GSM Based Door locking and Unlocking system

Today the most important aspect all of concerned very much is Security Systems. Consider Home security. Generally, we have door locks. Imagine that you had locked your house and went outside. Suppose you had lost your key, What will you do? Obviously, we need to break the look or order new key. Both will take certain and money. Through this project, you are going to build a unique Security system where you can open/close the lock with your mobile.

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If we are using mobile communication obviously we will go for wireless communication like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi technology, GSM technology. Among these things, most effective communication is GSM, because it can be operated from a very long distance and Output will be very accurate because we are going to control the door locks by an SMS using GSM modem. This modem uses a SIM card and operates through a subscription with the mobile operator. GSM is generally called as Modem (Global System for Mobile Communications). It is a wireless communication module, which will be used to communicate with a computer or processor over the network. The GSM modem uses a variation of TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) which is most commonly used of the digital wireless telephony technologies like TDMA, GSM, and CDMA.

This GSM modem needs a SIM card to operate through a network range subscribed by the network operator. This modem can be connected to a computer via a serial, Bluetooth or USB connection. This modem is also a standard GSM mobile phone with a suitable cable and software driver to connect to a USB port on your PC. Generally, this modem is preferred instead of a GSM mobile phone. In addition to this, we can add Wi-Fi module, to upload the data to the remote cloud, to access it from anywhere in the world.

You will program the microcontroller in such a way that says whenever you send SMS to the SIM inside the GSM module, from your operational mobile, the door lock will be opened.

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Project Description:

  1. Arduino/Genuino Uno: The digital and analog input/output pins equipped in this board can be interfaced to various expansion boards and other circuits. Serial communication interface is a feature in this board, including USB which will be used to load the programs from computer.
  2. GSM module: The GSM module we use is SIM 800/900 MODULE. In this modem, Bluetooth is interfaced by default. Basically, there are three types of GSM module are there. They are Data Loggers Data Pushers Data Pullers
  3. Servo motors: A servomotor is a closed-loop servomechanism that uses position feedback to control its motion and final position. The input to its control is a signal (either analog or digital) representing the position
  4. LCD Display 16*2: Generally we use LCD to display the limited set of output statements. At present we use mostly 16*2(4-bit communication) and 16*4(8-bit communication), which means 16 letter spaces with 2 lines and 16 letter spaces with 4 lines(each line will have 16 letter spaces)

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Operation involved in the project:

When the GSM modem is connected to the microcontroller, it communicates with a mobile via a UART protocol and requires three basic signals such as TXD, RXD, and GND. The GSM modem is connected to the microcontroller, it controls the appliances through an SMS. This modem always monitors the signals from the input. When the modem receives the SMS from an operational phone, serially that data is sent to the microcontroller. This microcontroller compares this data with the stored data. If the compared data match with the stored data, then the microcontroller generates corresponding signals to control the load.

Project Implementation:

  1. Firstly we will interface the GSM module, LCD with Arduino Board.
  2. Insert an operational SIM card into the GSM module.
  3. Upload the code into the Arduino board.
  4. Once all the components are online, send the Particular SMS to Open/Close the Door Lock
  5. According to the SMS sent, the door lock will be either opened or closed

Software requirements:

  1. Arduino IDE : You will be needing Arduino IDE software to write and upload the programming logic onto the Arduino Uno board

Programming language: Arduino Programming (C++)

Kit required to develop GSM Based Door locking and Unlocking system:
Technologies you will learn by working on GSM Based Door locking and Unlocking system:
GSM Based Door locking and Unlocking system
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2022-05-20

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