Recent advancement in aerospace and automobile paved the way for new gadgets. Hoverbike is one such innovation which combines the technology of helicopter and bike to make the transportation better.

In this aeronautical project, we will discuss the design consideration, applications and materials used to build the hoverbike. Also, you will learn to build a miniature hoverbike.

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The hoverbike is designed to travel in urban areas. Thus the model has to produce less noise and size should be small enough to accommodate in normal circumstances. By considering the above things the design for the model is planned.

Design consideration

To achieve more efficiency High strength to weight ratio materials like carbon fibre, kevlar, etc is used to build the frame of the vehicle. The vehicle can able to carry two persons at a time. This hoverbike model is powered using four motors and propellers.

Electric propulsion is used to avoid pollution and to achieve more efficiency. The propellers are placed such that they overlap with each other to make the vehicle more compact.

The ducted fan design is utilized to achieve more efficiency and to reduce the generated noise. The initial design of the model is done using CATIA and it is analysed using ANSYS software. Based on the output from the ANSYS the model is redesigned to achieve a proper version. After numerous design and analysis, the actual model is built. For designing an efficient propeller you can use JAVA prop software.


Military - Used for surveillance purposes in the borders and to transport weapons from one place to another quickly. Since hoverbike has high maneuverability it helps to attack enemy targets in a more efficient way.

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Transportation - Similar to conventional bike transport hoverbike is also used for transportation but in an innovative way where it can able to travel in rough terrains by hovering above the obstacles.

Racing - Hoverbikes are also used to perform race, which encourages the companies to innovate quickly.

Miniature hoverbike

Now we will develop a miniature hoverbike similar to a quadcopter. The frame is designed as per the requirement and fabricated using MDF wood and aluminium pipes. Fix the motors as it overlaps with its parallel motor.

Two blade propeller is used to reduce the drag and to increase efficiency. Brushless motor is used to achieve high RPM. To achieve more flight time large capacity batteries are used. Lithium batteries are used because LiPo batteries have high energy density which can store more amount of energy compared to other types of batteries like NiCd, NiMH, etc.

Electronic speed controller is used to control the speed of the motor based on the input. ESC also has one more circuit called BEC (Battery Eliminator Circuit) which reduces the voltage and gives to the other devices in operating condition.

Transmitter and receiver are used to control the hoverbike wirelessly it works on radio frequency of 2.4Ghz which reduces the interference and also increases the range.

The flight controller is the brain of the model which is integrated with various sensors like accelerometer and gyroscope to stabilize the model. Based on the input the flight controller process the signal and controls the motor speed.

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