Latest Projects Based on Rc Technology

The following projects are based on rc technology. This list shows the latest innovative projects which can be built by students to develop hands-on experience in areas related to/ using rc technology.

1. Design and fabrication RC speedboat

Design and fabrication RC speedboat

The three main medium of transports are Land, Air and Water where this project is mainly focused on design parameter and fabricating the RC controlled Speedboat. As we know speedboats are the fastesr way to travel on water as they sail at comparatively higher speed than the conventional boats and ships. Hence the designing of boats plays an important role where the fluid dynamics is the major area to focus and optimize the design for less hydro-static drags.

2. Radio-Controlled Flying Wing

Radio-Controlled Flying Wing

Radio Controlled flying wing one type of elongated or extended wing aircraft having more surface area on wing creating more lift.There are no embellishments or fuselage, its lightweight and fairly easy to assemble of these aircraft are having Delta shape (triangular). Its a kind of delta wing Aircraft having high speed as compared to commercial aircraft. The lift and thrust forces are much more than normal aircraft. Basically, they are made fabricating one long piece of Wood/ Coroplast/ Polyforms.

3. Autonomous fixed wing (drone)

Autonomous fixed wing (drone)

Here you are going to learn about how to make an automatic flying robot called UAV. Nowadays everything is becoming an automatic system where you are able to reduce the human errors as much as possible.

4. Robotic Bird

Robotic Bird

We call this as ornithopter, means a mechanical flying machine which can mimic a bird up to 80% and Engineers are trying their best to make this bird most efficient. Basically, these are categorized by flapping wings flying machine which generate lift through the atmospheric air. This machine differs from a temporary power plant or limited ( temporary) power sources. The best application they can be used for Spying, surveillance, surface analysis.

5. Smartphone Controlled Paper Plane

Smartphone Controlled Paper Plane

What if I say that you can control your paper plane with your smartphone, that sounds crazy right! All the users have made or gone through the art of folding papers( Origami ) but it can fly up to few second or minutes only. Again your flight duration depends on the fabrication size and shape of your paper plane and a little knowledge of aerodynamics and shallow knowledge of aerodynamic forces acting on your model.

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6. Solar Endurance Flight

Solar Endurance Flight

Sailplanes are aerodynamically streamlined and are capable of gaining altitude and remain airborne, while maintaining forward motion. The main advantage of the sailplane solar glider is to generate free energy from the sun. That's the difference between a normal glider and solar sailplane glider. By using this model you can increase the endurance of flight.



These days drones are playing a very important role in all the sectors including the surveying lands. Drones make surveying of lands much faster than the conventional methods. Now drone simplifies the collection and analysis of geospatial data, allowing professionals to make better decisions.



Generally, as we know drones are can able to perform position held in the outdoors with the help of GPS module. In case if it is indoor it's very difficult to perform position hold why because the GPS cannot be able to receive the satellite signal.



It's a combination of both fixed wing and multi-copter. For flying fixed wing drone you need a bigger area for takeoff and landing. For multi-copter, you don't need a bigger area for takeoff and landing. But the fixed wing can carry more loads with less power consumed than the multi-copter. For the multi-copter, you don't need more area where it can fly any places.



Recent times all the drones are coming along with the obstacle avoidance technology where it can able to sense any kind of obstacle by using the sensors. This technology protects the drone from crashing.

11. Gesture Controlled Drone

Gesture Controlled Drone

Gesture recognition technology helps you to communicate or control any other devices via your hand gestures. From this technology, you can control the drone simply by moving your hands.

12. Hybrid Drone

Hybrid Drone

In conventional drone lipo batteries are used as a power source where you need to charge for every particular time period. The charging time alone will be taking more time due to which you cannot do continues flying. By adding the IC engine and DC generator with the conventional drone you can build a hybrid drone.



Whatever the drone that is available in the market, it has the endurance of maximum 30 - 40 minutes only. Once the battery got discharged, again that battery needs to be recharged completely to go for the next ride. Also it takes a lot of time to get recharged, which is a major issue in most of the UAVs that we see today.



Vertical takeoff and landing RC plane does not require more area for taking off and landing. To make this vtol we need a flight controller which can act as a brain of the vtol.

15. Voice Controlled Drone

Voice Controlled Drone

For a flying drone, people should have minimum knowledge of the flying skill then only they can able to fly properly without crashing, but it's not possible for all the people. If it is voice controlled means anyone can fly without any skill.



This is one of the most widely used UAV in all the places for different types of applications. Whether it is a quad or hexa or octa copter, this concept is the most widely used one. Here you are going to learn how to build a multicopter UAV.

17. How to Build an Stair Climbing Robot?

How to Build an Stair Climbing Robot?

The robots which are based on wheels can move only on flat surface, and even when there is a hurdle in front of any wheel the robot cannot cross the hurdle or go on it. What if the robot can not only be able to cross the hurdle but also can climb the stairs. In this project idea you will be able to start building a robot that can cross any hurdles.

18. Car Copter

Car Copter

CarCoper is the combination the copter and car having the mixture of two technology Automobile technology and Aeronautical Engineering. Car means something mobily On land and copter means having rotational motion in form of propeller. Its really cool to make the combo of car and copter. Something we call as hybrid technology which is which an nully disadvantage of two individual mode by adding the technology.

19. Electric Balloon Car

Electric Balloon Car

Basically this is all about to reduce the weight of the car by using a balloons instead of wheels. It a combination of both electric and light weight wheels. You can call it as Hybrid car which fits in eco cytheria and no emission invention.

20. RC Helicopter

RC Helicopter

Remote Controlled helicopter world there are basically of two types one with two types of blades on top (co axial blades) and once with one side of blades on top. And a active tail motor/rotor at the back which will give yawing stability (newton third Law). they also have gear and shaft for drive. Vet cool about this helicopter is that you can fly around your house. There are two motors one is at front which will control the rotation of helicopter with help of ESC and second one is micromotor at the tail part with micro prop. Lipo battery as a continuous power source for your model servo for bending of Swash plate.

21. Remote Control Home Automation Using PIC Controller

Remote Control Home Automation Using PIC Controller

In home appliances the TV is the mostly available in every house.The television channel is changed by the tv Remote.Same way by pressing the tv remote the home appliance sload can be ON and OFF.

22. Reconnaissance Drone

Reconnaissance Drone

About the project

Drones are everywhere in the world. It is estimated that by the year 2020 there will be approximately 7 million drones in the sky and looking the trend it is important to ensure that drone enthusiasts are operating in a peaceful and safe manner.

23. Forward swept wing RC aircraft

Forward swept wing RC aircraft

Swept wing is a type of wing configuration used in fixed-wing aircraft. There are two types: Swept-back (wing is angled backward) and Swept forward (wing is angled forward). This project deals with the fabrication of forward-swept wing remotely controlled aircraft. Forward-swept wing aircrafts are highly maneuverable (ability to change direction quickly) at low speeds and drag produced is also low compared to backward-swept wing aircraft. The characteristic "sweep angle" is usually estimated by drawing a path from root to tip, twenty-five percent of the way back from the leading edge, and matching that to the perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the aircraft.  Wing sweep has the effect of delaying the shock waves and accompanying aerodynamic drag rise caused by fluid compressibility.

24. Unmanned Aerial Photography using Flying Robot

Unmanned Aerial Photography using Flying Robot

There are different types of security system that are available in the world but most of them are having some disadvantages. One of the disadvantages is Closed Circuit camera is fixed on the walls and can record only one side at a time, so it can be damaged from the other side.

25. Ducted Fan Drone

Ducted Fan Drone

Nowadays drones are used in almost all the fields, from this article, you will get an idea to fabricate a ducted fan drone. Ducted fans have the advantage of producing more thrust than a conventional propeller with the same diameter. Ducted fans are silent when compared to the conventional propellers and have reduced blade tip losses which increases efficiency.

Ducted fan drones can be easily operated in indoors or can be flown near to the people. Conventional drones (with propeller) may hurt people or the propellers might get damaged during the indoor flight.

26. How to Build a Fire Fighting Drone?

How to Build a Fire Fighting Drone?

In this project, you will learn how to build a fire fighting drone, which can able to detect and put off the fire both autonomously and manually. Making a final year project on drones will definitely help you to build a nice career. 

In recent years drones gained more popularity because of its wide range of applications and the day to day advancements in their features. Fire fighting is one of the difficult tasks where firefighters risk their lives to save the victims. To make the rescuing process easy and safe, drones are implemented to extinguish the fire.

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Latest Projects based on rc technology
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