Design Verification of Car Bonnet

The strength assessment of the hood assembly is important when it comes to meet the design standards. The hood assembly is an important system in a car from the safety point of view and has a direct relationship with the appearance aspect of the car.

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During the accident of the car, the hood generally absorbs the crash kinetic energy and prevents any impact on the passengers and drivers that can be deadly. When the car meets an accident from the front portion most of the time bonnet system gets damaged and absorbs some part of impact energy resulting from the crash. So there is a need for analysis of the bonnet system, you should try to do an analysis on the existing designs with its limitation. Hence, it is necessary to validate the strength of the hood assembly. The bonnet is generally analyzed for its strength assessment for the various load cases.

The nonlinear static structural analysis will be carried out on the hood to evaluate the stresses, displacement and induced strains in the hood components load cases. Here both on material non-linearity and contact nonlinearity should be considered for the analysis work. The baseline model will be analyzed and depending on that, design optimization like a change in thickness and shape topology operation should be carried out to reduce the weight of the assembly.

Project Requirements:

The basics of this project lie behind how well we can design the FEM (Finite Element Model) of the bonnet and what kind of elements we will be using to complete this design so a strong knowledge of FEM is required how to apply loads and what will be the boundary conditions in case of an accident needs to be thought and the design is needed to be made based on these aspects. And an understanding of modal analysis is required to test the model in natural frequency to make sure that this frequency does not fall into the operating frequency.

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Project Implementation:

  • We should generate an FE model which can be generated using meshing software’s like Hypermesh and shell 2D mesh should be used for modeling the spot welds need to be created using HEXA RBE3 element and structural adhesives should be made of the same elements and the FE model will be created using the global element size of 5mm with capturing all features.
  • Next step will be to define the contact since the reinforcement brackets overlap on inner and outer panels. And after this, the load and boundary conditions for the models are needed to be set which should be realistic and simulate the problem and add torsional rigidity load to evaluate the stiffness of the load.
  • When the results come out the displacement should be less than 4mm and permanent set should be 0.8mm and during modal analysis, the natural frequency of the system should not lie in the range of operating frequency. The results of the nonlinear static analysis on the hood should provide safe loadings and less deformation at the end of the analysis.
  • Software requirements:

    1. Solidworks:to design the CAD model of the car bonnet for analysis.
    2. Hypermesh: to define the elements of the FEA model and give properties that are necessary for analysis.
    3. ANSYS: to do the analysis of the FEA model as well as used for design optimisation.

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    Design Verification of Car Bonnet
    Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-05-28

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