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Are you a final year student on the verge of becoming an engineer? Have you already done a final year project that taught you new things? If not, don’t worry. You still have time to find a project that resonates with you and inspires you to learn new things. Also, we are here to help you with that. Electrical engineering is one of the major branches of engineering, due to its high functionality and requirements. In the present-day world, almost all the devices we use run on electricity. They use complicated circuits and looped systems to function the way they do. Electrical engineers are responsible for designing, building and maintaining such equipment.

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1. Home Automation using IoT

2. Smart Energy Meter using GSM

3. Home Automation System

4. Solar & Smart Energy Systems

5. Automatic Solar Tracker

6. 5 Arduino Projects

7. 4 Smart Energy Projects

8. PCB Manufacturing

9. Smart Traffic Lighting System

10. Automation using PLC

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What kind of projects do electrical engineers work on?

What kind of projects do electrical engineers work on?

Electrical engineering is a core branch with immense scope. Like I already explained most of the devices and appliances we see around us today are electrical in nature. Therefore, this is a field of engineering that has immense capacity and capability to change the way we live our lives. But as an electrical engineer, what kind of work you will have? Here’s a look at some of the things that electrical engineers do.

An electrical engineer design develops and helps in the making of new electrical systems. They help solve problems related to electrical equipment and are involved in the testing of various electrical appliances. They work with electronic devices of all kinds, ranging from mobile phones to large automobiles. So, what are the major industries that electrical engineers work in?

Electrical engineers help with large-scale electrical systems like motion control, power drives and power transmission. They are also tasked with the duty of helping with energy production. Everything from the wiring of buildings to satellite communication needs the expertise of an electrical engineer. Microelectronics that deals with the development and creation of nano electrical systems are also an upcoming field in electronics. Other fields of interest include:

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  • Renewable energy systems
  • GPS and GSM technology
  • Mobile networking
  • Satellite Communication
  • Banking and Finance
  • Electrical engineering design
  • Computer and hand-held devices industry
  • Robotics and Automation
  • Space research and communication
  • Medical technology
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What are the topics in electrical engineering?

Now that you know about the various fields of interest in electrical engineering, let’s take a look at the syllabus and course structure. There are several areas and topics under Electrical Engineering which are very important such as Electromagnetism, Signal Processing, Power Engineering, and Satellite Communication. All these areas are tied into electrical engineering as they deal with the generation, transmission, and actuation of electricity. Some of the major subsections that come under Electrical Engineering are:

  1. Analog communication
  2. Antenna and Wave propagation
  3. Theory of Circuits
  4. Computer-Aided Electronics Design
  5. Control System Engineering
  6. Digital Communication
  7. Logic Gates
  8. Image processing
  9. Signal Processing
  10. Electromechanics
  11. Electric Power Systems
  12. Linear Network and Circuits
  13. Microcontroller
  14. Microprocessor
  15. Nanotechnology
  16. Natural Language Processing
  17. Network Analysis
  18. Numerical Methods
  19. Power Electronics
  20. Robotics and Automation
  21. Satellite Communication
  22. Semiconductor Devices
  23. Sensor Technology
  24. Wireless Communication
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From GATE point of view, the major topics in Electrical Engineering are:

  • Electric machines that deal with DC, induction, servo, stepper and phased motors and transformers.
  • Digital electronics that deals with logic gates and Boolean algebra.
  • Signals and Systems that comprises of the major Transformations such as Laplace and Fourier.
  • Power systems that consist of topics such as impedance, admittance, transients, and stability.
  • Control systems with time and frequency domain analysis.
  • Networks deal with transient analysis, port networks, and magnetic circuits.
  • Electromagnetic Theory and laws related to mutual and self-inductance.
  • Analog circuits that consist of diodes, rectifiers, amplifiers, and oscillators.
  • Electrical measurement systems and devices
  • Power electronics and semiconductors
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Free electrical final year project topics

Following are the best final year project topics that you can learn and build:

1. Home Automation System

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Automated homes will help reduce energy wastage and also make homes more efficient. Every day we read about things getting automated. This is because automation makes things more convenient and easier to use. The same goes for homes and that is why home automation is a field that has been seeing a lot of growth recently. This electrical project will help you to learn about the basics of home automation. As part of this project, you will learn about elements of electrical engineering, computing and sensor technology to build a smart home full of devices that you can control remotely from far away.

2. Automatic Solar Tracker

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There has been a revival of interest in renewable energy sources. Being a future engineer, you need to make sure you don’t get left behind. That’s where this electrical project comes into play. Through this project, you will learn to build an automatic solar tracker which can orient itself in the direction of maximum sunlight intensity. Such devices help in maximizing output from solar energy harnessing devices. If you have an interest in both renewable energy systems and electrical engineering, then this is the right project for you.

3. PCB Manufacturing

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PCBs or Printed Circuit Boards are the basic building blocks of any microcontroller system. Being an electrical engineer, these are the tools that you need to work with on a daily basis, and that is exactly why this project is so useful. PCBs, bring the technology to life that you designed and dreamt of. Use this project to unravel the mysteries behind the working and fabrication of PCBs. You will not only pick up the skills but you will also able to witness the magic of PCB fabrication at close quarters.

4. Smart Energy Meter

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The world is facing a severe energy crisis. With environmental concerns being raised annually, it is the time to reduce energy wastage. This electrical project enables you to build an energy tracking device that sends data regarding your energy usage to you via SMS. This electrical project will help you understand how GSM, Arduino and electrical loads work, and will also serve as an innovative tool that helps in the building of a more sustainable tomorrow.

5. Solar & Smart Energy Systems

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The time has come for the world to invest more in renewable sources of energy. One of the most easily available and harnessable forms of renewable energy is solar energy. If you are an environmentalist with a liking for electrical engineering, then this project is for you. In this electrical project, you will learn how to build a solar energy harnessing device, and then use it to create an intelligent traffic management system. This is a great project for electrical engineers as it opens up the field of sensor technology and Arduino architecture simultaneously.

Apart from these topics, there are a few other topics that you can refer to:

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Free Electrical Final year project topics
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