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Best summer training programs to attend in Kolkata


Summer training programs provide an efficient opportunity for engineering students to learn and develop practical skills. Since these programs are focused on a latest technology, joining these programs can really help you to develop the much needed job skills.

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What are Summer Training Programs?

what are summer training programs

From amazing automobiles and cars to big industrial machines, everything requires an engineering brain. The question that pops up immediately in our minds then is, whether these qualities are in built in an engineer? Umm, well not really!

Then how do they inculcate such qualities in themselves? To answer this question in an explanatory manner, let me introduce the word “summer training programs”.

Summer training programs are one of those efficient ways to enhance engineer’s skills and improvise their learning, leading to their overall development in their field of interests. These programs are really a good idea to use your summer vacations effectively and learn something that suits your interests well. Such programs not only help in improving one’s skills but also provoke us to go beyond our capabilities and identify our talent to a much needed extent. To realise one’s hidden potential, joining summer training programs is the best one can do.

In India, different kinds of summer training programs are held to keep today’s youth inspired and aware of the latest technologies at the same time. The working of these programs include both theoretical and practical approach towards learning.

Summer Training Programs in Kolkata

Talking about the accessibility of such summer training programs in Kolkata, newly arrived engineers who are willing to experience something utilitarian, can find a lot of such programs out there in this city.

To avail the full benefits of learning, you can join any of the below mentioned programs:

Summer training programs for civil engineering students in Kolkata:

  • Structural and Foundation Analysis: In this program you will learn about structural engineering concepts and get skilled on industry grade software like SAP2000, ETabs and SAFE on analysis.

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Latest projects on Summer Training for Seniors

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  • CPM & BIM: In this summer training program you will learn about the project management concepts and also get skilled on the latest civil technology – Building Information Modelling. You also get to use industry grade software like Primavera and ArchiCad to apply the concepts learnt.

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  • Total Station & GIS: In this summer training program you will learn the concepts of survey and use the advanced survey equipment, i.e Total Station to conduct your own survey. You will also learn the concepts of GIS and generate maps using the software – Quantum GIS

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summer training for civil engineering students in kolkata

Summer training programs for Aeronautical, Mechanical & Mechatronics engineering students in Kolkata:

  • Quadrotor & RC Aircraft: This summer training program introduces you the concept of aeromodelling, where you get to apply the aeromodelling principles by building 2 UAV models.

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  • IC Engine & Automobile Prototyping: This summer training program helps you to get skilled on automobile engineering. You will work with a real IC Engine and learn how to assemble & dismantle them with your own hands. You will also get to design and fabricate your very own RC Car prototype.

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  • 6 Days Mechatronics Bootcamp: In this summer training program you get to learn mechatronics concepts by building 3 different projects of your choice within 6 days.

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summer training for mechnical engineering students in kolkata

Summer training programs for ECE, EEE, CS & IT students in Kolkata:

  • 7 Robots in 6 Days: Through this summer training program you get to learn robotics and get skilled in it by building robotics projects from basic to advanced level in 6 days.

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  • 6 Days IoT Bootcamp: In this summer training program you get to learn Internet of Things (IoT) concepts by building 3 different projects of your choice within 6 days itself.

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  • 6 Days Computer Vision Bootcamp: In this summer training program you get to learn computer vision technology by building 3 different projects of your choice within 6 days.

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  • 6 Days Embedded Systems Bootcamp: In this summer training program you get to learn embedded systems technology by building 3 different projects of your choice with your own hands within 6 days.

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summer training for ece eee cs and it students in kolkata

Not only do the names but the work they have to offer is also very tempting. These summer training programs help you in the fields of automobile designs, robotics, mechatronics, computer vision, not only this but also make you learn how to work on various software and much more.

Each of the above programs come with a fee of around 3000 to 6000 which is definitely worth the amazing experience. The benefits received would undoubtedly be helpful in increasing your chances to get employed in the future. Apart from getting specialized in empowering projects, you will also receive certificates that will again help in your resume. One program and countless benefits is what all one can pull out from these opportunities. And grabbing such wonderful opportunities at the earliest is what makes your choice the right choice.

Listed below are some of the advantages that such programs bring on the platform for you:

  • Wise learning
  • Great hands on project materials and other equipment
  • Introduction to latest technological ideas and concepts
  • Enhanced skills
  • Practical and innovative approach towards working

These summer training programs require your attention for about 5-6 hours daily for up to 6 days. The timings for the same will be conveyed to you via text message or call. Taking into account the venue for these programs is Skyfi Labs Center, Gate Forum Center, VIP road Kolkata.

More about such programs:

Building one’s own ideas into reality is everyone’s dreams and these summer training programs help you to build them. Programs that bring happy and wise learning should definitely be a part of your goal cracking journey. These are the platforms wherein willing candidates get enthusiasm about projects, latest new technological complexities happening around.

Keeping in mind the necessary requirements that your category demands for, it is quite important to select the relevant program that is experienced enough to teach you, and at the same time makes you capable of exploring new facts about the recent happenings taking place. One should be completely aware while choosing any summer training program and smart enough to compare what different programs bring on to the table to learn as maximum as possible.

Comparing these summer training programs with the normal course material, one can easily figure out the fact that these programs apart from teaching you the concepts and you will also get an opportunity to build projects hands-on. Happy learning is wise learning. So if anyone is really enjoying what he’s learning, he will be surely going to set benchmarks for himself in the future.

Today’s generation is full of energy, excitement, and zeal to dedicate its fullest to the work given but the thing to be remembered is that channelizing this energy should be of utmost priority. What these summer training programs require is regularity in consistency, full concentration and hard work. Failing to do so invites a bad impression and a poor resume.

These programs actually can be considered as guiding lights which can prove really worth, if followed properly and given a 100% dedication.

With every new technology coming every single moment, pacing up with other countries has really become important. Whether it is robotics, design, system software or industrial applications, to keep it going one must possess the qualities which increase the probability of one’s recruitment. To keep yourself updated with the contemporary technologies and researches, one should be at first be fully aware of the older technologies.

For this, you need to be in constant touch with the internet to get an idea of these programs. For the venue of programs in Kolkata, kindly make a note of it: Baguihati. You can easily reach here by taxi or bus.

So what to wait for, hurry up!! To have an experience like never before, come and explore this world full of exciting things coming up for you. Choose the right program for yourself and outshine as today’s youth.

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Have a hot & productive summer this time!

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Best summer training programs to attend in Kolkata
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-18

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