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Best summer training programs to attend in Mumbai


Summer training programs are an excellent way for an engineering student to develop his/her skills and knowledge about latest technologies practically. In parallel with today’s technologies and design complexities, these summer training programs have been designed to keep the students fully aware before getting into core jobs.

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IC Engine and Automobile Prototyping- This program helps in assembling dismantle IC engine & design a RC prototype.

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6 Days Mechatronics Bootcamp- You get a good opportunity here to learn and build 3 mechatronics projects of your choice.

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Summer training topics for mechanical or mechatronics engineering students in mumbai

Summer training topics for ECE, EEE, IT, & CS engineering students in Mumbai:

7 Robots in 6 Days- This program helps you to learn and build 7 different robots from basics to advanced.

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6 Days IoT Bootcamp- In this program, you get to learn and build 3 different IoT projects of your choice.

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6 Days Computer Vision Bootcamp- In this program, you learn to build 3 different computer vision projects.

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6 Days Embedded Systems Bootcamp- Here, you get to learn 3 different embedded projects of your choice.

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Summer training topics for ec eee it cs in mumbai

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Taking into account the duration of these programs, let me tell you that it is short, considering that too long duration would lead to a gradual disinterest and too short would result in incomplete information which is not how these programs function. So, these programs are conducted for a span of 6 days engaging a student for up to 6 hours maximum on a daily basis.

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These programs are scheduled at Skyfi Labs Center, Jejurkar Classes, Dadar West.

To ensure proper learning and developing of practical skills, these summer training programs focus on latest technologies and help you build good projects. For instance, these summer training programs focus in the areas of aeronautical engineering, computer vision, automobiles and associated functions, robotics, mechatronics, IoT and many more.

Each of the above mentioned programs come with a fee range of 3000 to 4500, which is pretty affordable compared to the benefits you will acquire from them.


These summer training programs offer so many amazing benefits, some notable ones are mentioned below:

  • Develop interdisciplinary knowledge
  • Practical approach to inculcate problem solving abilities
  • Provides opportunity to build innovative projects hands-on
  • Introduction to latest technological concepts
  • Enhanced analytical learning for better understanding
  • Wise experience building the projects in a team
  • Smart certificate that make up a good resume

Such great opportunities that keep the students motivated and curious should definitely be given a chance and must be preferred over other leisure.

Summer Training Programs-A great opportunity to learn

A small initiative by you can definitely improve your personality as a whole. Learning through summer training programs not only adds a great impression in your resume but also makes you stand apart from other engineers which obviously leads to increased chances of you getting into core jobs. Joining such summer training programs is also very important, if you are aiming to acquire higher studies admissions in reputed universities.

Next, choosing a right summer training program for yourself is really important. If the right summer training program is not selected, everything including your money, time and energy gets wasted. To utilize all these well, you must be completely aware of the fact that whichever program you are choosing, is it relevant or not, or whether that particular program suits your interests or not. For this, you can compare summer training programs and you can also discuss about these programs with your faculties or mentors, they can provide you with some valuable inputs.

Unlike the general course taught in schools or colleges without much emphasis on practical approach, these programs teach you the concepts and also provide an opportunity to build projects hand on.

Be completely aware of these summer training programs by being in constant touch with the internet or check out the following page skyfilabs summer training programs to know more about them.

In today’s time, it is quite necessary to remain updated with all the upcoming technologies in any field. To gain skillsets on such technologies, students should learn with full dedication and enjoy the benefits of happy learning from these summer programs.

Check all summer training programs scheduled in Mumbai

So, choose the right program for yourself and discover the fun facts behind everything you wish to work on.

For any queries or doubts, do write in the comment box below! We will get back to you soon.

Best summer training programs to attend in Mumbai
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-18

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