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Free online courses offered by AICTE

Citing to the spread of Corona Virus, the government of India declared a nationwide lockdown.

This led to the temporary closure of educational institutions. This move also created a setback in the student’s learning process.

To help students continue learning safely from home during this unprecedented situation many Ed-Tech companies came forward to offer their online courses free of cost.

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All the information related to the free courses and registration process were published on the ELIS (Enhancement in Learning with Improvement in Skills) portal designed by AICTE.

Courses given as a part of the AICTE initiation not only focuses on regular subjects but also aims to provide valuable skills that will increase the chances of employability of engineering students.

More than 30 courses on the latest technologies like Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Python, CAD, Robotics, Mechanical, Information technology, etc. were being offered to engineering students for free of cost. All these courses are being provided by the country’s top Ed-Tech companies and hold good quality content.

Usually, the price of these courses range from Rs.5000 to Rs.30,000 but due to the lockdown, the online courses are being offered free to the engineering students.

To get benefited by these courses students should register before May 31 on the ELIS portal.

How to enroll for the free online courses?

Students and professionals who are interested can visit the AICTE website’s ELIS portal and sign up for the available free courses. Students would require a mobile phone or laptop with a good Internet connection to access these free online courses and learn the concepts safely from home.

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Free Online Courses available on AICTE portal

Following are the free AICTE courses available on ELIS portal:

Information Technology (IT) related free courses offered by AICTE:

  • Machine learning using Python
  • Data Analytics using R
  • Diploma in Machine Learning with R studio
  • Big data 101
  • R programming
  • JAVA programming
  • Data science for beginners/Python for data science
  • Programming Work Bench
  • Digital Marketing
  • MATLAB Onramp
  • Machine Learning Onramp
  • Deep Learning Onramp
  • Simulink Onramp
  • Stateflow Onramp
  • AI/ML internship
  • ProTeen
  • LEAP: Learning Experience And Progression
  • IAAA: Certified Software Testing Professional - Functional Testing
  • IAAA: Certified Agile Scrum Associate

Free online course offered by AICTE on Civil engineering:

Free online course offered by AICTE on IoT:

Mechanical engineering online courses offered by AICTE:

  • Mechanical Engineering Essentials Program
  • CAD using Autodesk Inventor
  • PTC Creo

Robotics free course offered by AICTE:

  • Virtual Robotics Toolkit (VRT)

Management-related free courses offered by AICTE:

  • Online internship in Financial Analysis Basics
  • Performance management and Competency Mapping
  • Financial Management
  • Online Investment in Investment Analysis Skills

E-Learning courses offered by AICTE:

  • Great Learning Academy
  • MTC E-learning management system
  • Edulib

Health care free course offered by AICTE:

  • TickTalkTo

Communication skills & Interview preparation free courses offered by AICTE:

  • Study Skills package
  • Free App-based courses for communication skills and interview preparation

Miscellaneous free courses offered by AICTE:

  • Xcelerator
  • Statistics 101
  • Quanser’s Experience Controls app

Never stop learning

This initiative was taken by AICTE Chairman Anil Sahasrabudhe along with Vice Chairman M.P.Poornima and Member secretary Rajive Kumar to ensure that the students don’t stop their learning process for the COVID-19 situation.

AICTE launched this initiative for engineering students to avoid the obstacles in the path of learning during this lockdown. So the engineering students who are strangled in their homes are advised to make use of these free online courses offered by AICTE to learn and improve their skills. 

Also, share this information with other students to make this quarantine period more resourceful.

Stay home. Stay safe. Happy learning!

For more information related to free courses offered by AICTE, kindly go through the following link - http://free.aicte-india.org/

Free online courses offered by AICTE
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2022-05-18

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