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Free Embedded Systems project ideas for engineering students


Embedded systems support with the assist of microcontrollers or microprocessors in controlling machines. These are basic systems that control complicated tasks with larger devices. In this era of modernity embedded system projects have gained much popularity. Industries demand students who have practical experience with projects that are based on it. The following are various embedded based project ideas that can be used by engineering students in their final year to build a high-profile job prospect.

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1. Robotics (Career Building Course)

2. 3D Printer

3. Animatronic Hand

4. Embedded Systems (Career Building Course)

5. Mechatronics (Career Building Course)

6. Home Automation using IoT

7. CNC Machine using Arduino

8. IoT using Raspberry Pi

9. Surveillance Robot

10. Smart Irrigation System

11. 7 Robots (Combo Course)

12. Robotic Arm

13. Biped Walking Robot

14. Sensor Guided Robotics

15. Hexapod

16. Surveillance Camera using IoT

17. Swarm Robotics

18. Smart Building using IoT

19. Mobile Robotics

20. Smart Energy Meter using GSM

21. Home Automation System

22. Sixth Sense Robot

23. Solar & Smart Energy Systems

24. Automatic Solar Tracker

25. IoT using Arduino

26. GPS & GSM based Tracker

27. 2 Mechatronics Projects

28. Gesture Based Robotics

29. 2 IoT Projects (Combo Course)

30. 5 IoT Projects (Combo Course)

31. Smart Water Monitoring

32. Voice Controlled Robot

33. Automated Street Lighting

34. 2 Computer Vision Projects (Combo Course)

35. WiFi Controlled Robot

36. 5 Arduino Projects

37. Biometric Authentication

38. Access Control with RFID

39. Automated Railway Crossing

40. 4 Smart Energy Projects

41. Maze Solver Robot

42. PCB Manufacturing

43. Health Monitoring Wearable

44. Bluetooth Robotics

45. Raspberry Pi Robot

46. Persistence of Vision

47. Fire Fighting Robot

48. Embedded Systems Training & Internship

49. Circuit Design with Proteus

50. PCB Design and Simulation with KiCAD

51. Smart Traffic Lighting System

52. Home Automation System using IoT & Raspberry Pi

53. Automation using PLC

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Embedded system examples

There are numerous examples of the embedded system but they are broadly classified in three major types i.e.,

  • Small Scale Systems
  • Medium Scale Systems
  • Sophisticated Systems

These mainly contain devices that are run by mobile phones, laptops, remote controls, robots, Wi-Fi routers, etc.

Latest projects on Embedded Systems

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What are the applications of embedded systems?

The tech era today is surrounded by devices that run by embedded systems. These are mainly found at homes, offices, government buildings, the entertainment field, personal appliances, satellite systems, military areas, etc.

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Free Embedded Systems Project Ideas for Engineering Students

1. Smart Irrigation System


IoT has reached through the development of a smart irrigation system even in the fields. This embedded project would help with the assistance of the DC pump to test the moisture level in the soil and to control the flow of water. This project is built with the aid of the programming language Arduino.

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2. Biped Walking Robot


Since robots have been used in all walks of life this project will help in building a human-type robot that will do every possible thing human labour does like even greeting in hotels or waking up from the bed.

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3. Hexapod


This embedded system project is based on building a six-legged robot that can be controlled through your smartphones by just switching your Bluetooth on. The extra legs will help this robot to be used in uneven terrains as well.

Learn more about this project

4. Swarm Robotics


This embedded system project deals with the creation of robots that can control each other and can complete a given task with coordination. For its work, this project requires Arduino programming too.

Learn more about this project

5. 3D Printer


This embedded system project has gained much attention among engineers for teaching the very technique of building a 3D printer from scratch. You will now be able to print objects alone which will be used to access other projects.

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6. CNC Machine Using Arduino


A project involving the Arduino programming language, this project is based on the very scratch-building of a CNC machine. This embedded system project has built up much potential to build a successful career for those who are interested in it.

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7. Smart Building Using IoT


IoT has solved the man's problem of moving from here to there to do a simple task. This embedded system project helps in building the IoT system for buildings so that it can calculate the number of occupants in a particular room and can switch on/off the lights automatically.

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8. Mobile Robotics


Since man can do anything with the help smartphones this project is based on it. You can now power robots simply by pressing the keys on your mobile phones. The phone sends signals to the robot to act accordingly.

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9. Gesture-Based Robotics


Another robotic project, this one is very easy to make as it requires no prior programming knowledge. Beginners through this project can get hands-on experience in building robots. Using the ADXL-335 accelerometer sensor the robot is controlled by hand movements.

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10. Smart Water Monitoring


It has become essential to store the maximum of what we have because of depleting resources. This embedded project helps track water flow in a pipe and use in a given building. That way people can become more aware of water wastage.

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Hope you got some embedded system project ideas. If you want to develop an embedded system project but don’t know how to start, you can enrol for our online course and develop your embedded system skills. If you have any queries or suggestions, let us know in the comments.

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Free Embedded Systems project ideas for engineering students
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