly. This is done with the help of Bluetooth. This project will really make you understand how the applications like Siri (in iPhone), Google Assistant and Amazon Echo works.

Key learnings:

  • Speech Recognition
  • Basics of Android App Development
  • Bluetooth Communication
  • Arduino Architecture & its Programming
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4. WiFi controlled robot: WiFi has become so common nowadays and hence we can make a lot of use out of it. In this wireless communication project, you will build a WiFi controlled robot which can operate in a short-range with the help of a computer or website. For this project we would need a proper internet connection and the connection can be done with the help of ESP 8266 module. This project will enable you to control your robot through a laptop.

Key learnings:

  • Networking concepts
  • Wireless communication
  • Working of DC motors - actuators
  • Arduino Architecture and its Programming
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5. Home Automation using IoT: In this wireless communication project you will learn to develop a system that automates your home appliances with the help of Bluetooth technology. As part of this project, you will learn about IoT concepts, Bluetooth communication, Arduino architecture, etc.

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6. IoT using Raspberry Pi: In this wireless communication project you will learn to develop a weather monitoring device using Raspberry Pi as a microcontroller. Raspberry Pi is a small card-sized computer. DHT sensor is used to detect the changes in the surrounding environment.

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7. Smart Irrigation System: In this wireless communication project, you will build an electronic gadget which is used to irrigate the farm fields based on the moisture content. By doing this we can save water. ESP-8266 Wi-Fi module, soil moisture sensor, and Arduino Board are used to build this project.

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8. Bluetooth Robotics: In this wireless communication project Bluetooth communication is used to control the robot. Bluetooth module, motor driver, Arduino board and DC motors are used in this project.

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9. Mobile Robotics: As part of this wireless communication project you will learn to build a robot that can be controlled using a mobile with the help of Bluetooth.

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10. Smart Water Monitoring: In this wireless communication project you will develop a system that monitors the flow of water through a pipe and stores the data in the cloud. Stored data can be used for future analysis.

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11. Wireless power transfer: This wireless communication project will help you to build a device to transfer power which eliminates the use of electrical components like copper wires etc for carrying the waves. This project will help in charging of batteries in case of emergency.

Key learnings:

  • AC to DC conversion
  • Electronics
  • Basic circuit formation

12. Bluetooth based garage Door opening: This project will allow you to build a device such that it can open the door of a garage with the help of Bluetooth through your smartphone or laptop. This will make the vehicle parking in the garage a lot simpler. In this project, you will use ATMEGA microcontroller and the EEPROM to control the gate with the help of a password which makes it more secured and the owner can change it whenever required.

13. Smart card security system: This project is basically a security system to control a device with the help of smart card technology. This will enable the security of any areas as the only authorized person having the card can enter the premises. This system is used in various organizations, offices to maintain security.

Hope you got some good information about the best wireless communication projects.

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Best Wireless Communication Project for Engineering students
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