Analysis of Vertical Pump

Vertical Turbine Pumps are the centrifugal pumps which are mounted vertically. Generally, turbine pumps have constant head and fluid flows uniformly at high pressure. Natural frequencies of a vertical turbine pump are

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calculated by performing a modal analysis using the Finite Element Method (FEM). Experiment analysis of this model is done by using fast Fourier transform Analyzer during this testing of the model the impact is done by instrumental hammer and acceleration is noted using the accelerometer. Finite Element Analysis(FEA) is a numerical technique for finding an approximate solution to boundary value problems for partial differential equations. It uses subdivision of a whole problem domain into simpler parts, called finite elements and various methods like Galerkin method, Rung-Kutta method etc. Whereas Experimental Modal Analysis (EMA) is a type of impulse response test to determine the structural natural frequencies and the mode shapes of the pump system by using an instrumented hammer instead of natural excitation of the pump. It is a method of a method vibration testing in which a known force is put into a pump and pumps vibration response due exclusively to this force is observed and analyzed. EMA can determine the natural frequency of combined casing, piping, supporting structure.

Project Requirements:

The basics knowledge of FEM is required in this project which leads to an understanding of experimental modal testing analysis and how the result will change as we change the size of the elements and at the end, we are going to compare the results of both experimental and modal analysis.

When it comes to Impact testing some basic knowledge should be there about it. Impact testing is conducted using two-channel FFT spectrum analyzer, a microcomputer with special software, a set of vibration response probes such as accelerometer, and an impact hammer designed to spread force over a frequency range that covers the test range and Vibrational analyser is an electronic device that processes and analyzes the signals received from the transducer used in vibration measurement like impact hammer, accelerometer, digital tachometer, etc.

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Project Implementation:

  1. Design the model of the Vertical Turbine pump in any design software and bring that model to a preprocessing tool where we will create the FE model of the pump using different types of elements.
  2. Once the model is ready we do the meshing and assign the Young's modulus, Poisson’s ratio, density etc properties after assigning the properties and creating the model simulation is done by applying various load conditions and boundary layer conditions.
  3. Now comes the experimental testing we test by doing the impact hammer test by fixing the accelerometer fitted at some point on the structure and the structure hit with an impact hammer, the tip should be selected such that the natural frequency of the interest will fall within the frequency span before or after the first role off. Now using the FFT and FRF we can relate and find out the frequency and compare results with the results of meshing and testing.

Software requirements:

  1. Solidworks:to design the CAD model of the vertical pump for analysis.
  2. Hypermesh: to define the elements of the FEA model and give properties that are necessary for analysis.
  3. ANSYS: to do the modal analysis of the FEA model.
  4. MATLAB:required for experimental testing of a rod which will be the base material of the turbine pump.

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Analysis of Vertical Pump
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