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Top 6 Final Year Embedded Systems Projects (Videos Included)


Looking at the diversity of applications made and the potential to produce highly innovative products, embedded systems are considered as a primary technology of the future. Embedded systems have created ripples in the scientific world with a wide range of applications, and an unparalleled charm associated with robots proves how embedded systems can change our lives. In this article, you will gain knowledge about embedded systems and learn how to develop embedded systems projects.

Below is the list of latest embedded systems based final year projects for engineering students.

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Before, going into the details of Latest embedded systems projects. First thing first!

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What is an embedded system?

What is an embedded system?

Ever think of how your washing machine works? How it is intelligent enough to perform the assigned task automatically? What is inside it, apart from the hardware you see? Well, it is an embedded system. Embedded system is a system made from the combination of hardware and software to perform various tasks. Yes, Embedded system works as a brain of the washing machine that gets the input from the user and starts operating on it to give the required output.

Interesting isn’t it?

Latest projects on Embedded Systems

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It simply means, if you know how to make an embedded system then you will be able to automate any task by programming the system. Now, the question arises how you can make an embedded system. Basically, the embedded system consists of an input device, an output device and a microcontroller that can be programmed.

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What is the scope of embedded systems?

Most of the engineering students are not aware of the lucrative opportunities that are available in the field of embedded systems. Most students choose the IT industry just in the rat race or to seek a good career but end up regretting.  This is due to lack of awareness and entry barriers. You should better be aware of all the companies where popular technologies are being used just like embedded systems. Embedded systems can be implemented in various fields like automotive industries, medical and military. There will be an increase in the demand for skilled engineers in the coming years because of the broad utilization of embedded systems.

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What to prefer, Arduino or Raspberry Pi for embedded systems projects?

What to prefer, Arduino or Raspberry Pi for embedded systems projects?

These two are actually like comparing Android and IOS. You won't get a definite answer. Same holds for this as it depends upon the purpose for which you want to use.

For beginners, Raspberry Pi is a fully functional computer, while Arduino is a microcontroller, which is just a part of the computer.

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Here is a primer to differentiate between Arduino and Raspberry that fits your need as a learner.

Both are initially designed as a teaching tool because they are easy to use and learn. The price and size of both the devices are similar i.e. tiny and cheap. When it comes to clock speed, Raspberry is 40 times faster than Arduino. Moreover, Raspberry Pi has 128000 times more ram than Arduino.  Raspberry Pi can do multitasking, supports a USB port and connect wirelessly to the internet. To be precise, Raspberry Pi is powerful enough to function as a personal computer.

Now, it must sound like Raspberry Pi is superior to Arduino but this is true only for software applications. The simplicity of Arduino makes it much better bet for pure hardware projects.

Arduino is harder to break or damage and has more learning resources for beginners. Using Raspberry Pi, you can learn Linux as well as programming such as python. On the other hand, Arduino works with any computer and can run on a battery. It can easily be turned OFF at any time safely while Raspberry Pi gets damaged by unplugging it without a proper shutdown.

So, in reality, you might find yourself needing both of them.

These both devices can be connected through a variety of options like USB, local networks or through IO ports. So, it’s all up to your choices and requirements.

Check all embedded systems projects form Skyfi Labs

Latest Embedded Systems Final Year Projects for Engineering Students

If you are planning to make a good final year project on embedded systems through which can improve your skills and open a gateway to a great career, Skyfi Labs is the best choice as it offers good courses that make learning super easy. All the projects are structured according to the industrial demands. You will learn from basic and develop a deeper knowledge of the latest technologies that are related to embedded systems.

Following are the projects offered by Skyfi Labs:

1. Animatronic Hand

Animatronics is the kind of technology where robots imitate human activities like facial expression, moving, walking, sitting, etc. This will be fun as this embedded systems project includes making of robots that will copy the motion of your hand. You will find it interesting.

Moreover, you will learn to design, control and fabricate an animatronic hand using embedded systems. You can control the animatronic hand with the help of flex sensors.

Key learnings:

  • Working of servo motors -which acts as actuators
  • Design, fabrication of flex sensors
  • Arduino Architecture and its programming
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2. Hexapod

Hexapod is a mechanical robot that has six legs. The main feature of this robot is that it imitates the insect crawling motion and it is most famous in one-legged category robots.

Due to its insect-like legs, it can move on rocky and uneven terrains so it is more preferable where there are no roads!

In this embedded system project, you will build a hexapod robot controlled via smartphone using an android app. To make the programming part easy for you, you can use scratch-based block programming.

Key learnings:

  • Wireless actuation of legged robots
  • Robot's locomotion
  • The crawling strategy of hexapod
  • Arduino Architecture and its programming
  • Working of servo motors-which act as actuators.
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3. Automatic Solar Tracker

Solar Tracker is a device that will automatically orient itself into the direction of high-intensity sunlight to harness the maximum solar power.

If you find yourself interested in learning renewable energy systems technology, then solar tracker project is a gateway into it.  Arduino board is used as a processing unit for this embedded systems project.

Key learnings:

  • Photoresistors in electronic systems
  • Working of solar energy systems
  • Arduino Architecture and its programming
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4. Persistence of vision

You must have noticed that when we see images in quick succession, it creates an optical illusion in our brain allowing us to detect images as in motion. This effect is called Persistence of vision (POV). This effect can be used in real-world applications like ad signage, clocks, etc.

If you find yourself interested in learning dynamic display systems technology then this embedded systems project is the right choice for you. You will develop a LED based POV display using Arduino. A special feature in this is when the LED display is rotated at a certain speed it will show the pre-programmed letters. This is done by synchronizing the rotating display with the Arduino programming.

Key learnings:

  • Arduino Architecture and its programming
  • DC motors -working and application
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5. Swarm Robots

These are the kind of robots that deals with multiple robots. Multiple robots work as a team to communicate and coordinate among themselves and complete a mission. Imagine a scenario where an aerial robot seeing a survivor of a shipwreck and informing a sea robot that is closest to the person to rescue.

In this embedded system project, you will develop autonomous swarm robots enabled with master-slave communication. The master robot controls the slave robot while performing its own task. Both robots perform their function autonomously.

Key learnings:

  • Robot's Locomotion
  • Swarm Communication
  • Arduino Architecture and its programming
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6. CNC Machine using Arduino

In the manufacturing industry, CNC machines are very popular. This project will help you to understand the concept of CNC machines from scratch.

In this embedded system project, you will learn how drilling, cutting and milling operations are performed by building a fully functional 3 axis CNC machine using Arduino. This tool is operated with the help of Arduino and G codes interfacing.

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Hope, you are now clear which embedded systems project is best for you.

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If you are very interested in embedded systems project and want to develop the skills on it, we at Skyfi Labs are there to help you. Enroll now for the latest embedded systems project, and even many other interesting projects. You are just a click away to grab the opportunity of building a high-tech system at your own home.

Apart, from projects on embedded systems, Skyfi Labs also provides other technologies. You can check the project details by clicking the link below.

Latest embedded systems final year projects for engineering students

We wish you luck with your future aspirations!

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Top 6 Final Year Embedded Systems Projects (Videos Included)
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