Voice Controlled Wheel Chair

Mostly Physically Handy-capped people always face trouble in moving from one place to another place. Through this project you are going to create a unique wheelchair which can be controlled with your own Voice Commands using an android app created by yourself.

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You will need an Arduino Uno board for interfacing microcontroller with the smartphone using Bluetooth. You will create an android app which can be connected to the Arduino board by interfacing a Bluetooth module to the board.

You will program the microcontroller in such a way that say whenever you say forward, the microcontroller will make the wheelchair move in a forward direction. Similarly you will program the app and microcontroller for the commands backward, left and right. Based on the command you speak, your microcontroller will make your wheelchair to move in that particular direction.

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Project Description:

  1. Arduino/Genuino Uno: The digital and analog input/output pins equipped in this board can be interfaced to various expansion boards and other circuits. Serial communication interface is a feature in this board, including USB which will be used to load the programs from computer.
  2. App Inventor: App Inventor allows Android Apps to be built and has building blocks which are easy to understand and implement. There are 2 steps, first, you need add interfacing elements to the application such as buttons, images, and sounds. Then secondly, you need to add logic and actions with plain language instruction blocks that will snap together like building blocks. You can use MIT App Inventor for this.
  3. DC motors: These motors works with DC power as name indicates itself. So these motors will convert the DC Electric power in Rotating Mechanical Power.
  4. Motor Driver: Generally the Arduino board is not capable of providing the required amount of current for running the motors. So we use a device called Motor Driver which will provide sufficient current for driving the motors.
  5. Bluetooth: HC-05 Bluetooth module is a generally used to provide a common platform for connecting Smart Phone with Microcontroller. Communication between Smart phone and Bluetooth will be Serial.

Project Implementation:

  1. Interface the bluetooth module with arduino
  2. Create the Andriod app using online platform called App Inventory
  3. Upload the code
  4. Pair the bluetooth module with smart phone in which the app created using app inventory was installed
  5. Test the wheel chair by giving the commands which are previously defined while designing the app

Software requirements:

  1. Arduino IDE : You will be needing Arduino IDE software to write and upload the programming logic onto the Arduino Uno board
  2. Thingspeak : Also, you need to create an account in the ThinkSpeak IoT platform to integrate the system onto the cloud and store the data online

Programming language: Arduino Programming (C++)

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Voice Controlled Wheel Chair
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