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Best Li-Fi (Wireless Communication) Projects for Students


Li-Fi projects have been quite a trend due to its easy usage and high speed. High profile companies look for systems that can work efficiently at a faster pace and the introduction of such wireless projects has helped them a lot. This article consists of the latest Li-Fi projects for students to understand the gist of it. The projects are innovative and can be a great step towards achieving the dream job for final year students.

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What is the use of Li-Fi?

Li-Fi has been used in various areas due to its distinctive features. It is a high-speed service that is capable of providing direction, conserve energy, secure data. Let us see which places are Li-Fi activated.

  • Military
  • Street Lightings
  • Personal Spaces
  • Calamity Prone
  • Corporate Sectors
  • Underwater Communication
  • Aircraft
  • Cellular Communication

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Is Li-Fi Real?

Li-Fi has been a new invention in the field of technology. It enables transferring data using light. It has been said to be the fastest form of communication and is still being tested for its usages in various fields. It is wireless communication just like the Wi-Fi but attempts to prove the best of services.

Advantages of Li-Fi over Wi-Fi

  • Since its a recent invention it has some advantage over Wi-Fi. Let's take a look at how.
  • Due to security reasons, Li-Fi wins over Wi-F Light cannot pass through opaque objects so the data stays inside the room and shall not be used by any other source outside.
  • Since Li-Fi uses light to transmit data it is much faster than Wi-Fi.
  • Li-Fi can be used in almost all places where Wi-Fi connectivity is not possible such as aircraft and underwater.
  • Li-Fi has also been said to be cheaper to implement. as compared to other wireless communication.

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Good Li-Fi (Wireless Communication) Projects for Engineering Students

1. Home Automation Using IoT

Smart Homes have been a dream for many and this wireless project has made it possible. the project is a working of IoT and is connected with the user’s phone through Bluetooth connectivity.


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2. IoT using Raspberry Pi

Now you can build IoT using Raspberry Board as well. In this wireless project data of temperature and humidity will be collected and streamed all over the internet.


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3. Smart Irrigation System

Now IoT has also broadened its use in the fields. This wireless project controls soil moisture and uses a DC pump to regulate water supply. In this project, the Arduino board is used.


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4. Swarm Robotics

Robotics has been the new thing of the era and this project deals with multiple of them with the help of Arduino programming. In this wireless communication project, the robots will be working in coordination to complete a particular task. The robots will be controlling each other.’


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5. Smart Building Using IoT

Another IoT initiative has succeeded in energy conservation. The system is such that it collects data on users and turns the lights on / off in a room accordingly.


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6. Mobile Robotics

A project-based entirely on smartphones controlling the robots. You'll create an app that will get the robot to perform tasks online. The robot can function after it is getting phone signals.


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7. Smart Energy Meter Using GSM

A project on saving energy, this one will be sending SMSs at regular intervals about the usage of energy. Arduino is used in this project as well.


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8. Home Automation System

Smart Home is quite a trend and this one is another project that works with Bluetooth connectivity with the phone. Now you can control your appliances by just a click on your phones.


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9. IoT Using Arduino

IoT in combination with Arduino has been used in this project. It will enable collecting real-time data of temperature and humidity and streaming it across the internet.


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10. GPS & GSM Based Tracker

A project that has helped many in locating vehicles. This will involve the building of both the GPS & GSM system from scratch. The location of the vehicles shall be sent to the user’s phone through SMS or email.


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11. Smart Water Monitoring

Another project that deals with conserving energy this one checks water flow in the building and makes people aware of the usage. This wireless project has helped students to make optimum utilization of the earth’s resources.


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12. Voice Controlled Robot

A project on robots you can now control it by just commanding it. The wireless project is based on building an app that understands your voice and is connected with the robot through blue tooth connectivity.


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13. Automated Street Lighting

Now no more wasting of electricity this wireless project will enable street lights to work according to the daylight. When the sunlight gets dimmer it will switch on and when the sun shines the lights will go off.


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14. Wi-Fi Controlled Robot

A project involving Wi-Fi connectivity students will now understand its working. They will also learn techniques of how the robot works with Wi-Fi connectivity.


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15. Bluetooth Robotic

Since Bluetooth has been used in most of the wireless projects this one provides its proper understanding. The students will build a device that connects with the user’s phone through Bluetooth connectivity.


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16. Vehicle to Vehicle Communication

This is a Li-Fi project, which sends out signals faster than Wi-Fi. Now vehicles will not encounter potholes as the car ahead automatically detects them and sends out news signals. The data will be sent using Light. The automatic Braking system will be enabled in such a case which is quite helpful in highways.

17. Li-Fi Balloon for affected areas

This idea of introducing a network of balloons in catastrophic areas has helped detect the level of disaster. Since Light-Fidelity (Li-Fi) is the fastest way of sending signals this has cone as a boon in technology.

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Best Li-Fi (Wireless Communication) Projects for Students
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2022-05-07

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