Drones for passenger transport (Drone taxi)

Technological advancement has proved the impossible things as possible. Similarly, the recent innovations in UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) which are commonly known as drones paved the way for the newer way of transportation not only for carrying goods but also to carry humans from one place to another.

Increased usage of Automobiles like cars, bikes in the metro cities escalated the traffic and also increased pollution. To overcome both the issues here we are going to develop a drone project which can able to carry passengers from one place to another like a taxi.

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Project description

We are going to develop a passenger-carrying drone using a multirotor configuration that can carry up to 2 persons. Multirotor configuration is chosen because this drone is going to be operated in metro cities/densely populated areas where you can’t do Horizontal Take-off. By using Multirotor configuration you can do VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing).


Following are the design considerations and features of the passenger-carrying drone:

  1. Fail-safe - Since the drone is going to carry passengers and fly above crowded/populated areas. The vehicle should have multiple fail-safe systems to ensure a safe journey. To make the drone failsafe it is powered using 16 motors using octocopter configuration (positioned coaxially). Also during the emergency situations, the drone can automatically choose the smoothest route to take the passenger safely using the fail-safe algorithms.
  2. Eco friendly - Drone is fully electric powered so no pollution.
  3. Controlling - Dedicated ground station for the aircraft to monitor and to take over the control in case of malfunction.
  4. Fully Autonomous - Drone is programmed to operate fully autonomous. For example taking the shortest route to the required destination, avoiding the collision between other vehicles, etc.

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Project Implementation

1. Create and simulate the model using the design and analysis software like CATIA, SOLIDWORKS, ANSYS, etc.

2. Considering the average weight of the humans, the All Up Weight of the drone is calculated.

AUW = 600Kg.

3. After calculating the weight of the vehicle now select the required components to build the model. Following are the major components used to build the drone.

  • Frame and cabin for the passengers
  • Brushless motor (HP120 Herlea 130 KV motor with 40 kg thrust)
  • Propeller - 32x10 carbon fiber propeller
  • ESC - 380 A
  • Battery - 70V Lithium polymer battery
  • Obstacle avoidance sensors
  • 4G/5G high-speed wireless transmission for smooth communication
  • Flight controller (onboard computer)
  • GPS


The working of the model is similar to a taxi, where you will use an application to book the vehicle (drone). After getting the information the drone will calculate the shortest path and will reach the nearest landing zone. Before landing, the drone will visualise the landing zone for any obstacles with the help of sensors.

After boarding the vehicle the drone will take you to the respective location and land safely.


  1. Quick transport - Suitable for short rides
  2. Environmental friendly
  3. Failsafe
  4. More efficient compared to gasoline-powered vehicles

Future works

You can also make this model a Hybrid configuration (both fixed-wing and multirotor), where it will increase the range and endurance of the aircraft.

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Drones for passenger transport (Drone taxi)
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2022-05-19

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