Design and Simulation of a Pneumatic Power Steering system using Solidworks

An executive segment is a mechanical framework that is associating the executive wheel to the system of the front wheels of a car. Pneumatic machinery consists of equipment and workings which use air power to do work. The air is controlled by control valves and dispersed through the cylinders. The notorious fame of pneumatic machinery is because of a very huge sum of power that can be transferred all the way through small tubes and flexible channels. Here, we will see how the pneumatic power steering system works using Solidworks. 

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The framework comprises a pneumatic actuator, two haggles guiding linkage mounting on the outline. There is a pneumatic actuator rod that is connected to one of the wheels. The other wheel is joined in the ascending position. Pneumatic chamber stroke is constrained by Direction control switch and controlling happens. Pneumatic Power Steering System makes it simple to drive the vehicle which as of now utilizes liquid force and furthermore, these vehicles can be looked after without any problem.

The different capacity can be performed by the controlling segment instrument are as per the following: 

  • To manage the front wheels. 
  • Give right heading to the front wheel as given by the driver. 
  • It goes about as a help to the guiding wheel.

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The pneumatic collapsible steering mechanism consists of the following important parts: 

  • Limit Switch 
  • Direction Control Valve
  • Double Acting Pneumatic Cylinder
  • Solenoid Valve
  • Rack and Pinion

Brief description of each part:

Limit switch: 

Breaking point switch is one sort of "Contact Sensor", In that, there is Open Contact and Closed Contact. Breaking point Switches is utilized for the most part for safety reasons. At the point when an article comes into contact with the actuator, the gadget works the contacts to make an electrical association.

Direction control valve: 

Directional control valves allow the liquid stream to flow in various ways. They consist of a spool inside a chamber which is or controlled. The development of the spool limits or allows the stream, in this way it controls the liquid stream.

Double-acting pneumatic cylinder: 

Twofold acting chamber (DAC) utilizes the power of air to move in both expansions and withdraw strokes. They have two ports to permit air in, one for outstroke and one for in stroke.

Solenoid valve:

Solenoid Valve's work includes the opening or closing of the hole as well as its movement through it. An unclogged open or shuts the hole by raising or bringing down inside a sleeve tube by empowering the curl.

Rack and pinion: 

Rack and Pinion implies a direct actuator that helps to convert rotational into a direct move. 


We infer that the Pneumatic worked collapsible controlling framework is an interesting and simple answer for maintaining a strategic distance from or forestalling human mishap as their harms. It is anything but difficult to execute in any four-wheel or then again, any substantial vehicle likewise has a modest cost. This is a development component for the future and presents moreover for forestalling accidents. The primary points of interest of pneumatic guiding include working space to the appropriate working of the air pack.

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Design and Simulation of a Pneumatic Power Steering system using Solidworks
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