Pneumatic Vulcanizing Machine

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Pneumatic Vulcanizing Machine
Vulcanization is the chemical process where you can change the physical properties of natural or synthetic rubber are improved or modified for getting higher tensile strength and resistance to swelling and abrasion. By using this machine you can change the rubber properties that is required for the any application.This machine is completely operated by the pneumatic power where you can able to control by the microcontroller through the solenoid valve. Compressed air is used as a medium and it is transferred to the pneumatic cylinder through well laid pipeline. The project aim is to design and make the vulcanizing machine which uses the compressed air as the medium.

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Project Description:

  1. PNEUMATIC CYLINDER AND PISTON:Its a mechanical device which converts the air pressure into the linear motion.This is the main part of the robot which helps to move the machine on the wall.Both are fully controlled by sending the air at a particular time to achieve the suction by the cups fitted at the end of the cylinder and piston.
  2. VACUUM CUP:Its widely used for robotics industries for handling the light materials.Mostly its comes in conical shape.It uses vacuum cups as the gripping device, which is also commonly known as suction cups. This type of grippers will provide good handling if the objects are smooth, flat, and clean. It has only one surface for gripping the objects. Most importantly, it is not best suitable for handling the objects with holes.
  3. ELECTRONIC CIRCUIT:It is used for controlling the robot by obtaining the smooth cling movement.It has a microcontroller which can be programmed for getting different type of output motion.
  4. VACUUM EJECTOR:It is a device which takes the compressed air through its nozzle and sends the air to the vacuum cup.After passing through the nozzle, the accelerated air slows down once again and a vacuum is created. Air is drawn in this way through the vacuum connection. The aspirated air and the compressed air escape through the silencer.
  5. ELECTRIC VALVE:Its a electromechanical device which uses the solenoid valve for stopping and allowing the air.Solenoids offer fast and safe switching, high reliability, long service life, good medium compatibility of the materials used, low control power
  6. RAM: Its a device used for all the pressing machine to press the work item for getting different shape in type which can be operated by pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical device.
  7. TEMPERATURE SENSORS:In this project, a heat sensor is used to detect the heating coil temperature. In our project, the heat sensor temperature is varied by adjusting the variable braking system

Project Implementation:

  1. First take the metal frame base, on top of that fix the heating coil. Then take the flat metal sheet, place it over on the heating coil.Now fix the pneumatic cylinder with the ram to the base vertically.Vulcanize tube is placed over on the heating coil.Connect the solenoid valve wir and the heating coil wire into the control circuit board.The control unit gives the supply to the solenoid valve so that the pneumatic cylinder is in forwarding stroke.

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