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Innovative 8051 Microcontroller Projects

A micro-controller is an integrated circuit that consists of a processor and other devices like program memory, data memory, I/O ports, serial communication interface etc., it is also known as a chip that is integrated with a processor. A micro-controller does not require any external interfacing of support devices unlike a micro-processor.

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8051 micro-controller is the most widely used micro-controller on comparison with other chips. 8051 micro-controller comes with 64K(bytes)ROM, 128(bytes) RAM and other timers & I/O pins. The main reason for which this micro-controller became famous is because of its carefully chosen configuration that satisfies various needs of a large number of users. The whole configuration is designed to satisfy the needs of most of the programmers who work on automation projects.

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As 8051 micro-controller is being widely used as the brain for most of the devices, the application of this is endless. Building projects that involves 8051 micro-controller is a great way to get learn and get skilled in its architecture. Some of the 8051 micro-controller based engineering projects that you can do and strengthen your knowledge database are given below:

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Innovative 8051 Microcontroller Projects
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